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命题学校:濮院桐星学校 出卷人:王燕虹 审核人:朱晓红



1. 2. _ 3. _ 4. ___ 5. __


( )6.A. It’s a book. B. It’s green. C. It’s twelve

( )7.A. They are 16. B. It’s on the desk. C. It’s black.

( )8.A. My favorite sport is swimming. B. They are yellow bananas.

C. His name is Jm.

( )9.A. I can sing. B. I like football. C. Yes, I am.

( )10.A. They aren’t American. B. I’m 13 years old. C. I am Chinese.

三.听短文,选最佳答案。短文读两遍。每题2分。(10分) ( )11. How old is Sam? .

A. 12 B. 13 C. 14 ( )12. Sam is ____________.

A. Chinese. B. American. C. English. ( )13. Helen is years old.

A.11 B. 12 C. 13 ( )14. They are in Class .

A. One B. Two C. Three

( )15. Are they friends? .


A. No, they aren’t. B. Yes, they are. C. No, they can’t.



( ) 16.—What’s your father’s job?

— .

A.A worker B. A factory C. Forty D. Fine

( ) 17.—Are Betty’s ?

—Yes, they are.

A. this, pens B. these, pens C. that, pen D. those, pen

( ) 18.Dave Smith’s name is Dave.

A. family B. given C. last D. the first

( ) 19.— Wang Hui from American?

— No, he isn’t.

A. Do B. Does C. Is D. Are ( ) 20.She writes the blackboard.

A. in B. on C. under D. at

( ) 21.—What’s ______ favourite colour?

—______favourite colour is red.

A. your, My B. His, My C. Her, His D. His, Your ( ) 22.They are my .

A. parent B. student C. friends D. teacher

( ) 23.— Are those your grandparents?

— No, .

A. these are B. they are C. they aren’t D. those aren’t

( ) 24.— is the woman?

—She is my mother.

A. Who’s B. How C. What D. Who

( ) 25.I’m from .

A. china B. China C .Chinese D. American ( ) 26.Tom is in , Grade Seven.

A. class one B. Class one C .one class D. Class One 2

( ) 27. your name Wang Lei?

A. Is B. Am C. Are D. Be ( ) 28.Tony is from America he is American.

A. but B. and C. or D. \ ( ) 29. I like .

A. to swimming B. swim C. swimming D. swims

( ) 30.—Can you _______flower? —Yes, F-L-O-W-E-R, flower.

A. spell B. say C. spelling D. draw


I am Jane. I am ____31___ America. I am in China now, because(因为)my ____32___work in China. My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher in an international ____33___in Beijing. I go to the school, too. The school is big. There are 1,000 ____34___and 200 teachers. There is a ____35___, a sports hall and a big dining hall. My parents like reading ____36_ _in the library but I like ____37__tennis in the sports hall. Our classroom is in a tall ____38___. It is behind the library. There are thirty ____39___ and ten offices in the building. There are twenty students in my class. That’s ____40___boys and eleven girls. I like my school.

( )31. A. at B. in C. from D. with

( )32. A. parents B. friends C. teachers D. brothers

( )33. A. hospital B. factory C. hotel D. school

( )34. A. doctors B. secretaries C. students D. managers

( )35. A. library B. ditionary C. family D. university

( )36. A. maps B. lessons C. classes D. books

( )37. A. drawing B. playing C. writing D. matching

( )38. A. lab B. piano C. city D. building

( )39. A. pictures B. classrooms C. workers D. horses

( )40. A. nine B. twelve C. thirteen D. fifteen

六. 阅读理解。(20分)

( A )

Dear Tony,

Thank you for your email.


There are six people in my family. My parents and I live in China. I’m thirteen. I study at Beijing International School. My father is a manager and my mother is a doctor. My sister Jane is in London with my aunt and my grandma. My grandma is fifty-eight. She’s a teacher. We go back to see them every Christmas. How many people are there in your family, Tony?


( )41.Who’s in China in Jack’s family?

A. Jack’s parents B. Jack’s grandparents

C. Jack’s uncle D. Jack’s sister

( )42.How many aunts or uncles has Jack got?

A. He has got an uncle. B. He has got an aunt

C. He hasn’t got any D. He has got two uncles

( )43.Where’s Jack from?

A. He’s from China. B. He’s from America.

C. He’s from England. D. He’s from Chinese.

( )44.How old is Jack’s grandmother?

A. She is 58. B. She is 86. C. She is a teacher. D. She is 60.

( )45.What’s Jack’s father?

A. He’s a teacher. B. He’s a doctor.

C. He’s a manager. D. He’s a worker.

( B )

My name is Zhang Min. I’m a girl and I’m Chinese. I like blue. My favorite food is noodles and fish.

I like dancing and swimming. Do you like playing the piano? I like it. I can draw and I can write Chinese.

I can ride a bike but I can’t drive a car.

( )46.What is the girl’s given name? .

A. Zhang B. Min C. Zhang Min D. I don’t know. ( )47.Where is the girl from? .

A. American B. England C. China D.\ ( )48.Zhang Min likes .

A. green B. red C. blue D. black ( )49.Can she drive a car? .

A. Yes, she can. B. No, she can’t. C. I don’t know. D. OK ( )50.Her favorite food is and . .

A. noodles, meat B. noodles, fish C. fish, apples D. noodles, apples 4

七.用所给词的适当形式填空。(5分) 51. Where _______ ( be ) he from?

52. How many ____________________(chair) are there in your classroom? 53. I like ____ _____ ( swim ). 54. What ___ ( be ) these?—They are books. 55. Tony is from ________ ( American).

八.词汇运用。根据中文提示完成单词拼写。(10分) 56. You can see many (医生) in the hospital. 57. I love my (父母亲). 58. My uncle is an (演员). 59. Washington is the (首都)of America.

60. (他们)are ten years old. 61. I have two (朋友). They are Lucy and Lily.

62. What’s the (天气) like in Tianjin? 63. His mother is (四十) years old. 64. There are three big (楼房) behind my home. 65. Some sheep are in (前面) of the tree.

九.情景交际。从方框中选出正确的句子,完成对话,并写在横线上。(5分) A: Betty, please look at the photo. 66_

B: No, she is my friend. A: 67_ B: Susan Brown. She likes music. 68__

A: Who’s the man? Is he her father? B: Yes. 69 __ He can speak English.

A: Is the woman her mother?

B: Yes, she is. A: 70 __

B: She is a hotel manager.

66._______ 67._______ 68._______ 69.______ 70._______


下表描述的是某国际学校七年级五位学生的情况。 请根据表格内容补全句子。


71.David’s is a doctor. 72. father is an actor. 73.Jack’s mother is a . 74.Li Hua is .

75.Frank’s are teachers. 十一. 书面表达。(10分)

根据以下信息,假如你是Wang Dong, 请写一篇你和你的朋友Sam的短文。

__________ ___ _____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

____ _______________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________________________________ _


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