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1. How much did the ticket cost? A. 7 pounds each B. 17 pounds each C. 70 pounds each 2. What’s the man’s hobby? A. Skating B. Swimming

C. Fishing 3. Where are they?

A. At school B. In the restaurant C. At home 4. When will the film begin?

A. At 14:35

B. At 16:35

C. At 17:35

5. How does the man mean?

A. The lake is very beautiful

B. He doesn’t like the lake at all.

C. There are many pretty girls near the lake.


请听第1段对话,回答第6至7小题。 6. How does Lucy get the chance to go to England? A. She has won a competition. B. She has saved enough money

C. She has made lots of friends. 7. What’s the highest temperature in July in England?

A. 10 degrees.

B. 20 degrees.

C. 30 degrees.

请听第2段对话,回答第8至10小题。 8.How many people will come together? A. 1

B. 2

C. 3 9. How will they probly come?

A. By air

B. By bus

C. By train 10. What is her new mobile phone number?

A. 13901057498

B. 13901057698

C. 13901059876


11. What did Tom do in the sports center? A. He played pingpong.

B. He played volleyball C. He played basketball

12. How much does the girl need for a year?

A. $30

B. $10

C. $20 13.When does it open in the morning?

A. At 9:00

B. At 8:00

C. At 10:00

请听第1段独白,回答第14至16小题。 14. Where have Kai Kai and Xin Xin been sent?

A. Hong Kong B. Macao C. The USA 15. How many pandas have had babies abroad? A. 16

B. 13

C. 8

16. What is true about Kai Kai and Xin Xin?

A. They were born in Macao in 2010. B.Their names are given by the government

C. They’re a boy panda and a girl panda. 请听第2段独白,回答第17至20小题。

17.What hadn’t Steve learned before 13 years old? A. English B. Chinese C. Frensh 18.Who is a farmer? A. Steve

B. Steve’s wife C. Steve’s friend 19. What does Steve do?

A. A teacher

B. A waiter

C. A writer

20. What can we learn from the passage?

A. Steve’s wife likes drinking B. Steve likes Chinese food.

C. You can’t buy Steve’s book.





26. - I think I’ll have a holiday next month.

-You . You have kept working for quite a long time. A. will

B. can

C. have to

D. should

27. -Could you tell me you collected so much information?

-With the help of the Internet. A. where

B. when

C. how

D. why

he was seven years old.

A. as old as

B. as early as

C. since

D. while

29. -What happened at last?

-I rushed into the house and the fire with water.

A. put out

B. put on

C. put up

D. put away

30.-The TV show Home With Kids is so wonderful. You shouldn’t miss it. -it.

A. saw

B. will see

C. have seen

D. would see

31. -I wonder you know about the 29th Olympic torch.

-It is 72 centimeters high, weighs 980 grams. A. how heavy

B. how high

C. how much

D. how old

32. - I don’. - Search the Internet and find it out. A. where are lost my watch B. how much it costs to fly to Hainan

C. what he is waiting for

D. why was he late for school this morning

33.-Barbara, where do you work?

- A. which

B. where C. what D. who 34. British people eat A. chicken B. beef C. fish D. potatoes

A. small

B. few

C. large

D. many

36. - because people built new farm land on it. -That’s really terrible.

A. polluted

B. has been polluted

C. pollutes

D. will pollute

37. -Have you ordered the hotel, Alice?

-Not yet, I haven’.

A.to stay

B. to be stayed at

C. to stay at

D. for staying

38. -Excuse me , sir, is the swimming pool open all day?

-. Only from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

A. I hope not

B. Yes, of course

C. Sorry, I’m not sure

D. Sorry, I’m afraid not

39.-Well, my advice? How about putting some flowers here? -Great! I didn’ A. I do it every day B. I did it just now C. I will never do it

D. I’m just doing it

40. -Is this museum -Yes. Isn’t it wonderful?

