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定语从句 Attributive Clause
1.What is it ? I’ve never heard it.

Let’s learn it carefully!


Which apple do you prefer? I prefer the red apple.
I prefer the green one.


the cat in the tree the cat in the box Which cat do you prefer? I prefer the cat in the tree.

I prefer the cat in the box.


Hello, I can play

Hi, I can clean

the guitar.

the house.

Which robot do you prefer?

I prefer the robot which can play the guitar.

I prefer the robot which can clean the house.


I prefer the robot which
can sing.

1. Now do you know what it is? It is a clause which we use to describe a noun. 2. Then how to make attributive clause?


a. What can you find?
? I prefer the robot which can play the guitar. ? I prefer the robot which can clean the house. ? I prefer the robot which can sing.

b. How to make it ? I prefer the robot the robot

can The robot play the guitar

Think and conclude
1.意义: 定语从句是用来修饰名词的句子. 2.写法: ①找出两个简单句的共有成分; ②将从句中的共有成分去掉; ③用关系词引导剩下的从句,并紧 接在被修饰词之后.

主句: 共有词 从句:


共有词 关系词 主句 从句

Example I prefer the robot the robot

can The robot play the guitar

Let’s have a try!
1. Yibin is a very beautiful city. It is called Liquor City. Yibin is a very beautiful city which is called Liquor City. 2. Here are the farmers. They discovered the old vase. Here are the farmers which discovered the old vase.


Why is it wrong?



3. 关于关系代词
定语从句中关系词分为关系代词和关系副词, 其中关系代词为:which, who, whom, that, whose. 关系代词的选用取决于被修饰词(先行词)
物 被修饰词 (先行词) 关系代词 人 人,物 所属关 系 通用 whose

主 宾 which who whom that who

1.Here are my neighbors ______ home whose was destroyed by the earthquake.

Let’s have a try!

2.The terrible shaking of the building woke up all the people _________ were asleep. who/that

3. several days later most of the buildings __________ had been which/that damaged were repaired.

4. This frightened boy _____ mother whose

was lost in the disaster is looking for her now.

5. We went to see our teacher _____ whose husband lost his life in the earthquake.
who/that 6. “Is this the young man _______ saved several people trapped under buildings?” She asked.

whose 7. A number of children ______ parents had died in the quake were sent to live with families in other cities.


1) I prefer shoes that are cool.

2) I like a pizza that is really delicious.
3) I love singers who are beautiful.

4) I have a friend who plays sports.

On a distant land, there is a paradise(天堂). It is said that anybody or anything that is s

ent there can be changed into a prince or a princess. And he or she will live a happy life forever.

Now here are 2 girls, 2 men and 2 pianos, and you can choose one of them to sent to the paradise. Let’s have a look.

She often smiles Her parents died. to others

He can cook delicious food

He likes teaching.

It belonged to It helps a group of Beethoven children.

Group work

Every 6 students a group to

discuss which one you will choose.


Tr: Which one will you choose?

S: We will choose the girl.

Tr: Which girl?

S: The girl who often smiles to others.

Let’s have a try!
1.This is the park. We visited the park last year. This is the park (that / which )we visited last year.

2.This is the park. We held a party in the park. This is the park (that / which ) we held a party.


Why is it wrong?



4. 关于关系副词
定语从句中关系词分为关系代词和关系副词, 其中关系副词为:where, when, why.(可转换 为:介词+which
在定语从句 中做状语

地点 where

时间 原因(先行词



why for which

? 定语从句关系副词的用法:
1、Where指地点,在从句中充当地点状语。 This is the place where (in which) we lived ten years ago.
2、 When指时间,在从句中充当时间状语。 He told me the date when(on which) he joined the Party.

3、Why指原因,在定语从句中充当原因状语。 I know the reason why(for which) she was so angry.

关系副词when, where和关系代词that, which的区别:

同样是修饰一个地点,有时使用where, 有时使用that/which;同样是修饰一个时 间,有时使用when, 有时使用 that/which。这主要看两点: 一:先行词在从句中所作成分; 二:定语从句中的谓语动词是否 一 个及物动词。

Let’s have a try!
1) This is the house ______ once Lu Xun where in which lived . This is the house __________ once Lu which/that Xun lived in.


