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江苏省永丰初级中学九年级英语上册《Unit 6 Detective stories》Dr.Henry Lee文章背景材料 牛津版

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Dr.Henry Lee

Dr. Henry Lee is one of the most well known forensic scientists in the world. From O.J. Simpson’s bloody fingerprint, Chen Shuibian’s gunshot wound, the handkerchief which saved the Kennedy Family’s name, Lewensky’s dress, to DNA prints of 9/11 tragedy’s victims? Dr. Henry Lee has cracked over 8000 cases, and holds over 800 honors. World media gives him a lot of hats including a modern Sherlock Holmes, “King of reconstructing the crime scene”, and adversary of criminals. In the world’s eye, there is no case that Dr. Lee cannot handle. Many people think Dr. Lee has supernatural ability and he is rather a super detective than a forensic scientist. In our show, Dr. Lee’s “supernatural ability” is “tested” by our host Eyee Hsu. He also explains how he works as a scientist. 1

Dr. Lee tells us not only behind-the-scenes stories about acclaimed and

controversial cases, but he also shares his life stories as a Chinese-American immigrant to the United States. How did he solve the wood-chipper case – a case without a body? How did he handle extra pressure when dealing with high-profile cases involving rich and famous people? As a scientist with integrity and objectivity, what sways him? How did he like fame? What was his childhood like? How about the

successful woman behind him?

Want to know how the humorous and witty scientist answers all these questions? Please watch our show on TV or log onto our website to learn more about the modern Sherlock Holmes and the real Henry Lee.


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