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2012版新目标英语七年级上Unit 5 Period 4

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Unit 5

Do you have a soccer ball?
period 4

Let’s watch TV.

That sounds good./ That sounds boring./ …

Let’s play basketball.
That sounds fun/ difficult/boring/…

Sports :
Things I have: Things I don’t have:

阅读一份校刊的调查结果,并回答问题: Who has a soccer ball ?

Do You Have a Soccer Ball? Frank Brown: I don’t have a soccer ball, but my brother Alan does. We go to the same school and we love soccer. We play it at school with our friends. It’s relaxing.

Gina Smith : Yes, I do. I have two soccer balls, three volleyballs, four basketballs and five baseballs and bats. I love sports, but I don’t play them---I only watch them on TV!

Wang Wei: No, I don’t . Soccer is difficult. I like pingpong. It’s easy for me. I have three ping-pong balls and two ping-pong bats. After class, I play ping-pong with my classmates.

New words and phrases:
1、go to the same school 2、at school 3、with our friends 4、love sports 5、only 6、watch TV 7、on TV 8、be easy for me 9、ping-pong bat 10、after class 11、with my classmates

Questions: 1、Does Frank Brown have a soccer ball?
No , he doesn’t.

2、Where do they play soccer?
At school.

3、Does Gina play sports?
No, she doesn’t.

4、Who has three ping-pong balls and two ping- pong bats?
Wang Wei.

2C Who do you think says these sentences? 正确的写T, 错误的写F
( F )1、Frank plays ping-pong with my classmates after class. ( T )2、Gina has soccer balls ,basketballs, volleyballs and baseballs. ( T )3、My brother Alan has a soccer ball but I don’t. ( F )4、Wang Wei only watches sports on TV. ( F )5、Soccer is not easy for Gina. ( T )6、Frank and his brother are in the same school.

I .首字母填词 1、My grandfather doesn’t play sports, but he atches w_______ them on TV. asy 2、I like ping-pong. It’s e_______ for me. 3、We play sports a_______ class. fter 4、There is o______ one pencil in his pencil box. nly 5、My brother and I g_____ to the same school. o

单项选择: ( A )1、---Let’s play soccer. ----_____________ A. Sounds interesting. B. Where is Tom? C. Let’s play basketball. D. You’re welcome. ( D )2、There ______two balls under the table. A. has B. have C. is D. are ( B )3、I go to school ________ my friend Mike every morning. A. and B. with C. on D. to ( C )4、He ________ TV every night. A. look at B. watch C. watches D. looks ( C )5、He only watches ________ on TV. A. he B. our C. them D. I ( B )6、I don’t play volleyball. I think it’s _________. A. interesting B. difficult C. easy D. relaxing ( B )7、My brother and I are________. A. at same school B. in the same school C. in same school D. at the school

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