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新目标英语七年级(上)Unit6 单元测试

一、单项选择 (20分)

( )1.- Do you like apples? - ________.

A.Yes, I am B.Yes, I do C.No, I’m not D.No, I not

( )2.- Does your son like carrots? - ________.

A.Yes, she

does B.Yes, he is

C.No, he

doesn’t D.No, she


( )3.He has ________ egg and ________ hamburger.

A.an, an B.a, a C.an, a D.a, an

( )4.There is a _____ shop. It sells bananas, apples, pears and oranges.

A.vegetable B.food C.fruit


( )5.Let’s ________ now.

A.to go to

home B.to go home

C.go to

home D.go home

( )6.What ________ she have ________ dinner?

A.do, in B.does, for C.is, at D.can, to

( )7.There is some ________ on the table.

A.tomato B.egg C.chicken


( )8.There ________ lots of apples on the tree.

A.be B.am C.is D.are ( )9.We need lots of ________ every day.


food B.salads

C.milks D.vegetable

( )10.- Do you like French fries? - ________.

A.Yes, I

do B.Yes, I don’t

C.I like them very

much D.I don’t like them ( )11.________ your mother ________ carrots?

A.Do; eat B.Is; eat C.Does; eat D.Are; eat

( )12.Our friend ________ like salad.

A.don’t B.doesn’t C.isn’t D.aren’t

( )13.- Do they like hamburgers? - Yes, they like ________ very much.

A.it B.them C.their D.its ( )14.My sister likes English


A.a lot of B.lot C.lots of D.a lot

( )15.Her parents ________ lunch at home.


have B.haven’t C.hasn’t D.don’t have

( )16.We have lots of food ________ dinner.

A.in B.at C.for D.on ( )17.________ does Lucy like? Tomatoes.

A.How B.What C.Where


( )18.Aunt Li likes ________ bananas.

A.eat B.eating C.eats D.eatting

( )19.Ask and answer the question about ________.

A.what he

like B.what he likes

C.what does he

like D.what do he likes

( ) 20. What ______ Tom like _______ for breakfast?

A. does; eat B. is; eat C. does; to eat D. is; to eat

二、用括号中所给词的正确形式填空 (20分)

1.There are some ________(tomato)in the basket.

2.Do you like French ________(fry)?

3.She ________(have)ice cream for dessert.

4.________(health)food is


5.She ________(do not)play sports.

6.________ your mother ________(watch)TV every day?

7.The little girl likes ________(strawberry)a lot.

8.Lots of children like ________(play)football.

9.Chicken ________(be)very


10.My daughter ________(go)to school from Monday to Friday.

三、按要求改写句子 (10分)

1. Linda and Tom like French fries. (改成否定句)

They _____ ______ French fries.

2. Does Tom like eggs for breakfast? (否定回答)

______, ______ _______.

3. She doesn’t have lunch. (变肯定句)

She _______ lunch.

4. My teacher plays basketball. (改一般疑问句)

______ your teacher ________


5. We play volleyball. (变成由Let开头的祈使句)

______ _______ volleyball.

四、汉译英 (10分)1、他喜欢大量健康

食品。He likes ____ ____ ____

food .2、汤姆早饭吃西红柿。Tom _____ _____ ______ lunch .3、他是一个跑步明星。He is a ______ _______.4、郑

智足球踢得好。Zhengzhi ______ soccer ______.



A man goes to a fast-food restaurant for lunch. “Hi,” a worker says, “May I help you? ”

“I’d like a hamburger, large fries, and a medium Coke. ”the man says.

“Anything else? ”the worker asks. “No. ”the man answers, “That’s it. ”

“Is that for here or to go? ”the

worker asks.

“To go. ”the man says.

The man pays for his lunch. The

worker puts the man’s lunch in a bag. The man takes the bag.


76.A man goes ________ a.to a park.

77.He says, ________ b.a lot of money.

78.A worker puts

________ c.the man’s lunch in a bag.

79.The man takes the bag and walks ___ d.“I’d like a hamburger, large fries, and a medium Coke. ”

80.He opens the bag and finds

_____ e.to a fast-food restaurant for lunch.


81.Where does the man go for lunch?

He goes to a fast-food ________.

82.What does the man want to eat? He wants a hamburger, large ________, and a ________ Coke.

83.Where does the worker put the man’s lunch?

The worker puts it in a ________.

84.What is in the bag?

There is ________ in the bag.

85.Who puts the money in the bag? The ________ of the restaurant puts the money in the bag.


根据材料,请找出Jim Green为家人准备的晚餐,并填写表格。

Today is my birthday. I want to thank my family for their love. So I cook the dinner for them. I know my mother likes hamburgers and broccoli. But my father likes chicken and tomato soup. I have a brother. He likes hamburgers, too. But he doesn’t like broccoli. He likes

carrots. I have a sister, too. She likes fish and French fries. I like chicken and strawberries. I will buy these things for the birthday party.

Mrs GreenMr GreenbrothersisterJim Hamburger and(1)____(2)_____

_______(3)________ _________(4)________ _________(5)________ _________


假如下表显示的是你三餐喜爱的食谱,请以“My favorite food”为题写一段话,不得少于4句。

My Favorite food

lunch hamburger, cola, French fries

breakfast coffee, chicken

dinner salad, vegetables, meat, broccoli, dessert

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