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M8 U2Read on to find out

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Module 8 Photos
Unit 2 Read on to find out who the winners are.

Words and expressions
even though size beauty category movement 即使 规模 美丽 类别,种类 运动,动作

Words and expressions
include rich congratulation photographer ceremony 包括 丰富的;富有的 (常复)祝贺 摄影师 典礼

beautiful photos

1.Look at the photos which won last year’s photo competition. What categories do you think the prizes were for? Historic China Nature Most Unusual Nature Most Unusual Music or Sport

3. Complete the table. Write notes.
Winner Prize Li Wei Most Beautiful Nature Historic Zhaomin China He Zhong Three pupils Music Most Unusual Subject The tallest mountain in Xiangshan Park Comment knows the park well

Shows the size Tian’anmen and beauty of the square Square perfectly Shows movement Crazy Feet/ of the band and Becky Wang fans


Shows the rich culture of the capital

4. Check the true sentences.
1 The photo competition was more popular in the past than it was last year. 2 Tian’anmen square is longer, from north to south than from west to east. 3 There were several photos which won the Most Unusual prize. 4. John William is coming to China soon.



5.Find words in the passage which mean the opposite of the words in the box. Now correct the sentences.

close modern poor

same unlucky usual

Now correct the sentences.

1 The park is close (to) LiWei's home. far from 2 The photos of the collection “The Many Faces of Our City” is usual. unusual 3 The winners of the Most Unusual category are from different classes. (the) same (class) 4 It’s unlucky that John William will lucky present the prizes.

6. Answer the questions. 1 “... read on to find out who the winners are.” Where do you find who the winners are? You’ll find the winners in the following part of the passage. 2 “... the fun which their fans are having” Why are the fans having fun?

Because the band is great.

3 “It successful shows the rich culture. which makes Beijing so famous. " Who or what Shows the rich culture? The collection of the photos shows the rich culture.

7.work in pairs. Ask and answer about the places.
How long
Tian’an 880m men Square Xianglu - Peak Liwei’s - home

How wide

How high

How far (to Xiangshan Park) -

- -

557m -

- 500m


8.Write about your favourite photograph. Include the following:
What it shows. Where it was taken. The main colours of the photograph. Details about the people and things. Why you like it.

Words and expressions

even if/though 即使;虽然 He will come on time even though it rains. 即使下雨,他还是会准时来的。

size n. 1. 尺寸,大小;规模 What’s the size of the park? 这个公园有多大? 2. 尺码,号,型 This shirt is your size. 这件衬衫是你这号尺寸的。

beauty n. 1. 美,美丽,优美 He has no real feeling for beauty. 他并非真的爱美。 2. 美人;美的事物 She is quite a beauty. 她


category n. 种类;部属;类目 The strings are a category of musical instruments. 弦乐器是乐器的一种。

movement n. 1. 运动,活动 He lay there without movement. 他躺在那里,一动也不动。 2. 动作,姿态

feature n. 特征,特色[(+of)] This is a key feature of our society. 这是我们社会的一个主要特点。

include vt. 1. 包括,包含[W][+v-ing] The price includes both house and furniture. 价钱包括房子和家具。 2. 算入,包含于...里面 I include him among my friends. 我把他当作朋友。

rich a. 1. 有钱的,富有的 He grew rich from selling used cars. 他靠卖旧车致富。 2. 富于...的,有很多...的[(+in)] The country is rich in resources. 这个国家资源丰富。

congratulation n.

Congratulations on your happy marriage! 祝贺你喜结良缘!

photographer n. 摄影师,照相师 He is a photographer for life magazine. 他是《生活》杂志的摄影师。

ceremony n. 仪式,典礼 The wedding ceremony was held on April fifteenth. 婚礼在四月十五日举行。

Language points

1. You bet. 的确,当然,一定。 --- Will you tell her? 你会告诉她吗? --- You bet. 当然会啦! --- Are you coming to the party? 你来参加聚会吗? --- You bet. 当然来!

2. How did you get on? 你进展得如何? get on 发展,进步 How is your French getting on? Ganggang is getting on better and better at school.

3. Now I’m in with a chance to win! 现在我有机会赢了! in with a chance 有……可能,有机会 I think I’m in with a chance of getting the job. 我认为我有可能得到这份工作。

4. compare with other years, we received many more photos. compare with 在句中作状语, “和……相比” Compared with last year, we have had more success this year. 和去年相比,我们今年取得了更大的 成功。

5. congratulations to sb (on sth.) 表示“ (因某事)向某人表示祝贺” Congratulations on your happy marriage! 祝贺你喜结良缘! I sent her a gift as a token of my congratulation . 我给她寄去一件礼物表示祝贺。

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