Let’s have a try! where 2) Gaoxian is the place ________ I was born. = in which

Gaoxian is the placewhich/that I _________ was born in. 高县是我出生的地方。

What should we pay more attention to?

1. 介词后只能用which(先行词指物)
The school in which he once studied is very famous. 2. 非限制性定语从句只用which The book is very interesting, which my brother bought me .

3. 只用that不用which
1) 先行词既有人又有物时;
The film star (人) and her film (物) that you have just talked about is well-known.

2) 先行词前面有最高级或序数词修饰时;
① He is the first person that passed the exam.

② He is the hardest man (that) I have ever met.

3) 当先行词前面有the only, the same, the last, the very时;
The only thing (that) I want to do is to have a rest.

4.在who, which引导的特殊疑问句中, 定语从句 中避免重复,一般也只用that; 1

) Who is the man that is standing there? 2) Which is the T-shirt that fits me most? 5. 当先行词是anything, everything, nothing, few, all, none, little, much 等代词时,或者是 由 any, all, no, only 等修饰时; 1) Is there anything that you don’t know? 2) I want to read all the books that were written by Lu Xun.

注: 当one, ones, anybody, anyone, all, none, those, he, they, that, you 等作先行词时 ( 指人)一般用who,不用that. Those who want to go to the cinema will have to wait at the gate of the school. 想去看电影的人必须在校门口等。


1) This is the car ____which I bought / last year. for 2) This is the car ____which I paid 100$. 4) This is the car ____which I go to work in every day. 6) This is the car ____which the window of

3) This is the car ____which I spent 100$. on

5) This is the car about which we talked . _____

was broken.

1) The book __________ I heard was of which written 20 years ago. to whom 2) The people __________ the man spoke weren’t listening. 3) The film __________ I fell asleep was in which very boring. 4) The pen __________ she wrote that with which book can now be seen in a museum. 5) The little creature _________ in which scientists are interested is known as ET.

Let's check.

1. The place ____ interests the B children most is the children's palace. A. what B. that C. where D. in which 2. The mountain ____ we visited last D summer is the highest mountain in Europe. A. where B. on which C. what D. which 3. This is the park ____ I visited last A week. A. which B. when C. what D. where

A. who B. which C. that D. whose E. whom 1. This is the scientist ____ name is D known all over the country. A 2. I have found a man ____ can help you. A 3. He ____ plays with fire gets hurt. 4. Which statement ____ is made C according to the passage is right? 5. Is there anything more in this article____ you think is wrong? C

A. Who B. which C. that D. whose E. whom 6. The young man was very happy to get back the gold ring ___ he had lost on the B train. A 7. The man ___ is shaking hands with the headmaster is a policeman. 8. The famous basketball star ___ you wish E to see has come. 9. She spent the whole evening talking C about the things and persons ___ none of us has ever heard of.

A. who B. which C. that D. whose E. whom 11. This the best film ___ I have ever C seen. A 12. Those __ break the law must be punish. C 13.This is the only answer ____ we think is right. E 14. I know the student from ____ you borrowed the dictionary. 15. That is the factory in ____ they once B worked.

1. I like the movie. The movie is exciting.

I like the movie that is exciting . 2. The man is a worker. The man is speaking at the meeting. The man who is speaking at the meeting is a worker.

3. The woman is a teacher.

The woman lives next door.
The woman who lives next door is a teacher. 4. Mary is a girl. Mary has long hair. Mary is a girl who

has long hair.

1. 这就是救了那个孩子命的医生. This is the doctor who saved the boy’s life. 2. 正在跑步的那个人是我的叔叔. The man who is running is my uncle.

3. 我喜欢可以随之而唱的音乐.
I like the music that I can sing along with. 4. 住在隔壁的那个女的是一名教师.

The woman who lives next door is a teacher.

Homework 1.Do exercise book. 2.Write 6 sentences with attributive clause.

Bye-bye Have a nice day!

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