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Period 2

What did you do on your last school trip?

went to the beach

took photos

took part in the summer camp went to the aquarium

Do you know these animals?


Do you know these animals?
elephant panda fox tiger cow lion dolphin rabbit


snake bear horse


Listen and check( hear.

)the questions you

______ Did you buy that hat? ______ What else did you do? ______ Did you see any sharks? ______ Did you win that hat? ______ Did you get his autograph? ______ Were there any seals? ______ Did you take any photos?


Listen again and circle “T” (true) or “F ” (false).

1. Tina met a famous actor.



2. Tina got Jake Dean’s autograph. T F Tina took Jake Dean’s photo. 3. Toby won a prize. T F 4. Tina won a hat. Tina bought a hat. T F 5. There were many actors at the T F aquarium. She only saw Jake.

Class 9 had a great time on the school trip. They went to Blue Water Aquarium for the day.

First they visited the Visitors’ Center and watched a movie about sharks.

Then they watched a dolphin show.

After that, they went to the Outdoor Pool and saw a big octopus.

After lunch, they went to the Gift shop and bought lots of gifts.

Finally, tired but happy, they took the bus back to school.

At the end of the day, the science teacher was very happy because the students cleaned the bus after the trip.

1.The students had a terrible school trip. × 2. They saw an octopus in the Visitors’ Center. ×
Outdoor Pool

great time

3. They took the subway back to school. ×

4. The students watched a movie about dolphins. ×

5. The science teacher cleaned the bus. ×


Write down a list of places you visited and things you did there. Then make conversations using these phrases.

A: I visited Chicago.
B: Really? That sounds interesting. What did you see? A: Well, I…



Where Activities Good or Why terrible

How was your last day off?

Where did you go? Did you see…? Were there any…? Was it a good trip or a good trip?

Make a report.

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