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Unit1 Where did you go on vacation

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Unit1 Where did you go on vacation? 知识点复习

section A 基础



is_______ go_______

buy_______ have _______like________visit________are_____ meet_____


stay at home_________ go to summer camp_________ go to New York city______ go to the mountains_________ visit my uncle_________

go to the beach_________ visit museums _______



1. No one ________ how to do it.

A.know B. knows C. knowing D. knew

2. Everything_____OK, isn’t it?

A. was B. are C. and D. is

3. There’s________in the newspaper. You should read it.

A. important something B. something boring C. boring something D. something important


1. My sister and I tried paragliding.

(翻译)____________________ try to do sth.意为______________;try doing sth.意为________________

We shouldn’t try ___________(study) English, we should try ____________(study) English.

2. What a difference a day makes!

3.感叹句,结构为What +名词+主语+谓语!补充:


3. We waited over an hour for the train because there were too many people.

________ 为等候 ,后接人或物。________为太多,后接可数名词复数; ________+不可数名词(money); ________为太…后接形容词或副词(big)

4. My father didn’t bring enough money.





1. I didn’t find ______ ( someone ) there.

2. Is there _______( something ) important in today’s newspaper?

3. Look! There is _______ ( anybody ) at home. The light is on.

4. Amy _______ ( meet ) a famous actor yesterday.

5. There _______ ( be ) forty-five students in our class last term.

6. Miss Green ________ ( come ) to China in 2008.

7. Little Tom _______ ( be ) here a moment ago.

8. She _________ ( buy ) a new bag yesterday.


Unit2 How often do you exercise?


1.—________do you surf the Internet ?

—Once a week.

A.How B.How old C.How often D.How many times

2.You hardly know him, ______ ?

A. are you B. aren’t you C.do you D.don’t you

3.—Would you like______some apples ?

—Yes, please.

A. to have B. have C. having D. has

4.He ususally ________newspapers in the morning.

A. reads B. seees C. watches D. looks

5.He ______ his homework at school.

A. doesn’t B. don’t do C.don’t D. doesn’t do

6.The little girl often goes skating________ weekends.

A. in B. on C. to D. for

7.I eat fruit and drink milk every day to keep me ________.

B. A. health B. healthily C. healthy D. unhealthy

8.—When did you go to the movie? —__________.

A. Tomorrow B. In two days C. Three days ago D. Next weekend

9.One of my favorite programs ________ Animal World.

A. am B. is C. are D. don’t

10.Does she eat junk food ________often?

A. much B. less C. very D. many


1.Mum asked children to eat it ________ (two) a week.

2.Do you do eye _________ (exercise) every day?

3.I want to go ________ (shop).

4.How often do you ____________ (shop)?

5.The doctor asked her _________ (eat) more fruit.

6.Here __________(be) a letter for you.

7.No ___________(student) do homework once or twice a week.

8.I read English books about____________(once) a week.

9.Few students ________( exercise ) three times a week.

10.Lots of ________ ( visit) come to the city at this time of year.


1.—你周末通常做什么? —What do you uaually do ______ _______? 2.—吃苹果对我们的身体有好处。 _______ apples is good ______ our health.

3.你每天晚上睡多少个小时? _______ _______ ________ do you sleep every night?

4.很多学生根本不运动。 Many students ______ exercise _______ _______ .

5.没有学生一周做一两次作业。 No students _______ homework ________ or _______ a week.


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