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冀教版英语八年级上册Lesson22课件 2

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Lesson 17
Presents from Canada!

? ? ? ? ? ? 1.在生日卡里 3.打算 5.给你最好的祝福 7.把.......放进....... 9.在盒子的上面 11.邮局 2.给.........制作 4.给..........邮寄 6.在你十三岁时 8.还不能 10.过来 12.带录音的盒子

This is a present from Jenny and Danny .Can you guess what it is?

Language notes: 1. grandparent: grandfather or grandmother grandparents: grandfather and grandmother 2. her grandparents’ house

以“s”结束的复数名词所有格后面只加“ ’ ” the twins’ home the workers’ factory 3.n. give thanks to sb. for sth./doing sth. 表原因
v. thank sb./thanks for sth./doing sth. 表原因

I will give thanks to my mother for having me.


It’s good to see you. It is bad to be late for school. it做形式主语 不定式做真正的主语

Language notes: 1.open v. Could I open the window? Sure. close adj.The school is open on Saturdays and Sundays.closed 2. enjoy v enjoy sb./sth. enjoy doing sth.

Everyone enjoys the special holiday.
He enjoys celebrating his birthday, because he can get

many presents from others.
3. As usual, he goes to school by bike. 4. Lucy and Lily’s room 两个人共有一个房间 Lucy’s and Lily’s rooms两个人有各自的房 间

cards and a jacket
? ? ? ? ? Happy birthday to my best Chinese friend ,?Li ming,Best wishes to you on your thirteenth birthday Remember me when you wear my gift

1.—Jim, can you help me to wash the dishes? ---- Sorry, Dad. I C to the shop. A go B went C am going D have been 2.where are the B bags? A childrens’ B children’s C children of D of children 3.---Oh, I’ ve left my schoolbag in the classroom. B ---Don’t worry. I’ll it for you . A bring B get C take D carry


( D )1. On Thanksgiving Day, Jenny goes to her
________ house with her mother.

A. grandparent
C. grandparents’s

B. grandparents
D. grandparents’

( A )2. This is ____________ room. It’s very beautiful.
A. Lucy and Lily’s Lily’s B. Lucy’s and

C. Lucy’s and Lily D. Lucy and Lily Lucy and Lily’s room

Lucy’s and Lily’s rooms

Language notes: 1. tonight adv.

He’ll come here tonight.

n. tonight’s Thanksgiving dinner 2. come, go, leave, arrive 等表示位置转移的词可以用现

National Day is coming,we will not have to work at school. 3. a fun and lively evening with a big meal, delicious

dessert, lots of games and good conversation.
with 带有,具有一个有趣和充满活力且带有一顿丰盛的 大餐,美味的甜点,许多游戏和激烈的交谈的夜晚 I would like to drink a cup of coffee with sugar.

Language notes: 1. May I see what you wrote in your card, Jenny? 宾语从句的语序必须是陈述语序 2. What did you write in yours? your card

3. Best wishes to you on your thirteenth birthday.

4. Not yet!还不行 5. on the top

of … 在……顶上

6. There!All ready!好了,全好了。 7. wait for sb./sth. 8. Come on.快点,好了, 9. go to the post office 去邮局

10. mail/ post/send/pass sb. sth.= mail/ post/send /pass sth. to sb. 11. make sb./sth do sth make sb./sth. +adj

Language notes: ? 1.wish n. 祝愿,祝福 常用复数形式wishes Give my best wishes to your parents. v. wish sb. +n./adj./to do sth. 做宾补 I wish you success./ I wish you a long life. I wish you happy. I wish you to be a good businessman.
2.Send 邮,寄,发送 vt. send sb. sth.=send sth to sb. Some friends sent me some presents. 双宾语 Send 派遣,打发,安排 send sb. to do sth. I sent my daughter to buy a computer for me. send away 派遣,解雇 ,赶走 send off 邮寄,为…送行 send for派人去请 go for 自己去请


1. Are you ________ a birthday card for Krista? C
A. writing B. sending A. / A. say B. about B. speak B. had C. of C. making D. for D. tell D. have had D. posting

2. Li Ping is waiting ________ the teacher. D A 3. What are you going to _____ in the card?
C. talk 4. I ________ the new bike for ten days. D A. bought C. have bought 5. Best wishes to you on your _________ birthday. C

A. thirteen B. thirty

C. thirteenth

D. the thirteenth

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