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Period Three

Where did Tina go on her vacation? What did she do? How was her day off? … What was your last day off like? Was it a good Why? day or a terrible day off ?

go to the aquarium by subway

see some seals and sharks
hang out(闲逛 )with his friends

take photos
buy souvenirs(纪念品) meet Yao Ming and get his autograph(亲笔签名)

take the bus back to school

It was

Good great OK fun/funny not good terrible

What kind of day off was

great OK ? not good

Read the letter. Take the notes of the things Nick did that day. Then write one or two sentences to give your opinion about the day.

In my opinion, …

What did Nick do on his day off? Did he have a good day off?

What was the weather?
Did anybody go to the sale?Why? Did they get wet? How was the day off?

Imagine that you are Tony and this is a letter from you to Nick. Fill in the blanks.

Interview your partner with the following chart,fill in the chart with what your partner say: Activities Yes/No How was it Go to the beach

Hang out with friends
Have ice cream Take photos

You can ask the question like this:Did you go to the beach?… A report:Lily went to the beach,she thought it was great….

Talk about the trip to Yandang:
Where did you go?
Were you with your family? What did you do? How was the weather? Was the food good? Did you buy anything? Do you want to go again?…

Write a letter about the trip to Yandang.

1. Recite the new words and phrases in Unit 8 2. Write a composition about your last trip. (Selfcheck 2) 3.Pair work (in section B 4) after class.

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