A. that

B. where

C. which

D. the one



my parents told me they had my outside in the back yard. At once I out to the yard. it wasn’t the bike that I thought it would be. This one was pink, old and with age. It was so I thought I parents’ feelings because I could see the the old bike and that I had made my parents feel this way. So I put on a smile, rode as fast as I could and didn’t .

much more than just a rusty(生锈的)old bike. They gave me a life lesson about 53 . When you give something out of love, it doesn’t matter what it is in fact. What matters is the love that is in it . I like to remember this because giving a gift is not about money. It’s about how much love you can feel from it . Do remember, a gift that two dollars isn’t any less valuable(有价值的)than one that costs one hundred dollars, or even more. 41.A.talked B. spoke C. said D. told 42.A. hardly B. quickly C. slowly D. easily 43.A. guitar B. gift C. cake D. card 44.A. rushed B. rode C. climbed D. came 45.A. and B. or

C. but D. because 46. A. exciting

B. interesting C. relaxing

D.disappointing 47.A. like B. hated C. hurt D. thanked 48.A. on

B. in

C. at

D. for 49.A. got in

B. got on

C. got off

D. got up


50.A.surprised B. excited C. happy D. bad 51. A. look ahead B. look back C. come up D. come down 52. A. anything B. nothing C. something D. everything 53.A. love

B. money C. friendship D. knowledge 54.A. idea B. news C. advice D. story 55.A. spends

B. costs

C. pays

D. offers




time online. They can’Addiction Disorder (IAD)(网瘾症).

IAD are online a lot. They spend hours instantly(即时)sending messages to their friends or playing online games. Many people with IAD spend time on the !

about these questions: How many hours a day are you online? Is

it a lot little? When you are on line, do you forget the time? Do you get 63 when you can’t play a game?

If you have IAD, what can you do ? Dr. Goldberg and Dr. Young have some ideas. First, ask yourself “Why am I online a lot? ” a break. For example, use the computer a week, not every day. In this way, you can have a good social (社交)life with other friends. 四、阅读理解(40分)




Want to find a job? Now read the following advertisements.

66. If you can’t use a computer , you can just apply for(申请) A. a secretary B. a waiter or a waitress

C. an accountant D. a salesclerk

to apply for the position as a salesclerk.

A. 348-5269

B. 465-4768

C. 695-4828

D. 447-4398

68.Which is true according to the ads?

A. You should have a good look if you want to be the secretary. B. You may work in Fairmont Hotel if you are 40.

C. The secretary should be good at writing and skilled on computer.

D. You can get as much as you wish in Wilson Bookstore.


Americans love to drive. They have drive-in movie theaters, drive through restaurants and driving vacations. It’s often called the “Great American Road Trip” : Your whole family gets into a van(货车)or recreational vehicle(RV,旅行房车), and hits the road for a summertime trip across the country.

American cars are always big, but RVs are the biggest. These are houses on wheels. RVs have


kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. All across the country you can find RV parks places to park you RV and spend the night. And, if you can’t find one, you can always make your home in a grocery store parking lot.

As big as RVs are, they still seem very small to a family who has to spend every hour of every day together. With your little brother kicking you in the face all night in your tiny bed under the table, the dog barking and Mom playing her country music on the radio, your family is not at its best. What’s more, RVs are always breaking down. So expect to spend a lot of time watching dad under the RV on the side of a dusty road.

But RV travel can be a great time with the family, too. You can see the country in the comfort of your own “home”. You can spend every night in a different scenic place, or just stay where you are. You don’t have to pay for hotels or restaurants, only gas. But , best of all , you are free to go wherever you want whenever you want in your home -away-from-home. A. Bathrooms

B. Bedrooms

C. Kitchens

D. Gardens

70. Why do American people like to travel in RVs?

A. Because RVs can go faster than other cars. B. Because they can listen to music on the radio. C. Because RVs never break down on the road. D. Because it’s like travelling in their own home. A. Hotel

B. Gas

C. Food

D. Drinks.

72. Which of the following in TRUE according to the passage?

A. Travelling in RVs is more expensive than living in hotels. B. RVs are big enough for families travelling together.

C. It is not difficult to find parking places for RVs and spend the night. D. It is less fun to travel in RVs than to stay in hotels.


When you meet people at an airport you see that most people smile and shake their hands with people they meet. We know that a smile in usually a sign that people feel friendly and happy. But what if we don’t know who the new person is? Sometimes people are dangerous and humans have to find ways to protect themselves.

