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( )1. He wants the game show. A. watch B. see C. to watch D. to see

( )2. ---What do you the sports show?

---It’s great!

A. think B. like C. think of D. look like

( )3. I the sitcom. It’s too long. A. like B. don’t mind C. can’t stand D. love

( )4.Can you help me what time the train leaves?

A. find out B. look for C. watch D. see

( )5. I like watching news. I want to know what is around the world.

A. go on B. goes on C. going on D. went on

( )6. Mulan is exciting movie. It comes from old Chinese story.

A. an, an B. a, an C. an, a D. a, a

( )7.I don’t mind you with your English.

A. help B. to help C. helping D. helps

( )8. —I think Boonie Bears(熊出没)isn’t as as Pleasant Goat.

—I agree with(同意) you. Boonie Bears is than Pleasant Goat.

A. famous, more famous B. famous, less famous

C. more famous, less famous D. less famous, more fa


A. comes out B. comes up C. comes over D. comes true

( )10.The actors in the movie.

A. was good B. did a good job C. did good D. played good

( )11. She often plans something to help others.

A. to do B. does C. do D. doing

( )12. They are trying what is going on around the world.

A. look for B. to look for C. to find out D find out

( )13. —Do you want to watch the news?

—No, I can’t stand _______. I like talent shows because ______ wonderful.

A. them, they’re B. they, they’re C. it, them D. it, they’re

( November 18, 1978, Mickey became famous.

A. In B. At C. On D. Of

( , he made 87 cartoons with Mickey.

A. In 1930s B. In the 1930s C. In the 1930 D. On the 1930s

( .

A. successful, successful B. successfully, successfully

C. successful, successfully D. successfully, successful

( )17.I saw two an apple when I came by(经过).

A. mice, eating B. mouses, eating C. mice, ate D. mouses, ate

( )18. Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon sound and music.

A. and B. with C. in D. of

( )19. He always tries to face any and met some things.

A.danger,dangerous B.danger,danger

C.dangerous,dangerous D.dangerous, dangerous

( )20. We should eat many fruits apples and oranges.

A. for example B. such as C. so as D. such like

( )21. There isn’t in today’s newspaper.

A. something new .0 B. new something

C. anything new D. new anything

( )22. Mr Wang didn’t come, so Mrs Wang A. took him place B. took his place

C. took of him D, became him

( )23. At the party, Lucy like a Mickey Mouse to make us .

A. dressed up, laugh B. dressed up, to laugh

C. dressed on, laugh D. dressed on, to laugh

( )24.I think the actress well.

A. did Mulan’s role B. did Mulan’s way

C. played Mulan’s role D. played Mulan’s way

( )25. One of my friends ______ from Canada. A. are B. be C. comes D.come


1. She expects ____________ (arrive) tomorrow.

2. Let’s ___________ (watch) talk shows tonight.

3. They hope _____________ (visit) the Great Wall next year.

4. I don’t like watching ______________( mean ) TV shows.

5. Jane will take ____________(Tina )place to play tennis in the game.

6. My uncle often helps me ____________ (learn) math and English.

7. Ann always tries her best ____________ (learn ) English.

8. The students are having a ____________ (discuss) about TV shows.

9. I can’t stand ____________ (watch) the soap opera.

10. ________ Jim ________(want) to watch a talent show tonight?

11. The news ____________(be) my favorite show.

12.Yao Ming is a ____________ (success) player in NBA.

13. Sally thinks soap operas are ____________ (educational) than sitcoms.

14.I like watching something _______________.( enjoy)

15.I think Xi Yangyang is as ____________ (famous) as Mickey Mouse.


1. He lived in New York _______ his family.

2._______ the 1930s, he made ________80 cartoons

3. The man _________ Mickey was Walt Disney.

4. The girl is _______ her mother.

5. Mr. Zhang was born ______ November 18, 1978.

6. Zhao Lei is good______ playing the guitar.

7. It’s interesting ________ watch other people show their talents.

8. One ______the teachers is from Canada.

9. I looked_______ my keys everywhere, but I couldn’t find them.


1.我不能忍受体育节目。I sports shows.


We a the TV shows.

3.他希望有一天能成为一名电视台记者。 be a TV reporter.

4.他计划今天晚上看什么电视节目?What TV show he to watch?


sound and music.

6.雷锋总是乐于助人。Lei Feng was always help others.


The movie her family, friends and country.



________ do you ________ _________ game shows? 对划线部分提问)

________ ________she __________ to watch?

3.John wants to watch talk shows 对划线部分提问) _______ _______ John to watch talk show?

4.Over 80 years ago,he first appeared in the cartoon Steamboat While.(同义句)

80 years ago,he first appeared in the cartoon Steamboat While.

5.The other cartoons are not as famous as Mickey.(同义句)

Mickey is the other cartoons.


Do you like Hunan TV shows? What do you think of them?

A popular TV show may have 70,000,000 TV viewers(观众)

. A TV show can make

something or someone well-known overnight(一夜成名).That's why more than 10,000,00 women and girl of 4-89 years old watch Hunan TV's "Super Girl" show .

These "game" shows put ordinary (普通的) people on TV to play a game for prize (奖品) and money. These game shows can make anyone a star, and he or she can also get lots of money, so many people watch the shows.

"Super Girl "is the first show of this kind in China .It's so close to you. Everyone can join in it. For the show, many girls stop their classes." They hope they can be superstars someday. But the best way to success (成功)is to learn more and work hard ,"said some directors (导演).

( )1. This article may come from _____.

A. a sitcom B. a textbook(课本) C. a newspaper

( )2.People like watching "Super Girl" show , because ______ .

A. it can make some people well-known overnight

B. it can make people get lots of knowledge(知识)

C. people have nothing else to do

( ) 3."Super Girl" show is a TV show for to show their life and talent (才能) by music .

A. men and women singers B. superstars C. ordinary girls

( )4. The oldest (观众) viewer in this show is ______ years old .

A. ninety-eight B. four C. eighty-nine

( )5. Many girls don't have their classes but join in the show because they _____.

A. don't like to go to school

B. don't want to join in the show

C. want to be superstars

六. 对不同类型的电视节目,如连续剧、体育节目、访谈节目等,你有什么看法?请就此写一篇短文,阐述一下你的观点。(15)

要求:1.词数不少于60词。 2.节目种类:至少三种以上。


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