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Unit6 I’m going to study computer science 知识点、语法

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Unit 6 I’m going to study computer science.

一、 新课标要求




二、 重点单词

cook n.&v. doctor n. engineer n.

violinist n. driver n. pilot n.

pianist n. scientist n. college n.

education n. medicine n. university n.

London n. article n. send v.

三、 重要短语

at a university 在大学 study hard努力学习 take singing /acting lessons 上唱歌/表演课 move to a place搬去某地 send sth to… 把某物送到某地

grow up成长;长大 every day每天 be sure about对……有把握

make sure确信;务必 be able to能 the meaning of……的意思

different kinds of不同种类的 write down写下;记下 have to do with关于;与……有关系 take up开始做;学着做 hardly ever几乎不;很少 too…to…太……而不能……/太……以至于不能 be going to+动词原形 打算做某事 practice doing练习做某事 keep on doing sth.不断地做某事 learn to do sth.学会做某事 finish doing sth.做完某事 promise to do sth.许诺去做某事 help sb. to do sth.帮助某人做某事 remember to do sth.记住做某事 agree to do sth.同意做某事 love to do sth.喜爱做某事 want to do sth.想要做某事

promise to do sth.承诺做某事 make a promise许下承诺

四、 知识点解析

be going to 的用法

be going to + 动词原形——表示将来的打算、计划或安排。常与表示将来的tomorrow, next

year等时间状语或when 引导的时间状语从句连用。各种句式变换都借助be 动词完成,be

随主语有am, is, are 的变换,going to 后接动词原形。

肯定句: 主语 + be going to + 动词原形 + 其他。 eg: He is going to take the bus there.

否定句: 主语 + be not going to + 动词原形 + 其他 eg:I’m not going to see my friends this


一般疑问句: Be + 主语 + going to + 动词原形 + 其他

肯定回答: Yes, 主语 + be. 否定回答: No, 主语 + be not.

eg: Are you going to see your friends this weekend? Yes ,I am. / No, I’m not.

特殊疑问句: 疑问词 + be + 主语 + going to + 动词原形 + 其他?

eg: What is he going to do this weekend? When are you going to see your friends?

2) 如果表示计划去某地,可直接用 be going to + 地点

We are going to Beijing for a holiday.

3) 表示位置移动的动词,如go , come, leave 等常用进行时表示将来。

The bus is coming. My aunt is leaving for Beijing next week.

be going to 与 will 的区别:

① 对未来事情的预测用“ will + 动词原形”表达,will 没有人称和数的变化,变否定句要在

will 后面加not, 也可用will 后面加 not,或者缩略式won’t, 变一般疑问句将will 提至 句首。

Will planes be large in the future? Yes, they will. / No, they won’t.

②will 常表示说话人相信或希望要发生的事情,而be going to 指某事肯定发生,常表示事情很快就要发生。 I believe Lucy will be a great doctor.

③ 陈述将来的某个事实用will.

I will ten years old next year.

④表示现在巨大将来要做的事情用 will.

I’m tired I will go to bed.

⑤ 表示意愿用will.

I’ll tell you the truth.

⑥ 表示计划、打算要做的事情用 be going to, 而不用 will.

I’m going to buy a computer this month.

---Let’s discuss the plan, shall we? ----Not now. I ______ to an interview.

A. go B. went C. am going D. was going

------Jack is busy packing luggage. ---Yes. He _________for America on vacation.

A. leaves B. left C. is leaving D. has been away

五、 本单元练习

1、He’s going to _____ an engineer when he _____ up.

A.do;grow B.do;grows C.be;grow D.be;grows

2、An _____ must take _____ lessons.

A.actor;act B.actor;acting C.acting;actor D.acting;act

3、What is he going to do when he _____ some money?

A.is going to save B.save C.saves D.will save

4、I’m going to travel _____.

A.a place interesting B.a interesting place

C.somewhere interesting D.interesting somewhere

5、That sounds _____.

A.like good B.like a good plan C.likes good D.likes a good plan

6、--_____ the Greens going to move?--Maybe Beijing or Shanghai. I’m not sure yet.

A.What is B.What are C.Where is D.Where are

7、Mr Brown is an editor. And he finds a _____ job _____ a teacher in our school.

A.part-time;as B.part-time;for C.full-time;as D.full-time;for

8、More exercise can help you _____.

A.fit B.keep fit C.keep joy D.keep busy

9、--What is your New Year’s _____ ?--I’m going to study a lot.

A.exercise B.resolution C.job D.subject

10、I think the exhibition will _____ me rich and famous.

A.let B.have C.make D.help



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