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新开中学 九年级英语第一次检测试题2013-2014学年度第一学期


Ⅰ、语音(选出画线部分读音与其它三个选项不同的单词,每题1分,共5分) 号考( )1、 ( )2、 ( )3、 ( )4、 ( )5、 Ⅱ、词汇(每题1分,共15分) A) 用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空

1.What an (excite)film we saw last night!

2.He does his homework instead of (watch)TV.

名姓3.The classroom (clean) by the students every day. 4.He hasn’t passed his driving test yet;he’s only a 定5.It’s very B) 根据句意及首字母写出所缺单词

6.Monday is the day of a week.

7.I don’ of the word. 8.I can’to pay for the new car.

is a good way for you to study English.

to teach English in No.1 Middle School. C) 词形转化及英汉互译

级11.he(反身代词 12.frustrate(形容词)班 13.knife(复数 15.做决定,下决心 装 Ⅲ、语法与情景会话(每题1分,共25分)

( )1.There’s “r” and “t” in the word “rabbit”. A.a;a B.an;a C.a;an D.an;an

( )2.When we practice English,we often end up in Chinese. A.speaking;speaking B.speaking;to speak

C.to speak;speaking D.to speak;to speak

( ? 校学 A.can’t you B.do you C.can you D.don’t you ( )4.His brother used to in the medicine factory.

A.working B.worked C.works D. work

( )5.Teenagers should be allowed their own clothes.

A. choose B. chooses C.to choose D.choosing

( )6.“I used to be quiet” means .

A.I like to be quiet. B.I don’t like to be quiet.

C.I’m not quiet now. D.I’m quiet now. ( )7.September 10th is the A.Children’s Day B.Children Day

C.Teachers’ Day D.Teacher’s Day

( )8.I asked my good friend me with my English. A.helps B.to help C.helping D.help ( )9.He eat food,so he is fat.

A.much too;too much B.much too;too many

C.too much;much too D.too much;many too ( )10.Where live before you came here?

A. did you used to B.did you use to C.use he to D.he used to

( )11.Jim is afraid of strangers.

A.saw B.to see C.seen D.seeing ( )12.---Can you speak Chinese,Tony? ---Yes,but only A.a few B.a little C.few D.little

( )13.We’ll go to the park unless it tomorrow. A.rains B.will rain C.rained D.rain ( )14.The book me ten yuan.

A.spent B.cost C.took D.paid for ( )15.---I will go to Lingtai next week. .

A.So do I B.So I do C.So will I D.So I will. ( )16.She doesn’t know how English well. A.learn B.to learn C.learning D.learned ( )17.---Your handwriting(书法) is very nice! .

A. Just so-so. B.No,it isn’t. C.You’re welcome. D.Thank you.

( )18.I’m different from my twin sister.I love she is interested in reading.

A.and B.so C.but D.or

( )19.You don’t need about your lessons,I’ll help you. A. worry B. to worry

C.worried D. worrying


( )20.I always go to sleep the light on. A.with B.in C.to D.by

( )21.He has trouble in front of others. A.sing B.sang C.singing D.sings

( )22.The story is and my brother is in it. A.interesting;interesting B.interested;interested

C. interested;interesting D.interesting;interested ( )23.Rosa enjoys stamps.

A.collecting B.to collect C.collected D.collects ( his homework.

A. do B. to do C.doing D. did ( )25.I study by vocabulary lists.

A.make B.making C.to make D.makes Ⅳ、动词考查(每题1分,共15分) A) 选择动词的适当形式填空

( )1.It’s too hard for him A.study B.studying C.to study D.studied ( )2.---Have you seen Ann?

---No,I hear she to Beijing.

A.has been B.has gone C.goes D.will go

( )3.Everyone wants to have a chance of his dream. A.achieving B.achieve C.to achieve D.achieved

( )4.He got his ears ,and now he is wearing a silly earring. A.pierce B.piercing C.pierces D.pierced ( )5.I hope the Great Wall some day.

A.visit B.to visit C.visiting D.visited B) 选择方框中动词词组的适当形式填空

’s phone call changed his life.

