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英语Unit_5_Lesson_26 I’ll_Be_a_Teacher课件(冀教版八年级上) 2

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Lesson 25 I want to be a teacher 八年级1班 Ms Yao



Listening and saying ? 1.What are you good at ? 2.What would you like to ? be in the future?

1.I am good at studying English. ? 2.I would like to be a teacher.


Read and answer

Looking and saying
1.The future . ? 2.Taiking to people. ? 3.He would be nice to the students,give them less homework on weekends. ? 4.A dorctor. Because she would help sick children.

1.It's hard to talk about the future. ? 2.You are good at talking to people .


It’s easy/hard to do sth.

1) 骑自行车很容易。

It’s easy to ride a bike.
2) 学好英语很难。 It’s hard to learn English well. 3) 住在一个新社区不总是很容易。

It isn’t always easy to live in a new neighbourhood.


擅长________ 在将来__________ 与...交谈 ______ 做演讲________ 对...好_____ 太多 的家庭作业______ 在周末________ 长大 __________ 头痛 ________ 好好休息 _________ 吃药_________ 我不知道 _________

写出下列词的比较级和最高级 ? good___ ___ nice____ ____ much___ _ _ easy___ ___ ill____ ____


You might be a scientist when you grow up.

might 的用法

表示允许或请求;表示没有把握的推测; may 放在句首,表示祝愿。 May God bless you! He might be at home.
注意: might 表示推测时,不表示时态。 只是可能性比may 小。


Language notes: 1. give a talk to sb. = give sb. a talk 2. would like be good for … 4. make/let sb. do sth. want 对某人好 对……有好处

3. be nice/good/kind to sb.

Language notes: 1. ill “有病的” 通常作表语 思 作定语时是“bad”的意

sick “有病的”


His father is ill/sick in bed. She feels ill/sick. her sick mother He looks ill/sick. 她生病的妈妈

her ill/bad mother 她的坏妈妈 2. should / would + 动原 He should __________ (speak) loudly yesterday. speak

Lily would_________(leave) here now. leave

would 的用法
1.可以用来表达过去将来时,是will的过去 式。 ? 2.表达个人意愿,语气相对will更加委婉, 其中有一条不成文的规定,就是英语习惯 中一般用来表达虚心接受对方给你提出的 意见或建议。 ? 3.表达建议,比如初中学的would you...(你 愿意...吗?)

Read and answer the questions: 1. What’s the future?

2. What does “Dr.” mean?
3. Is Wang Mei really a doctor?


Brainstorm some words that describe occupations.

teacher 教师 ______________
医生 ______________ doctor

driver 司机 __________
护士 _________ nurse

clerk 职员 __________
player 运动员 ___________

cook 厨师 ___________
worker 工人_____________

farmer 农民 _________
cleaner 清洁工__________ 出纳员/收银员 ________ cashier businessman 商人 _______________ 售货员 ____

_____ seller

baker 面包师傅 __________
librarian 图书管理员 __________

policeman 警察 ___________
CEO 总裁 _________ 航天员 __________ astronaut

Brainstorm some other words that describe occupations. lawyer professor 律师 ______________ 教授 _____________ gardener 园丁 _____________ programmer 程序设计员 ____________

diplomat 外交官 __________
leader 带头人/领导 ____________

journalist 记者 _____________
translator 翻译____________

actor 男演员 _______________
vet 兽医 ________

actress 女演员 ___________
star 明星 _______________ 士兵 _____________ soldier waitress 女服务员 ___________

engineer 工程师 ___________
waiter 男服务员 _________

hotel worker principal 宾馆工作人员 _____________ 校长 _____________
侦探 ___________ detective 导游 ____________ guide

Brainstorm some other words that describe occupations.

statesman 政治家 ____________
数学家 _____________ mathematician

linguist 语言学家____________
历史学家 __________ historian

physicist 物理学家 ______________
地理学家 ____________ geographer

biologist 生物学家 __________
化学家 ____________ chemist

artist 艺术家 _______________
科学家 ____________ scientist 作家 ______________ writer singer 歌唱家 ___________

painter 画家 ____________
舞蹈家 _________ dancer 思想家 ________ thinker entrepreneur 企业家 ____________ 文学家 ____________ literary man

psychologist 心理学家 _______________

Read and fill in the table: What do Li Ming and Wang Mei want to do in the future? Why?



He is good at talking to people. She is always helping people.

Li Ming

a teacher

Wang Mei

a doctor

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