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___________1.Read these ____ (单词) on the blackboard.

___________2. There is a ______(地图) on the wall.

___________3. There are some _____(图书馆) in my school.

___________4. The sky is ______ (蓝色).

___________5. What ______ (颜色) is it?

___________6.The coat i ____(她的) brother’s.

___________7. Every student has a ___(书包).

___________8. The father helps the ____(孩子们) with their work.

___________9. It’s 4:30 pm. It’s time to go ____(家).

___________10. My favourite _____ (玩具) is a panda.


( )1.—_____? —I’m fine, thank you.

A. What’s your name? B. How do you do?

C. How old are you? D. How are you ?

( )2.—Goodbye! --_____

A. Good bye-bye B. Good morning C. Bye D. Good

( )3.—___________? —He is Andy’s father.

A. How is he ? B. Where is he? C. Who is he ? D. What is he?

( ) 4. She is ___good teacher of English.

A .a B. the C. an D./

( ) 5. I __ a new classmate.

A. there is B. is there C. has D. have

( ) 6.I have two friends. I like playing with____

A.he B. you C. they D. Them

( ) 7.How many __ are there in the classroom?

A.boy B. girl C. girls and boys D. girl and boy

( ) 8.Jane and Jenny___ my sisters.

A. are B am C. is D. be

( ) 9.Miss Wang, __my sister.

A. he’s B. her is C. this is D. this’s

( ) 10.I have some friends. I love __

A. them B. they C. you D.me

( ) 11.—Sit down please, class! —____.

A. Sit down, please. B. Yes, we are

C. Thank you, Miss Li D.OK, I sit.

( ) 12. ____your books.

A. Please you close B. Please open C. Close please D. Please not open

( ) 13.—___ your cousin? —She is a nurse.

A. Who’s B. Where’s C. What’s D. How’s

( ) 14. Write down your answers after you ____ the tape.


A. read B. close C. look at D. listen to

( ) 15. This big desk is ____ our teachers.

A.for B. of C. on D. at

( ) 16.There aren’t ___ TVs in our class.

A. some B. a C. one D. any

( ) 17. —Are there ten books on the desk? —Yes,____

A. there’s B. there isn’t C. there are D. they are

( ) 18. There is ___ art room in our school.

A. a B. an C. the D. some

( ) 19. There ____ a boy and five girls in the music room.

A. is B. are C. be D. have

( ) 20. There are ___ old tapes under the chairs.

A. an B. some C. any D. one

( ) 21. How many ____ are there in your school?

A. library B. class C. toilet D. classrooms

( ) 22.Her shoes ___ black. Her ___ are blue.

A. is ; coat B .are; trousers C. is; shirt D. are; blouse

( ) 23. ---Whose car is it? ---It’s ___car.

A. Jim B. new C. orange D. his

( ) 24. They are not___ bags. Our bags are___.

A. we; orange B. we; oranges C. our; orange D. our; oranges

( ) 25.---___ you ___ any CDs? ---Yes, I ___.

A. Do; has; do B. Dose; have; do C. Do; have; do D. Does; have; does

三、句子配对。 (10分)


( )1. How do you do? A. It is Lily’s .

( )2. How many bags are there? B. He’s my father.

( )3. Who’s that man? C. It’s orange.

( )4. What colour is that orange? D. 300.

( )5. How old are you? E. Polly is on the desk.

( )6. Whose blue skirt is it? F. Fourteen years old.

( )7. Where is Polly? G. How do you do?

( ) 8. What’s your mum like? H. She ’s short and thin.

( ) 9.Do you have an umbrella? I. It is 8:00 am

( ) 10.What time is it? J. No, I don’t. But Lily has one

四.句型转换(15分)(每空一分,第四题3分) _______ _________ ________ their car? 改为否定句)

______ _______ this?


______ _______ are brown?

4.There is a book on the desk.(改为一般疑问句并作否定回答)


5. My father is a teacher.(改为一般疑问句)

______ _______ father a teacher?


6. You have some trousers.(改为否定句)

You ______ have _______ trousers.

7. These shirts are new and pretty. (改为否定句)

_______ shirts _______ new and pretty.


A: ____①___ ____②____ ,Mrs Black.

B: Good morning. Are you Millie?

A: Yes, I ___③___.

B: ____④___ ___⑤_ are you?

A: I’m eleven. I’m _⑥_ Class 3.

B: __⑦__ your mother a teacher?

A: Yes.__⑧__ an English teacher.

B: ___⑨__ your father?

A: He is a teacher too.

B: Oh, I _⑩___. Thank you.


What’s that? Oh, it’s a desk. It’s__①__desk. It isn’t __②__desk. What’s __③__ the desk? There is a bag, a pencil-box and a cup on __④__. What’s __⑤__ the bag? There are some books in _⑥__. What’s in the pencil-box? There are some _⑦__, a pen and a __⑧__ in it. What’s __⑨__ the pencil-box? There is __⑩__ under it.

( ) 1. A. a student’s B. students C. the student D. his students

( ) 2. A. the teachers B. The students C. the teacher’s D. my father’s

( ) 3. A. near B. on C. in D. for

( ) 4. A. me B. her C. it’s D. it

( ) 5. A. on B. of C. in D. for

( ) 6. A. bag B. bags C. this D. it

( ) 7. A. pencils B. bags C. trousers D. coats

( ) 8. A. ball B.crayon C. book D. orange

( ) 9. A. in B. on C. under D. near

( ) 10. A. a ruler B. ruler C. a ball D. ball




Hi, I’m Sammi. I’m in Class3, Grade 7. I’m from England. I’m short but I’m strong. There are sixteen boys and eighteen girls in my class. Look! This is my classroom. There are two blackboards on the wall. There is a picture on the wall, too. There are fifteen desks and a chair in the classroom. There is a bag behind the chair. It’s our teacher’s. On the teacher’s desk, there are twenty new books and a ruler.

( )1. Sammi is an English boy.

( )2. Sammi is short and strong.

( )3. There are twenty-four students in Sammi’s class.

( )4. There are two pictures and a blackboard on the wall.

( )5. There isn’t a chair in the classroom.


It’s 9:00 in the evening. The family are at home. Jim’s father sits in a chair. He’s watching TV(看电视). His mother stands near the window. She feeds(喂) the birds—Polly. Polly says, “Thanks! Thanks!” Where is Jim? Oh, he’s behind the door. Kate is looking for(找) him. They play games in Kate’s room.


( )1.There are ________people in the family.

A. three B. four C. five D. six

( )2.Who sits in a chair?

A. Jim B. It’s Jim C. Jim’s father D. It’s Jim’s mother

( )3.Where is Jim?

A. He’s is watching TV. B. Behind the door.

C. He’s looking for Kate. D. Near the door.

( )4.Jim and Kate are ___________.

A. good friends B. two girl

C. two boys D. brothers and sisters

( )5.Where’s Kate?

A. She’s behind the door. B. She’s near the window.

C. She’s in her room. D. She plays games.


请你根据所给提示,以“Our school”为题,写一篇短文。提示1.学校有600名学生,45名教师 2.有15个班级 3.有一个阅览室,两个图书馆和一个操场 4.有一个电脑室和美术室 .(注意:本次作文不写,或者胡乱抄写者倒扣10分)

Our School



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