7.Our parents will always everything good we do. 8.You can the new words in a dictionary.

9.Some boys of Class Ten enjoy classical music.

10.You should the English words in a vocabulary list. 11.Chairman Mao swim in winter.

it than their studies.


13.We must not others when they are in trouble. 14.She wants to be a pop singer when she 15.You must smoking.It's bad for your health. Ⅴ、句型转换(每空一词,每空1分,共10分) 1.He used to wear blue jeans.(改为一般疑问句) he to wear blue jeans? 2. He can hardly dance.(改为反意疑问句)

He can hardly dance, ?

3.We should finish our homework on time.(改为被动语态)

Our homework should on time by us. 4.I wondered what I should do next.(同义句转换) I wondered what next.

划线部分提问) Ⅵ、完形填空(每空1分,共10分)

Thomas Edison was a famous American he was a child,he was always trying out parents loved him very him Tom.Young Tom was for only three months.During those three months he his teacher a lot of questions.Most of the questions were not

his lessons.His teachers thought he wasn’t and told his mother to take him out of school.

Edison’s mother had to him herself.Edison leart very quickly.He read a lot.Later he became very things. ( )1.A.Because B.If C.When D.And ( )2.A.answers B.ideas C.questions D.things ( )3.A.He B.She C.They D.We

( )4.A.at home B.on the farm C.by the river D.in school ( )5.A.asked B.answered C.gave D.told ( )6.A.by B.at C.to D.about ( )7.A.kind B.clever C.bad D.forgetful ( )8.A.write B.play C.teach D.read ( )9.A.interesting B.interested C.interests D.interst ( )10.A.easy B.beautiful C.dangerous D.useful Ⅶ、阅读理解(每题2分,共20分)


In China ,more and more middle school students are getting shorter sleeping time than before. Most students sleep less than nine hours every night, because they have

much homework to do.Some homework is given by their teachers,and some by their

parents.Also some students don’t know how to save time.They are not careful enough while they do their homework,so it takes them a lot of time.Some students spend too much time watching TV or playing computer games.They stay up very late.Some students have to get up early every morning on weekdays to get to school on time by bus or by bike.It can be a long way from home to school.

Schools and parents should cut down some of the homework so that our children can enjoy more than nine hours of sleep every night for their health. For children, we should make best use of our time. When we have enough time for sleeping, we will find it much better for both our study and health.

( )1.What makes most students sleep less than nine hours every night?

A.watching TV B.Playing computer games C.Doing homework D.Doing housework

( )2.Who else gives children some homework to do except their teachers? A.Their

parents B.Other students C.The children themselves D.Noboday

( )3.How many hours of sleep is good for students’ health?

A.Less than 9 hours B.Over 9 hours C.Only 9 hours D.8 hours

( )4.What would happen to a student who often goes to bed late and gets up early?

A.He would fall asleep in class. B.He would do well in study . C.He would finish his homework fast. D.He would have good health. ( )5.Which of the following is NOT true?

A.Some students are so careless that they spend lots of time on their homework. B.All the students stay up late for their homework. C.Children should be given less homework. D.School and parents should take care of childern.


A lot of boys and girls in America are wearing the same clothes, and many of them have long hair, so it is often difficult to tell whether they are boys or girls.

One day an old man went for a walk in a park in Washington, and when he was tired,he sat down on a chair. A young person was standing on the other side of the lake. “Excuse me,” the old man said to the person next to him on the chair. “Do you see that person with red trousers and long hair? Is it a girl or a boy?” “A boy,” said the neighbor, “he is my son.”

“Oh,” the old man said quickly. “I am sorry, but I did not know that you were his mother.”

“I’m not.” said the other person. “I am his father.” 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F)

( )6. All the Americans are wearing the same clothes and have long hair. ( )7. One day an old man was tired and sat down on a chair outside the park. ( )8. A young person was standing beside the old man. ( )9. The young person with red trousers and long hair is a boy. ( )10. The neighbor of the old man is a man.




Mobile phone is a great invention. It can be carried very easily. But mobile phone has become a problem for middle schools. Some middle-school students in Australia can’t carry mobile phones when they are at school.