We have to make sure we can trust people we do not know, and we have to show that we are not dangerous. Showing our hands means that we are not armed(武装). In many cultures today, shaking hands is used. We use our right hand, which is usually stronger than the left one. If we are using our

hand this way, it cannot be holding a knife or a gun. It shows that we trust(信任)the other person, and that the other person can trust us.

Not all cultures use the handshake, and people in many Asian cultures do not always touch another person. The traditional greeting in China was to cover the left hand with the right and bow. Japanese people might cover one hand with the other and, depending on whom they are greeting, bow a bit or quite low. In India, some people join their hands in front of their faces and bow their heads. Even young people in the West now give each other the “high five”, when they slap each other’s hands high in the air. They are all keeping their hands busy.

In almost all cultures, to smile and show an open right hand means, “Welcome , you are safe with me.”

73. What can we do to show that we are not dangerous to others? A. We smile to the others. B. We shake our heads. C. We show our hands

D. We bow quite low.

74. How did Chinese people greet in a traditional way?

A. They covered the left hand with the right and bow.

B. They covered one hand with the other and bow slightly or quite low. C.They joined their hands in front of their faces and bow their heads. D. They gave each other the “high five”. 75. What does the underlined word “slap” mean? A. Hit

B. Wash

C. Tie

D. Choose.

76. What can we learn from this passage?

A. The handshake is used in all Asian countries B. People in the world greet each other in the same way. C. People trust each other in many cultures only by smiling.

D. An open hand is a friendly sign which is widely understood and used.


A man had a little daughter. He lived for her-she was his life. So when she became ill, he became like a mad man and tried his best to take care of her, eager to rescue her life.

His best efforts, however, proved unavailing(无效的)and the child died. The father felt deadly sad, shutting himself away from his many friends and refusing every activity that might bring him back to his normal self. But one night he had a dream.

He was in heaven, seeing a grand view of all the little child angels. They were marching in a line. Every white child angel carried a candle. He noticed that one child’s candle was not lighted. Then he saw that the child with the dark candle was his own little girl. Rushing to her, he seized her in his arms, and then he asked, “How is it, darling, that your candle alone is unlighted?” “Daddy, they


Just then he awoke from his dream. The lesson was crystal clear, and its effects were immediate. From that hour on, he was not always a sad man. He felt released(解放)and became positive cheerful with his former friends and associates. No longer would his dauther’s candle be extinguished(熄灭)by his useless tears.

77. What happened to the man after the child died at first? A. He put out his candle B. He felt released C. He lost his job

D. He felt deadly sad.

78. Why was the girl’s candle unlighted according to the passage?

A. Because it was blown by other children. B. Because his after didn’t light the candle. C. Because it was put out by rain.

D. Because it was put out by her father’s tears. 79. The underlined word “it” A. the candle

B. the child

C. the arm D. the angel

80. Which would be the best title for this passage?

A. A girl and the angels

B. A great father C. Don’t let the tears put out the candle

D. A bad bream


使短文意思通顺、结构完整。(每小题2分) Food in space

They’ve never been to another planet, but they might visit Mars(火星)soon. The

astronauts will spend about six months travelling to the planet, then about two years on the planet .

It costs about 120, 000 dollars to carry something that weighs one kilogram. So an apple on Mars could cost 20,000 dollars! Of course , they will need to take quite a lot of food with them to feed the astronauts for three years. This amount of fresh food can not stay fresh, and is very expensive to take, so they need to find food that is not very heavy.

At the moment, astronauts in space stations eat dried food. It’s very light, so it doesn’t cost a lot In the future, astronauts on Mars may grow vegetables like lettuce(生菜),spinach (菠菜)and carrots.

They probably won’t eat real meat or cheese because it won’t be possible to keep animals in space.

五、书表达(15分) 中考就要来了,你发现班上有部分同学由于压力过大,出现了一些紧张、焦虑甚至失眠的症状。请你就此用英语写一篇80词左右的短文,给同学们提出一些建议。

短文内容应包括下列建议: 1、考前制定好合适的复习计划; 2、考试期间要正常作息;



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