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( )1. I'm reading a book ________________ The Story of Hua Mulan.

A. call B. calling C. called D. calls

( )2. ____________ would you like to eat?

A. What other B. What else C. What another

( )3. Could you tell me ________________ ?

A. what are the wonders of the world

B. what the wonders of the world are

C.what were the wonders of the world

D. what the wonders of the world were

( )4. I'm reading a book about the pyramids in _____________ .

A. Japan B. France C.Egypt

( )5. Why don't we __________ the homework together?

A. do B. to do C. doing

( )6. There are many trees on ___________ sides of the streets.

A. either B. all C. neither

( )7. We'll arrive ___________ there ___________ thirty minutes.

A. at; in B. at; after C. /; in

( )8. It was __________ dark ___________ see anything.

A. too; to B. so; that C. so; to

( )9. The thief came into the room ____________ the window.

A. from B. through C. across

( )10. The story happened _______________ years ago.

A. two thousands B. thousand of C. thousands of

( )11.____________ the heavy rain, we were late for the film.

A. Because B. Because of C. For

( )12.-- The box is ___________ heavy __________ I can't carry it.

A. too; to B. so; that C. such; that D. Which of else D. Greece D. does D. both D. in; after D. enough; to D. over D. thousand D. With D. enough to

( )13.If you drink the ___________ water, you'll get ill.

A. pollute B. polluting C. polluted D. pollution

D. wasteful

( )14. Don't use so much water. It's ______________. A. hopeful B. wonderful C. careful ( )15.-- -I got an "A" in my English examination. --- __________________. A. Congratulation B. A congratulation D. Congratulations C. The congratulations

( )16. ______ with others, you have made more progress in English this term.

A. Compare B. To compare C. Comparing D. Compared

C. when D. where

D.must be watered

( )17. This is the book ___________ you need. A. what B. which ( )18. --- Who's Tony? --- He's the waiter _______ is standing near the door. A. who B. when C. where D. why ( )19. It's ___________ for students ___________ English. A. important; learning C. most important; learning B. important; to learn D. most important; learn ( )20. The flowers ___________ every day, or they will die. A. must water B. can be watered C. should water ( )21. I was ___________ at the _____________ news. A. surprised; surprise C. surprise; surprised B. surprised; surprising D. surprise; surprise

( )22. His trousers aren?t the same ______ yours. They are quite different _______yours.

A. as; from B. as; as C. from; as D.from; from

( )23. --- Will your friend _________ you the digital camera?

--- No. I will __________ from my aunt.

A. lend; lend B. borrow; lend C. lend; borrow D. borrow; lend

( )24. He promised me ____________ in his room. It?s very kind of him.

A. watch TV B. to watch TV C. watching TV D. watches TV

( )25. She doesn?t like singing. Mary doesn?t like it ,__________.

A. either B. too C. as well D. also


Little Tom loves __________ to srories.His mother ________ him many good stories. Tom thinks many stories always __________ an end. That's not good.

One evening little Tom asks his mother to tell him a very, very ______ one, or he is not ________ to bed. So his mother begins to tell him _________ this:

There is a very big __________ , and there is ________ rice in it, but there is a hole in the roof(房顶). Every day a bird goes to the house and comes out _________ a grain(谷粒)of rice. A minute later another bird goes into it and comes out with another grain of rice. Then a third bird goes into it and comes out with a grain of rice. Then a fourth bird... Then a fifth bird... "Stop,stop! I _______ go to bed." Tom says.

( )26. A. listen B. listens C. listening

( )27. A. says B. tells C. speaks

( )28. A. coming B. come C. come to

( )29. A. lone B. short C. longer

( ) 30. A. go B. goes C. going

( )31. A. as B.like C.look

( )32. A. family B. house C. home

( )33. A. much B. many C. little

( )34. A. and B. with C. take

( )35. A. want B. want to C. wants



Mrs Green went to the shop yesterday afternoon. She passed a bank and saw a car near the door. A

young man got out of it and went into the bank. She looked at the car. The keys were in the lock.

Mrs Green took the keys and followed the man into the bank. The man took a gun out of the pocket

and said to the bank clerks(银行职员), “ Give me all the money. ” But Mrs Green didn?t see this. She went to the man and put the keys in his hand and said, “ Young man, you are so careless . Never leave your keys in your car . Someone?s going to steal it. ” The man looked at Mrs Green in surprise for a few seconds. Then he looked at the clerks for a while. After that, he took the keys , ran out of the bank, got into his car and drove away quickly without any money.

( ) 36. Yesterday afternoon Mrs Green ___________ .

A. went to buy something

B. had nothing to do

C. Went to the bank to get some money.

( ) 37. The young man got off his car and went into ___________ .

A. a shop B. a post office C. A bank

( )38. Mrs Green saw ____________ in the car.

A.a gun B. The keys C. A lot of money

( ) 39. From the passage , we can know Mrs Green ____________ .

A.wanted to catch the thief

B. thought the man was a thief

C. Didn?t know the man

( ) 40. When Mrs Green gave the young man his keys, the young man __________.

A. was very surprised

B. Thanked her very much

C. Said sorry to the clerks.


In England nobody under eighteen years old is allowed to drink in the bar.

Mr. Thompson often went to a bar near his house. But he never took his son, Tom, because he was too young. Then when Tom had his eighteenth birthday, Mr. Thompson took him to his usual bar for the first time. They drank for an hour. Tom drank a bit. Then Mr. Thompson said to his son, “Now , Tom, I want to teach you a useful lesson. How do you know when you?ve had enough? Well, I?ll tell you. Do you see those two lights at the end of the bar? When they seem to become four, you?ve had enough and should go home.”

