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八年级英语上册 Unit 1《Where did you go on vacation》Section A课件 (新版)人教新目标版

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Unit1 Where did you go on vacation ?


? 知识目标:1.复合不定代词(anyone, anything,something,everything,nothing) 含义及用法。2.一般过去式的规则动词与不 规则动词。 ? 能力目标:Learn to talk about past events using the simple past tense. ? 情感目标:Talk about own vacation experience and enjoy the life.

Where did go on vacation A: _____ _____ you _____ _____ ______? 你去哪儿度假了? went B:I_____ to the mountains.我去爬山了。 1a.Match the activities with the pictures[a-g] 1.stayed at home _2.went to New York City._3.visited my uncle._4.went to summer camp._5.went to the mountains._6.went to the beach._7.visited museums._(你会读并翻译它们 吗?)

2cRole-play conversations between Grace,Kevin and Julie.

? ? ? ?

A: Grace, where did you go on vacation ? B: I went to New York City. A: Oh, really? Did you go with anyone? B: Yes, I went with my mother.

2d Role-play the conversation.
? ? ? ? ? ? Rick: Hi,Helen.Long time no see. Helen: Hi,Rick.Yes,Iwas on vacation last month. Rick: Oh, did you go anywhere interesting? Helen: Yes,I went to Guizhou with my family. Rick: Wow!Did you see Huangguoshu Waterfall? Helen: Yes,Idid.It was wonderful!We took quite a few photos there .What about you? Did you do anything special last month? ? Rick: Not really.I just stayed at home most of the time to read and relax.

3a.Fill in the blanks with the words in the words in the box and practice.
anyone something anything everything nothing

anything Linda:Did you do__1_____fun on your vacation,Alice? Alice:Yes,Idid.Iwent to Sanya. Linda: How did you like it? everything Alice:Well,it was my first time there, so__2___was really interesting. anyone Linda:Did you go with__3_____? Alice:Yes, Idid.I went with my sister. Linda:Did you go shopping? nothing something Alice:Of course!I bought___4___for my parents,but___5____for myself. anything ? Linda:Why didn’t you buy __6_____for yourself? anything ? Alice:Ididn’t really see___7_____I liked.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

3b.Fill in the blanks in the e-mail message with the words in the box.
anything everything nothing everyone no one

? Dear Bill, ? How was your vacation?Did you anything everyone do__1__interesting?Did __2__in the family go with you?I went to a friend’s farm in the Everything coutryside with my family.__3__was great.We fed some hens and saw some baby pigs.They were so cute! The only problem was that there nothing was __4___much to do in the evening but read. no one Still___5__ seemed to be bored. Bye for now! Mark.

1.Where did you go on vacation ? 你去哪儿度假了? 1)翻译:______________________ where 2)本句是一般过去式的特殊疑问句,由_____引导,询问 地点 did _____;____是助动词do 的过去式,在句中帮助构成疑问 句或否定句。 Where did have lunch _____ _____ you ____ _____yeste

rday?(昨天你去哪儿 吃午饭了?) 在度假 on holiday 3) on vacation 意为___________.相当于____________. go on vacation 去度假:_________________. 2. Did you do anything special last month? 上个月你做什么特别的事了吗? 1)翻译:_________________________ 2)anything special意为_________,复合不定代词 任何特别的事情 (some/any/no/every + thing/one/body)被形容词修饰时, 形容词应后置作定语.There is something _____ with my ______ wrong goes bike.(我的自行车出了毛病。)Everything ____(go)well. 复合不定代词作主语时,谓语动词用______形式。 单数

3.No one seemed to be bord. 没有人好像无聊。 1)翻译:___________________ 似乎,好像 2)Seem是系动词,意为______,其用法如下: a.seem +(to be )名词/形容词(作表语) He seems to be happy. b.Seem +to do sth.The students seemed to understand the word. c.It seems that从句。It seems that he is happy.

ored ? 一.填词:1.I don’t like the film.Ifelt b_____. eemed ? 2.He s_____to be quite sad.3.Did you buy anything for ______(你自己)? yourself ? 二.单选题 ? ( B)1.The teacher will tell us ___after school. A.important somethingB. something important C. important anything D. anything important ? ( C)2.-Excuse me,is there _______ in today’s newspaper? No, nothing. A.something new B.new something C.anything new 三.汉提完句: 1.______ _____your vacation?(你的假期过得怎么样?) How was nothing to do 2.I have _____ _____ ____in the evening.(晚上我无事可做。)


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