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Unit 3

This is my sister

Good morning! I’m Xiao Wanzi. Nice to meet you!

grandfather grandmother




Xiao Wuanzi

friend (Xiao Yu )

This is my….And that’s my…



Is this Xiao Wanzi’s brother?

c 1.mother_____ 2.father_____ i 3.parents_____ h b 4.brothers_____ g 5.grandmother_____ 6.grandfather_____ e 7.friend_____ a d 8.grandparents_____ 9.sister_____ f

:Is she…?

Is he…?

Yes, she is.
Is she…?

Yes, he is.
Is he…?

No, she isn’t.

No, he isn’t.

Is he your brother? Yes, he is. No, he isn’t. He’s my friend.t. Is she her sister?

Yes, she is.
No, she isn’t. She’s her cousin.

isn’t brother is sister




family =Father and mother I love you



Grandmother grandparents (Grandma)

Dave’s family tree

Grandfather (Grandpa)






Dave Hand
Anna’s brother

Anna Hand Dave’s sister

This is Dave’s sister.
This is Dave’s mother. This is his father.

These are his parents. These are his grandparents.


is Jim’s friend.

These are his friends.

一 起 做
This is his sister.
These are his sisters.

That is a baby.

Those are babies.

一 起 做
That is a dog. Those are dogs.

看谁 做得快
(单)This is a book
(复) → These are books.

(单)That is his brother. Those → (复) are his brothers.

–s 1.清辅音后读/s/: map-maps 2.浊辅音和元音后读/z/:bag- bags; car-cars
? 一般情况加
? 以s,

sh, ch, x结尾的词加-es ? 读 /iz/:bus-buses; watch-watches

以辅音字母加y结尾的名词 变y为i加es: 如:city- cities, baby-babies, enemy -enemies.

以o 结尾的名词,变复数时:
加s,如: ? photo---photos piano---pianos ? radio---radios zoo---zoos; ? 2. 加es,如: ? potato--potatoes tomato--tomatoes
? 1.

以f或fe 结尾的名词变复数时:
去f,fe 加ves, 如:half---halves knife---knives leaf---leaves wolf---wolves wife---wives life---lives thief---thieves;

单复同形 如:
? deer,sheep,fish,Chinese,

Japanese ? li,jin,yuan,two li,three mu, four jin ? 但除人民币元、角、分外,美元、 英镑、法郎等都有复数形式。如: ? a dollar, two dollars; a meter, two meters

child---children foot---feet tooth---teeth ? mouse---mice man---men woman--women ? 注意:与 man 和 woman构成的合成词, 其复数形式也是 -men 和-women。 ? 如: an Englishman,two Englishmen. 但German不是合成词,故复数形式为 Germans;

five cakes

three cars

five cups seven cups

two cats

this -------------that--------------it /she /he -----I------------------am/ is ---------these those they we are

· these your English books? Are · No,they aren’t. · they his books? Are · Yes, they are.

1. This i

s an apple .

These are apples .
2. This is an eraser . These are erasers . 3. That is a computer . Those are computers .

4. That is a box . Those are boxes .

Finish the following .
1.Is this your box ? _____ these _______boxes ? ______ Are _____ your

2.Is this his cup ? _____ these _____ ____ ? Are _____ his cups 3.Is this her notebook? Are these her notebooks _____ _____ __________ ? 4. Is this our book ? _____these _____books ? Are _____ our _____

He is a good child. They are good children. This is an apple. These are apples. She is a student. They are students. That is a banana tree. Those are banana trees. Is it a cat? Are they cats? Is he a teacher? Are they teachers? Is that an English car? Are those English cars?

the photo of my family 我家的照片___ _____ __ ___ _____/ my family photo ___ _____ ______ 在失物招领处 ____ ___ ____ ___ ______ in the lost and found his school ID card 他的学生证 ___ ______ ___ _____ 找主人 _____ ___ ______ find the owner 打495-3539找Alan ___ ____ ___ _______ call Alan at 495-3539 How do you spell it 如何拼写它? ____ ___ ___ ____ ___ ? Is that your computer game 那是你的电子游戏吗?__ ___ _____ ________ _____? 她的夹克衫是什么颜色的?_____ ____ __ is her jacket What color ____ ______?

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