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人教版八年级新教材Unit 6 短语及重点句

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Unit 6 I’m going to study computer science

Useful phrases:

1. 将要学电脑科学 be going to study computer science

2. 想要成为 want to be

3. 长大,成熟 grow up

4. 成为电脑程序员 want to be a computer programmer

5. 学习电脑科学study computer science

6. 擅长写故事 be good at writing stories

7. 坚持写故事 keep on writing stories

8. 对。。。不确定 be not sure about

9. 并非所有人 not everybody

10. 知道他们想成为什么 know what they want to be

11. 确保某事 make sure that

12. 尽最大努力try one’s best

13. 你想成为的任何角色 anything(that)you want

14. 将要努力学数学 be going to study math really hard

15. 将搬往上海 be going to move to shanghai

16. 将要开始 be going to start

17. 当我完成高中和大学的时候 when I finish high school and college

18. 成为赛车手 be a race car driver

19. 买一辆快的车 buy a fast car

20. 将去上唱歌的课程 be going to take singing lessons

21. 将要去学教育类课程 be going to study education

22. 将去大学学医 be going to study medicine at a university

23. 听起来很难 sound difficult

24. 将要去写文章 be going to write article

25. 把文章发往杂志和报纸 send articles to magazines and newspaper

26. 新年决心 new year resolution

27. 将要学弹钢琴 be going to learn to play the piano

28. 将要入选足球队 be going to make the soccer team

29. 将要获得好成绩 be going to get good grades

30. 将要吃更健康的食物 be going to eat healthier food

31. 将要去做很多锻炼 be going to get lots of exercise

32. 听起来有趣 sound interesting

33. 将要去学习另外一门语言 be going to learn another language

34. 不适合我 be not for me

35. 听起来像个好计划 sound like a good plan

36. 下决心 make resolutions

37. 有能力保持决心 be able to keep resolution

38. 知道什么是决心 know what a resolution is

39. 一种承诺 a kind of promise

40. 绝大多数时间 most of the time

41. 对别人做出承诺make promises to other people

42. 打扫房间 tidy room

43. 自我承诺 promises you make to yourself

44. 最普通的一种 the most common kind

45. 是下决心的时间 a time for making resolution

46. 新年伊始 the start/beginning of the year

47. 将要提升我们的生活 be going to improve our lives(life的复数)

48. 写下决心 write down one’s resolution

49. 为将要到来的一年做计划 plan for the coming year

50. 帮助他们记起他们的决心 help them to remember their resolutions

51. 告诉 tell…about

52. 开始运动计划 start an exercise program

53. 吃更少的快餐 eat less fast food

54. 与自我提高有关 have to do with self-improvement

55. 开始,占据,学着做 take up

56. 开始一项兴趣 take up a hobby

57. 像做出周计划 like making a weekly plan

58. 找到更多学习的时间 find more time to study

59. 有一个共同点have one thing in common

60. 太难而不能保持 too difficult to keep

61. 最好的下决心方式就是没有决心 the best resolution is to have no resolutions

62. 质疑下关于下决心的概念 question the idea of making resolution

63. 讨论决心的种类 discuss the different kinds of resolution

64. 因为这个原因 for this reason

65. 个人自我提高 my own personal improvement

66. 身体健康 physical health

67. 提升家人朋友间感情 improve relationships with family and friends

68. 怎样在学校表现更好 how to do better at school

69. 不必要 don’t have to doesn’t have 头

Important sentences

What do you want to be when you grow up?

How are you going to do that?

I know why you are so good at writing stories

How are you going to become a writer?

Not everybody knows what they want to be

Where are you going to work?

When are you going to start?

But foreign languages are not for me

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