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新版八年级(上)英语测试题(Unit 5)


1.I can’t stand (listen) to the noisy music.

2.There (be) some exciting news in today’s newspaper.

3.Would you mind (open) the window?

4.Did you watch (go) this Sunday?

6.Do you want (watch) the news?

7.Sally thinks soap operas are (educational) than sitcoms.

8.I hope 9.Yao Ming is a (success) player in NBA.

10.I think Xi Yangyang is as 二.选择填空(50分)

( )1.I don’t mind you with your English.

A.help B.to help C.helping D.helps

( )2.I can’t stand the terrible TV show.

A.watch B.watching C.to watch D.watched

( every Monday.

A.comes out B.comes up C.comes over D.comes true

( )4.—What do you the movie? —It is very educational.

A.think of B.like C.like of D.think

( )5.Let’s here,let him there.

A.sit,stand B.to sit, to stand C.to sit,stand D.sit,to stand

( )6.She often plans something to help others.

A.to do B.does C.do D.doing

( )7.—What happened you yesterday? —I happened A.to,to B.with, to C.to,with D.with,with

( )8.They are trying what is going on around the world.

A.look for B.to look for C.to find out D.find out

( )9.Does John want talk show?

A.to watch B.watch C.watches D.watchs

( November 18,1978,Mickey became famous.

A.In B.At C.On D.Of

( A.In 1930s B.In the 1930’s C.In the 1930 D.On the 1930s

( A.successful,successful B.successfully,successfully

C.successful, successfully D.successfully,successful

( )13.We should eat many fruits apples and oranges.

A.for example B.such as C.so as D.such like

( )14.There isn’t in today’s newspaper.

A.something new B.new something C.anything new D.new anything

( )15.Mr Wang didn’t come,so Mrs Wang A.took him place B.took his place C.took of him D,became him


请以“My Best TV Show”为题写一篇短文。字数80词左右。


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