“ But , Dad , ” said Tom, “I can only see one light at the end of the bar . ”

( )41. Young people _____________ allowed to drink in the bar until eighteen.

A. is not B. are not C. many D. Must

( )42. When Tom was a child, his father often went to a nearly bar __________ taking him.

A. by B. for C. with D. Without

( )43. On Tom?s eighteenth birthday , he drank together with his father in that bar for _________.

A. the first time B. once C. many times D. Eighteen times

( )44. Father wanted to tell his son _______________ .

A. the time to drink B. Something about the light

C. When to stop drinking D. Something about the bar

( )45. In fact, there ___________ at the end of the bar.

A. was one light B. were two lights

C. were three lights D. were four lights


It was Christmas Eve, and there was a big party in the house. The party was going on when the bell rang. A few people shouted, “Come in ! ” and a tall man opened the door and came in. Nobody knew him , but the host went to meet him and took him in. The man sat there happily for an hour and drank . Then he looked at the host and said, “ Nobody invited me to this party. I don?t know your wife, and I don't know any of your friends, My wife and I wanted to go out in our car, but one of your friends ?car was in front of our gate, so I came here to find him, and my wife is waiting for me in our car !”

( )46. There was a big _____________ in the house.

A. song B. party C. horse D. glass

( )47. Who opened the door and came in?

A. A girl B. A boy C. A student D. A tall man

( )48. How long did the man sit in the house?

A. An hour B. Two hours C. Three hours D. Four hours

( )49. Where is the man?s wife?

A. In the house B. In the school C. In the car D. In the shop

( )50. Who knew the man?

A. The host B. The teacher C. The friends D. Nobody


Many Chinese students think American students enjoy more freedom than them at school. But American schools also have their rules. If the students break the rules , they will get punishment, too.

On the first day of a new term, 131 students of Morton High School were sent home for wearing the

wrong clothes. There are altogether 1,200 students in the school. Usually only 20 students break the school dress rule every day.

At Morton High School , students? favourite clothing such as baggy(宽大的) trousers , low- necked shirts and tank tops(紧身短背心) are not allowed in the classrooms. Some students think they have the right to choose what to wear, but the headmaster doesn?t think so. “ I ?d be supportive if half the school wat sent home, because 99% will get the message that our school are for education. ” “Freedom ” does not mean “ free of restrictions(约束) ”. That is to say there is no total freedom in the world, no matter in the U.S. or in China.

( )51. In the Chinese students? eyes ________________.

A. American students feel free at school

B. American students are less free than those in China

C. students have no freedom at school

D. American students are against their school rules

( )52. From the passage we know that in some schools in America if the students __________ they aren?t allowed to attend the lessons.

A. wear old clothes B. wear wrong clothes

C. forget to bring school things D. are late for school

( )53. About ___________ of the students were sent home in the first day of a new term.

A. two percent B. twenty percent C. ten percent D. five percent

( )54. Baggy trousers aren?t allowed ____________ according to the school rules.

A . at home B. on weekends C. in classrooms D. in public

( )55. Which is the best title for this passage?

A. Enjoying freedom B. Free of restrictions

C. Dress rules at Morton High Shool D. A day at Morton High School

四、补全对话。根据对话内容,从方框内的选项中选出5个最佳选项补全对话,其中一项是多余的。 A: Hello!

B: Hello! 56________________

A: Speaking!

B: Hi! Sandy, how are you?

A: 57______________

B: I?m fine, too .

A: What can I do for you? A. Fine, thanks. And you?

B: 58_________________ B. It?s about today?s homework.

A: Homework? C. You?re welcome . Bye.

B: 59_________________ D. May I speaking to Sandy, please? A; OK. She asked us to do Exercise 3 on Page 90. E. Very well, thank you.

B: Thank you, Sandy. F. Yeah, I forget it. Could you tell me A: 60_________________ what Miss Gao asked us to do?



help careful love flower yourself

Yesterday was my mother?s birthday. I knew some of my classmates _____________ their mothers with housework on their birthdays. Others bought some _______________ for their mothers. But what should I do? My father said, “why not make a birthday card by ________________ to show your love?” “Good idea !” Then I went to my room to make a birthday card __________________. I wrote in the card, “ I ______________ you , my dear mother! ” Oh, that was good. Love is the most expensive present in the world.


1. It was built in the 19th c__________________ .

2. You will be p__________________ for you bad behaviour.

3. Th4. Liu Xiang is a famous s__________________ .

5. You aren?t a_______________ to talk in the library.

6. Our teacher always e________________ us to study hard.

7. Daming has gone u________________ to the second floor.

8. The music is very __________________ to me. I don?t feel strange.

9. The knife is made of m_________________ .

10. There are many d__________________ between the two picture.

11. John will speak at the prize giving ___________________(仪式).

12. I?ll do some _______________(评论) about our favourite plays and movies.

13. No __________________ (喧哗).

14. You can __________________(比较) your speech with animals in the museum.

15. Would you like a _____________ (帮手) carrying these bags? They?re too heavy.

16. ______________________(祝贺) to our winners .

17. We can do interesting ____________________ (实验) in the lab.

18. Nothing can _______________ (代替) a mother?s love and care, I think.

19. Monkeys are _______________ (相似) to human being.

20. I want to buy a _______________ (照相机) to take some photos.



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