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8A Unit5 单元测试B卷

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8A Unit5 单元测试B卷


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.反射)lights


( )1.the Bird Watching Club.

A.join B.to join C.joins D.joined

( )2.when he drives..

A.care;careful B.careful;carefully

C.carefully;careful D.carefully;carefully

( )3.Xi’.

A.older;city B.the older;city

C.oldest;cities D.the oldest;cities

( very difficult to finish the work in time.

A.it B.its C.this D.that

( )5.I like at the market.

A.go birdwatching B.going birdwatch

C.going birdwatching D.go birdwatch

( )6..

A.kind B.kinds C.kind of D.kinds of

( )7..

A.do B.doing C.make D.making

( )8..I felt very tired after that.

A.comfortable B.uncomfortable C.comfort D.comfortably

( )9.2,200 people.

A.kills B.killing C.to kill D.killed

( )10.live in the zoo.

A.for;to B.of;to C.to;/D.for;/ 1


1.Many people can’(important)of wild life.

2.(teacher)in our schoo1.


4.Gina reads English in the morning everyday.(fluent).

5.The woman refuses(拒绝)to help others,(friend)to everyone.

6.(soft)into the room because the baby is sleeping.



9.Many people are smoking in the room,.



( )1..


( )2..


( )3.. A B C D

( )4.. A B C D

( )5. A B C D

Watching Club.


A:Summer holiday is coming. B:Yes.I’m going to my hometown.

A: B:For about a month. A:I want to travel to Hainan Island.It’s a beautiful place of interest.

B:But I have to visit my grandparents in my hometown.

A:It doesn’t matter.If you stay in your hometown for a few days,you’11 have enough time to go travelling.

B:Then 1 will go to my hometown as soon as the holiday begins.

A:OK!I will wait for you until you come back.

B:That’s a deal(说定了)!Thank you.

1. 2. 3.

4. 5.



Blue Bear lived in a little house Near a hill.

,Blue Bear went to work in Very carefully,. All the summer,the plants.Sometimes he would sit by the garden,his fruit juice.

Near the end of the summer,the tomatoes were fat and red.quite a lot and took them into his little house.He thought,“Mmmmm,I have tomatoes.Now I think it’

With his pan he began to make bread.. .Then he cut the tomatoes and made a big sandwich.

,singing and jumping.And when he thought of his sandwich and went into the house. Just when he was taking up the ,Blue Bear saw the Dog come.

“ .”

“Yes,please!”answered Blue Bear,. Blue Bear was happy that he was able to help someone who needed help.

( )1.A.when B.which C.but D.and

( )2.A.house B.school C.city D.garden

( )3.A.tree B.tomato C.potato D.flower

( )4.A.pulled B.pushed C.watered D.made

( )5.A.eating B.buying C.selling D.drinking

( )6.A.picked B.cooked C.found D.planted

( )7.A.eat B.drink C.make D.buy

( )8.A.took B.had C.paid D.stayed

( )9.A.smell B.drink C.cheese D.tea

( )10.A.into B.near C.of D.with

( )11.A.happy B.worried C.angry D.hungry

( )12.A.by B.back C.past D.out

( )13.A.juice B.plant C.sandwich D.book

( )14.A.Must B.May C.Do D.Did

( )15.A.it B.she C.he D.they


Long,long ago,a donkey(驴)fell in a dry well(井).The animal cried for hours as the farmer tried to think out what to do.Finally,the farmer thought the animal was too old and the well needed to be covered up anyway,80 he decided not to try to save the donkey.

The farmer invited his neighbors(邻居)to help him.They began to shovel(铲)dirt 3

into the well.The donkey cried harder.But a few minutes later,he became quiet.The farmer looked into the well,and was surprised by what he saw.

While every shovelful of dirt hit his back,the donkey would shake(抖)it off and take a step(步)on the new layer of dirt.As the farmer’s neighbours continued(继续)to shovel dirt on top of the animal,the donkey would shake it off and take another step up. Soon the donkey stepped up out of the well and ran away,to the surprise of all the neighbors.

The lesson we get from this story is that if life shovels some dirt on us,we must get out the well and not let it cover US.We must learn to shake it off and take a step up.Each of our troubles is a stepping—stone(踏脚石).We can get out of the deepest well by never giving up!

( )1.

A.hard—working B.strong

C.dying D.intelligent

( )2.

A.careless B.kind to the donkey

C.ready to give up the donkey D.friendly

( )3.When we are in trouble,in the story.

A.the farmer B.the neighbours C.the donkey D.all of them

( )4.in the well that the donkey fell into.

A.water B.stone C.animal D.dirt

( )5..

A.never to give up even if we’re in great trouble

B.the donkey is a clever animal

C.the man has to be kind to the animal

D.the man is the most cruel(残酷)animal


假如你叫李伟,家住北京中山路希望街28号。你想加入野鸟观察俱乐部。现在请你 给俱乐部主席写一封信,告诉她你的兴趣爱好,以及如何帮助俱乐部的计划。要求80词左右。



I.1.protection 2.variety 3.provide 4.shelter 5.endangered 6.tourists

7.dishonest 8.1itter 9.unnecessary 10.shine

Ⅱ.1—5 BBDAC 6—10 DABCA

Ⅲ.1.importance 2.teachers 3.will be 4.fluently 5.unfriendly

6.softly 7.easily 8.tourists 9.uncomfortable 10.badly Ⅳ.1.C to take→to bring 2.D city→cities 3.A Do→Are

4.C happy→happily 5.A listened→listened to


Ⅵ.1—5 ADBCD 6一10 ACAAC 11—15 DBCBD




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