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Unit 5

Do you have a soccer ball?

Hi! I’m Mimi. Let’s learn English.

Let’s go.

有趣的, 令人感兴趣的
Woo! It’s interesting.

有趣的, 令人愉快的

Haha, it’s fun.


Ah! It’s relaxing.

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Haha! It’s

啊…… 这 个……

无聊的, 令人生厌的
Hm. It’s boring.

Let’s read.

1.interesting 有趣的,令人感兴趣的 2.fun 有趣的,令人愉快的 3.relaxing 轻松的 4.difficult 困难的 5.boring 无聊的,令人生厌的

Match the words with the pictures.

1.interesting c 3.fun b e 5.relaxing a . 2.boring d 4.difficult b e .

Listen and check the words that you hear in 1a.

1. interesting 2.boring 3.fun 4.difficult 5.relaxing

Listen again. What does Tony say about these activities? Write a word from 1a in the blanks.

play computer games (1) ( interesting ) play volleyball (2) (difficult ) watch TV (3) ( boring ) play basketball (4) ( fun )

play computer games. play volleyball. watch TV. A: Let’s play basketball. interesting. sing. difficult. .... boring. B: That sounds fun. relaxing. ....
2c Pairwork:

A: Let’s play basketball. (let’s=let us) B: I don’t have a basketball. A: Well, let’s play ping-pong.
B: That sounds good.

A: Let’s(让咱们) play volleyball.

B: I don’t have a volleyball.
A: Well, let’s play soccer. B: That sounds good/interesting/fun…

A: Let’s …. B: That sounds … .
run listen play a game

play soccer ball

play baseball

write watch TV dance play volleyball


play computer games

play tennis

play basketball

3、用do, does, don’t,doesn’t 填空
1.________ you have a baseball ? Do

Yes , I _________. / No, I _________. don’t do
2. _________ she have a tennis? Does

doesn’t No , she _____________.

3. Kate and her friend Don’t have a dictionary. ______ 4. Jim doesn’t have a brother. _______

Does 5._________ your sister have a computer?


1. Let’s play soccer ball. (踢足球). --That sounds interesting. (很有趣). 2. Let’s play basketball. -- I don’t have (没有)a basketball. Let’s play ping-pong. -- That sounds good. (那太好了). 3. Do you have (你有) a baseball bat? -- No, I don’t. Let’swatch TV. (看电视). -- That sounds boring. (没意思).
boys girls

he ? she it Lucy ? Jack


第三人称单数时,跟在他们后面的动 词原形要加上s或者es,如:plays, looks,watches

Ⅰ.写出下列动词的第三人称单数形式 has watches play—____ have_______ plays watch—____ likes does sounds like—______ do—____ sound_______ B 1. Let’s ____ football, Jin. A. to play B. play C. plays D. playing C 2. _____ Li Ming have many cousins? A. Do B. Is C. Does D. Are c 3.____ Xu Ping like basketball? A. Is B. Do C. Does D. Be D 4. —____ your cousin have a watch? —Yes, _____. A. Is, he is B. Is, I am C. Do, I do D. Does, he does

C 5.--____you have a basketball? –No______ A Are,I am B,Is ,I am C, Do,I don’t D,Does,he doesn;t



祝贺你们! 请再接再厉。

Don’t be sad. Come back next time!



Don’t be sad. Come back next time!

祝贺你们! 请再接再厉。

写一篇介绍房间的小作文,至少50词。 提示词:

one soccer ball a volleyball five ping-pong balls two ping-pong bats baseball bats tennis

on the floor under the bed in the drawer on the table don’t have don’t like

特别提示(选用):play sth. with sb. 和某人玩某物 interesting ,boring,fun , relaxing , difficult

OK! Let’s say goodbye!

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