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牛津译林版八上 Unit3 A day out (reading)

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Tian’anmen Square(China)


The Great Wall (China)

The Opera House (Australia) Sydney

the Eiffel Tower (France) Paris

The Harbour Bridge (Australia)


The River Seine (France)

The White House (the USA)


the Pyramids

the Statue of Liberty
the USA

the Leaning Tower of Pisa Italy

Q: Where is the World Park? Who visited the World Park? World Park the

Q: Where is the World Park?
In Beijing Who visited the World Park? Kitty and Linda’s class. How did Linda feel for most of the trip? She felt sick.

Read the text and answer questions.
1.Where did Linda go? She went to the World Park in Beijing. 2.Who did she go with? She went with Kitty’s class.

3.How long was the journey? About two hours. 4.Did she enjoy it at the beginning?Why? No, it was boring. There was a lot of traffic. She felt sick.
5.What did they see from the coach when they arrived? They saw the Eiffel Tower.

6.How many places of interest are there? Over a hundred. 7.Which places of interest did they see? The Eiffel Tower, the pyramids and the Golden Gate Bridge. 8.What was the best part? The song and dance parade. 9.Where can Linda’s mother see the photos of the trip? On the Internet.

Try to match these sentences, please! A.she couldn’t believe her 1. At the beginning eyes, she thought of the trip, the park is wonderful. 2. When she arrived at the park, B. Linda didn’t enjoy it and she felt sick. 3. When she was inside the park, C. she became excited, she didn’t feel sick any more , she wanted to enjoy herself.

Divide the article into 3 parts
Para1—2 At the beginning of trip

Para3—4 At the world park

Para5—7 Inside the world park

Finish part B
Replace the underlined phrases with the correct words

True or false questions
two hours 1. It took half an hour to get to the World Park from school. 2. We went to the World Park by coach from Sunshine Town. the school 3. We could see the modelTower Eiffel pyramids from the coach.
4. There are models of many places of interest there. 5. The model pyramids looked just like the real ones in theUSA. Egypt 6. The model Eiffel Tower is a tall stone builing. metal 7. Danieldidin’t make made trip. a special home page for the







Why did Linda go to the World Park? (Lines 3 – 6)

I am having a w________ time here. onderful I went to some very interesting p_____. laces to join Mr. Wu invited me __________ (join in) their school trip ____ (去)the World to Park. It was a great day but we did not at the beginning enjoy it ________________(在刚开始 的时候).

Yesterday morning Mr. Wu and met _______________(其他学生)___ (meet) the other students Kitty and me at ______________ ___________(我和Kitty) the school gate (在校门口). Then we got ____ (on / off) a on coach. The trip from Kitty’s school took by about two hours ____ (with / by) coach. It boring was ______ (bored). There was a lot of t______ on t

he city roads but it got better raffic when we were on the h_______. Kitty and I ighway felt ____ (feel) sick for most of the trip.

About the trip

arrived at Finally, we arrived the World was Park. The sky is blue and everything were beautiful. We was excited became very exciting when we saw Eiffel Tower from the coach! the Eiffel Tower It is made of metal and real tall. make really When the coach stoped, we all stopped got off quickly Kitty and I did not quick. feel sick any much. We just more wanted to go intothe park and in ourselves enjoy ourself .

At the World Park

nside Soon, we were i_____. The whole world ront was there in f____ of us! There are over a laces nterest ver hundred p_____ of i_______ from all o____ the world. They are small but w________! onderful The p_______ looked just like the real yramids ones in E____. The Golden Gate B_____ gypt ridge ack looked just like the one b___ home too. elieve When I saw them, I couldn’t b______ my onderful eyes. They were w________.

Inside the World Park

The best part
an amazing It was ____ (a / an) _______ (amazed) day but the best part was arade the song and dance p_____. The music ____ (be) great and Kitty was wanted __________ (参加)the to join in _______ (dance). dancing

The ending
some photos You can see __________ (一些照片) on the Internet of the trip ____________(在互联网上). taught himself Kitty’s classmate Daniel ___________ how to make a home page (自学)___________ ______________(如 put 何制作主页). He ___ his photos on ____ (把……放在……上)it for everyone __________(去观赏). Go and to look at ___________________(自己看)! see for yourself

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