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Unit 6 Section B (1a--1e)

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Unit 6 I’m going to study computer science .

Section B ( 1a – 1e )

Learning aims : 马丙学

1. Learn new words and phrases .

2. Learn how to talk New Year’s resolutions.

3. Listen practice .

Guide One ( 10’ )

1. Read 1a ,1b 1e .

Line out these words and phrases and then remember them. (5’)


2. Dictation ( 4’ )

3. Check the answers.

Guide Two ( 5’)

1. Match the pictures with the New Year’s resolutions. (1’)

2. Check the answers. (1’)

3. Read and translate phrases in 1a (from 1 to 5) (1’)

4. Check (2’)

Guide Three

Look at the pictures and make sentences.

For example :

Next year, I’m going to learn to play the piano.

Guide Four

Look at the pictures and make the conversations after the example. A: what are you going to do next year ?

B: I’m going to learn to play the piano .

A: How are you going to do that ?

B: I’m going to take piano lessons .

Guide Five

1. Listen and finish 1c , 1d .

2. Check the answers .

Exercise :

英汉互译 比一比谁做得快,对得多

1,取得好 2,next year 3,上吉他课 4, 外语

5,sounds intreseting 6,听起来像是一个好计划


1,We are going to my mother tomorrow.

A, help B, helps C, to help D, helped

2, ?

A, grow up B, will grow up C, grows up

A, another B, others C, the other D, other

4, Let’s go shopping next week ?

That A, sounds B, sounds like C, hears

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