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期中试 卷分析

二、 听句子,选择恰当的应答语。 (C)6. A. I’m Alice B.Thanks C. Hello ,Cindy! (A)7. A. It’s a jacket. B. I’m OK. C. It’s red. ( C .A. Good morning! B. Good )8 afternoon! C. Good evening! ( B)9. A. Hello! B. I’m fine C. Thanks (B)10.A. It’s U-F-O B. It’s black C. What’s this?

三、 听对话,填入恰当的内容完成表格。 People(人) Frank and Helen




How(怎样) Frank is OK and Helen is 12 .

Color The quilt is (13) green The jacket is (14) yellow and ( 15)


II. 单项填空 ) (C )1. This is _____ orange and that is _____ ruler. A. a ; a B.an ; an C. an ; a (B )2. —____________ —Fine, thank you. A. How do you do? B. How are you? C. Are you Mr. Wang? ( B) 3. ---What's that in English? ---- _______ a baseball . A. That’s B.It’s C. This is ( )4.________ your name ? B ________ name is Gina Smith . A. What’s , I B. What’s , My

(C )5 --do you spell eraser? ---E-R-A-S-E-R. A. What B. What’s C. How (B 6.His name is Tommy Miller, so his ) _____name is Miller. A. first B. last C. full (C 7. Jim is a good boy. This is ) notebook A. he B. him C. his (A) 8. ---_______you Mr. Lee? ---_______, I'm not. _______am Mr.Green. A. Are , No, I B. Is, No, He C. Are, Yes, I

( )9. Please call Jane _______287—6458. C A. in B. to C. at ( )10. Are __________ her parents? A. this B. that C. these (C )11.----Is that a pencil? ----__________ A. Yes, that is. B. No, it is C. Yes, it is.

( )12.---Is this your _________? A --- Yes, she is. A. sister B. brother

C. fathe

(C )13. 当别人帮助了你, 你应该说 ____ A. OK. Thank you. B. Nice to meet you. C.

( B)14. —Is she Maria? —No, she ____. A. is B. isn’t C. aren’t (C)15. ---Is this her schoolbag ? ---Yes , __________ A. it’s her B. it’s mine C.it’s hers

Hello, boys and girls! I _1_Frank Smith ( C) 1. A.is B. are C.am Frank is my _2_ name. Smith is my _3_ name. (C) 2 A..last B.family C. first (B ) 3. A.first B. last C.given This is _ 4_ schoolbag. It is black. (B ) 4. A.you B. my C.I Oh, that is _ 5_ eraser. It’s _6 . ( B) 5. A.a B. an C. / ( A ) 6. A.white B.a white C. the white But(但是) it _ 7_ my eraser. (B ) 7. A. is B. isn’t C.aren’t

I found it _ 8_ school library. ( A ) 8. A.in B. of C. at Is this _9_ eraser? ( A ) 9.A.your B.you C. my Please _10_me at 685-7926. ( B )10. A.meet B.call C. thank

My name is Tom. I’m nine. This is my mother. Her name’s Linda Johnson. Her telephone number is 13052864515. ( C)1. My mother is
A. Mary Johnson B. Mike Johnson C. Linda Johnson

And this is my father. His name is Mike Johnson.His phone number is 13120884699. ( A )2.My Father’s telephone number is A. 13120884699 B. 13120884966 C. 13052864515 . ( A )5. My last name is . A. Johnson B. Nick C. Mike

And this is my sister. What’s her name? Her name is Mary. Look! The boy is my brother Nick. Mary is 6 and Nick is 7

. ( )3. My brother is . C A. Tom B. Mike C. Nick ( A ) 4. Mary is . A. six B. nine C. eight

Martin Brown Bob Ann Joe Tony (A) 6. Bob is Martin

Lucy Brown Leo Jenny Ellen

Brown’s . A. son B. daughter C. brother (B) 7. Lucy Brown is Jenny’s A.father B.mother C. daughter (B)8. Bob and Ann are Tony’s . A. grandparents B. parents C.aunt and uncle ( )9. Ellen is a girl. She is Joe and Tony’s C A. daughter B. brother C. cousin (B)10. Joe and Tony are Bob’s . A. daughters B.sons C. cousins


Lucy, Is that your school ID card in the lost and found case? Tony ( A)11. ________ lost a school ID card. A. Lucy B. Tony C. Sonia Lost: My pencil case.It’s black and white. Please call Sonia at 388-7900. (B) 12. ________ lost a pencil case. A. Tony B. Sonia C. Mary (C) 13. What color is the pencil case? A. It’s black and red. B. It’s white and blue. C. It’s black and white.

Found: a dictionary. Is this your dictionary? Please call Mary. Phone # 639-3039. ( B) 14. If you lost a dictionary, you should call __________. A. 388-7900 B. 639-3039 C. 639-3800
( B) 15. Which of the following is true?(哪个选项是正确的) A. Lucy lost a pencil case. B. Sonia’s phone number is 388-7900. C. Mary found a book.

第二节 句型转换。(10分) 1. His pen is black.(对划线提问) What color __________ __________ is his pen? 2.That is my friend.(改为复数) ______ ________my _______. Those are friends 3.Are these your sisters ?(作肯定回答) Yes ______ , __________ __________ they are 4.They are my parents.(改一般疑问句) Are they your parents ? ______________________________. 5. thank, I, fine, am, you.(连词成句)
I am fine, thank you.

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