Mobile phone use among children has become a problem for the school year. Several children have got mobile phones as Christmas presents, and more students will want them. Mary, a headmaster said that mobile phone use is a distraction(分心事) to students during school hours and it also gives teachers so much trouble in their classrooms. Teachers were also saying that sometimes students might use phone She said some schools had tried to ban(禁止) mobile phones. Some parents felt unhappy because they couldn’t get in touch(联系) with their children.

Many teachers said students should not have mobile phones at school, but if there


was a good reason, they could leave their phones at school office. They also said there were many reasons why the students should not have mobile phones at school: they were easy to lose and were a distraction from studies.

1.Some middle schools in Australia don’t allow students to carry mobile .

A. because they are students B. when they are free

C. when they are at school D. because they are children 2.What does “cheat” mean in Chinese in this passage?

A.聊天 B.对话 C.查询 D.作弊 as presents.

A. their parents B. their teachers C. the sellers D. strangers

4.Some parents felt unhappy because they couldn’during school hours.

A. use their mobile phones

B. leave their mobile phone in the school office C. help the teachers with their work. D. get in touch with their children A. students shouldn’t have mobile phones at school except for some special reasons.

B. Schools shouldn’t stop students from using mobile phones at school.

C. Some parents felt happy that their children couldn’t use mobile phones at school.

D. Parents shouldn’t use mobile phones.


William Shakespeare was a writer of plays and poems. Some of his most famous plays are Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and The Merchant of Venice. He wrote 37 plays in all. They are still popular today.

Shakespeare was born in 1564 in England. At school he liked watching plays, he decided to be an actor at the age of 14. In 1582 he married a farmer’s daughter. Their first child was a daughter. Later they had twins. In 1585 he left his hometown Stratford-upon-Avon. But his wife and children stayed at home.

When he was 28, he moved to London and joined a theatre company. He became an actor, and he also wrote plays. He usually acted in his own plays. He made a lot of money from acting. With the money, he bought a large house in his hometown. .

A. Hamlet B. The Merchant of Venice C. Romeo and Juliet D. Man and Superman



A. 1578 B. 1582 C. 1592 D. 1599

A. with his wife B. with his daughter C. with his wife and children D. alone A. writing B. plays C. acting D. retirement 10. Which of the following is true?

A. Shakespeare had two children.

B. Shakespeare wrote both plays and poems. C. Shakespeare left his money to the company.

D. Shakespeare wrote plays in English and other languages. Ⅸ、补全对话(每空1分,共10分)


A:Hi, Tom.Where is Jim now? Did you see him? A:Does he really like basketball?

You know he is good at playing basketball. A:When did he leave?Do you know?

A:Did he tell you when to come back? What do you want him to do?


A:Thank you.Bye.


假如你是刘伟,你的好朋友李雷来信告诉你他陷入了英语学习的困境,不知如何是好。作为他的好朋友,你应该给他提一些好的建议,帮助他渡过难关。 根据材料,至少从五个方面说明如何学好英语。 词数:80—100. Dear Li Lei,

I’ve received your letter for two days.You asked me how I learn English well. I’ll D:Oh,hello,Richard!I haven’t seen you since you quarreled(吵架) with our boss(老板) last month.

,we haven’t seen each other for a long time.Well ,how’s your family? R:Quite well,thank you.

D:Is it true that you’ve got a new job? R:Yes, D:Then how do you like your new boss? R:Oh,I wish she’s learn to smile more.

R:Oh,she never enjoys a joke.She never laughs.It’s hard even to get a smile out of her.


在下列各句划线部分A、B、C、D中,只有一处是错误的,找出并改正。 ( A B C D ( now on.

Yours, A B C D

( me?

Liu Wei




( A B C D Ⅺ、书面表达(共15分)


学校 班级 姓名 考号 装 定 线







6. C)词形转化及英汉互译


A、 B、 B卷(满分50分)


A、 B、 Ⅸ、补全对话(每空1分,共10分)




1.( 2.( 3.(

4.( 5.( Ⅺ、书面表达(共15分)

注:写在试卷上 Ⅴ、句型转换(每空一词,每空1分,共10分) 1.


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