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北师大版初一英语课件 Lesson 1

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北师大版《初中英语》七年级上册 Unit 1 Family

Lesson 1(第一课时)
授课教师:Andy Zhang

How many members are there in your family? Who are they?

Let’s welcome another family!












grandson granddaughter granddaughter

Work in pairs. Talk about the relationship between the people.

1. Tom/ Mary
Tom is Mary’s husband. Mary is Tom’s wife.

2. Mark/ Lisa
Mark is Lisa’s son. Lisa is Mark’s mother.

3. Betty/ Mary
Betty is Mary’s granddaughter. Mary is Betty’s grandmother.

4. Anna/ Betty
Anna is Betty’s cousin. Betty is Anna’s cousin.

5. Anna/ John
Anna is John’s daughter. John is Anna’s father.

6. Mark/ Tom
Mark is Tom’s grandson. Tom is Mark’s grandfather.

Read to find out who is speaking. Underline the key words. Write the names in the blanks.

My granddaughter Betty has a dog. His name is Sam. He’s old – about ten. My husband and I like Sam a lot. When we call him he runs to us.

Mary Brown

My cousin Anna is the same age as me. I like her. She has a brother. His name is Mark. He’s fifteen. I like him, too.

Betty Jones

My husband and I are doctors. Our daughter Betty doesn’t want to be a doctor. She likes to write, sing and dance.

Kathy Jones

My son and his wife have a daughter and a son. They live near us. My wife and I often visit them.

Tom Brown

Read again. Make notes about the family members. Family members
Tom & Mary


Kathy& Mike Anna Mark


Family members Tom & Mary

Information Two granddaughters and a grandson; Live near their son

Finish the form by yourself.

Family members


Lisa&John A son, a daughter; Live near parents

Family members Kathy& Mike

Information Doctors; Daughter Betty

Family members Anna

Information A brother; The same age as Betty

Family members Mark

Information A sister; fifteen

Family members Betty

Information The same age as Anna; A dog, Sam Write, sing and dance

Work in pairs.
Tell your partners about the family members with the help of the notes.

Family members
Tom & Mary

Two granddaughters and a grandson; Live near their son

Let me tell you something about Tom and Mary. They have two granddaughters and one grandson. They live near their son.

Read the text aloud with the speaker.

Who is he / she?

1 4 7

2 5 8

3 6 9

She has a brother. Betty is her cousin.

He is fifteen and he has a sister. His cousin Betty likes him very much.

She likes to write, sing and dance. She has a dog. Her parents are doctors.

He and his wife are doctors. He has a daughter and her name is Betty.

She and her husband are doctors. Her daughter is Betty.

He and his wife have a daughter and a son.

She and her husband have a daughter and a son.

His daughter Kathy is a doctor.

Her grandson Mark is fifteen and she likes him.

We are a happy family!

? Open your

envelope and find out who you are.

? Think about how to introduce yourself.
? For example: ? I’m the same age as my cousin Betty.

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