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人教版(新目标)初中九年级Unit 4 What would you do Warming-up ppt课件

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? What kind of accidents do you know of? ? Try to give lists as much as you can.

If I saw a traffic accident, I would call the police.

Help! Don’t bite me.

If I were bitten by a dog, I would go to the doctor’s.

If I were in a fire, I would cover

Come back!

If I were lost in a lonely island,

I would …

Next time if you meet any accidents,

Keep calm!

What’s the biggest problem a teenage has?

Tell me your problems :
Topic 1 study Be not good at… Topic 2 terrifying things Be afraid of …

Topic 3 rules at home/school
Be not allowed to do….

ing advice:
You should /shouldn’t do…..
You had better do/ not do….

You can /can’t do…
You could do… You have to do… Why don’t you do…? Why not do….? What /How about doing …? If I were you, I would do…

Fast-Reading (P3233) page 19 and page45 in 2 minutes Go through
and fill in the chart on page 33:
accidents 1.Cut yourself by accident 2. old people fall downstairs 3. burn yourself 4.injure your knee problems 1.somebody offer you cigarettes 2.children eat medicine by mistake 3.Meet an “internet friend” 4.Get pimples when you are nervous

Do you know the meaning?
After reading the article ,try to explain the words in English .
accident press injure pain offer refuse burn cover an unexpected event to bear down on to cause physical harm to; hurt something that hurts to give ,provide to say no to destroy with fire to put sth on to protect

by accident: in Language Focusa way that is not planned or intended. 偶然;意外地 e.g. We met by accident at the airport. 我们在机场不期而遇.

Intensive -Reading

? What are the solutions to the accidents and problems? ? Please find out the answers from the text and underline the sentences.

Solutions to: accidents 1.Cut yourself by accident -cover the cut with a clean cloth and press it hard 2. old people fell downstairs - Hurry to call the hospital 3. burned yourself -put the burned area under cold water 4.injured your knee while running -stop exercising


1.somebody offers you cigarettes-refuse 2.children eat medicine by mistake -hide them 3.Meet an “internet friend” -meet in a public place 4.Get pimples when you are nervous -go to the doctor


1.Why is cold running water helpful to treat a small burn?
2.Why would it be dangerous to meet an" internet friend” alone?

? Traffic jams are a very serious problem in Beijing. The street are full of cars, buses, and bikes almost everyday. Even worse, some people don’t follow the traffic rules. As we know, the 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing , how to make our city more beautiful? What would you do to improve the traffic in Beijing? ? Please write two or three suggestions on this problem by using the structures of giving advice.


One possible version:
? To improve the traffic in Beijing, I think, first, we should widen or build more roads to provide better traffic cond

itions. Second, if I were the government, I would encourage more people to use public transport and bicycles to make the traffic flow easier. Third, everyone in Beijing, especially those who drive or walk on the street, should follow the traffic rules.

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