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试题(无答案) 人教新目标版

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1. A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, I can. C. Yes, I am.

2. A. The music club. B. I’m in the music club. C. I want to swim.

3. A. It’s five kilometers. B. By bike. C. It’s ten minutes.

4. A. At Six forty. B. For half an hour C. On Monday.

5. A. No, I’m not good. B. Thank you . C. Yes, I’m.

6. A. Five minutes. B. On weekends. C.I never exercise.

第二节:对话理解,根据你所听到的对话和问题选择正确的答案(6分),听一遍。 7.A.Yes ,he can. B. Yes ,he does. C. No ,he can’t.

8.A.Sing. B. Dance. C. Speak Chinese.

9.A.At 7:30. B. At 8:00. C. We don’t know.

10. A. He takes a shower B. He listens to music. C. He goes to bed.

11. A. Two kilometers. B. Ten kilometers. C. Twelve kilometers.

12. A. Thirty minutes. B. Twenty minutes. C. Eighty minutes.



13. How old is Dave ? A. A 11. B. 12. C. 13.

14. What does Jim often do in the morning?

A. Runs. B. Plays basketball. C. Plays the guitar.

15. What time does Dave go to school? A. 7:50. B.7:15. C. 7:00.

16. Who does Dave’s brother? A. Tom. B. Bob. C. Jim


17.How many kids does Jones’ mother have ?

A. She has only one B. She has two C. She has three

18.What can Jones and Maria do well ?

A. They can sing well. B. They can dance well.


C. They can play the guitar and sing well.

19.Does Jones like playing chess?

A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn’t C. We don’t know .

20. Who does Jones play chess with?

A. With Maria B. With Rick. C .With her parents


一、单项选择。(每小题1分,共20分) 21.- it from the radio station?

------It’s about 5 kilometers.

A. How long B. How far C. How much D. How many

22. It’s time ____ school. A. go to B. to go C. to go to D. for go 23. ______do you this new club,? It’s nice and big.

A. What like B. How think hard

C. What think of D. How about think

24.It usually takes about ten minutes ____to school.

A. by bike B. on a bike C. to ride D. ride 25. Does he a bus ____?

A. take ;home B. takes; home C. take; to home D. take ; to home 26. I go home __ __5:30 Sunday afternoon.

A. at; on B. at; in C. at ;at D. in;/

27. I can _____ Chinese a little, but I can’t _____it in Chinese

A. talk say B. say speak C. speak talk D. speak say

28. I eat ____ healthy breakfast at home and have_____ lunch at school.

A. the , a B. a , \ C. / , a D a , the 29. Mike his homework in the evening

A. Do; do B. Do; does C .Does ;do D. Does ;/

30. Mr. Wu is good ____ math. He teaches _____ math well.

A. for; our B. at; our C with ;our D. at ;us

31.Tony is my friend. He _____ me _____ my English.

A help ; to B helps; to C helps ; with D help; with

32. Do you get there by _____ bike ? NO, I take _____ bus .


A a , a B / a C the the D a, the

33 Lily is _____ girl .

A a 8-years-old B an 8-year-old

C an 8-years-old D a 8-year-old

34. Tom gets ________ in China?

A a job B work C a work D job

35 My home is _______ my school.

A 5 kilometers away from B 5 kilometers far away from

C 5 kilometers far away D 5kilometers away

36 ------_________ is it from your home to school?

--------About fifteen minutes’ ride.

A .How long B .How much C .How many D .How far

37 ------He can play ____eguitar but he can’t play ___ basketball.

A, the / B. the, the C. /, the D. /, / 38. Bill ______ to sing and dance, he ______ his father . A. likes , is likes B. is like , likes C. like , is like D. likes , is like

39.----_____do you _____?

-----I live in Chongqing

A. Where’s live B. What , live C Where , live in D Where , live

40. Tom wants to _____the _____club.

A. be in, swim B. join, swimming

C. join in , swimming D. be, swim


根据短文内容从A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳答案,并将其番号填入题前括号内。 What do you do at weekends? Some people 41 to stay at home,but others like to go for a walk 42 have a picnic.(野餐) My friend Jack works hard in a factory on 43 . At weekends he never 44 the same thing. On Saturday he 45 his car and on 46 he takes his family to a nearbyc咐近的)village. His uncle and aunt have a farm there. It isn't a 47 one, but there are always 48 things to do. The children help with the animals(动物) and give them some 49 . Jack and his wife work in the fields. At the end of the day, they are all tired but 50 , and Jack's aunt cooks a big dinner for them.


41. A. likes B. live C. like D. is like

42. A. of B. or C. on D. for

43. A. weekdays B. time C. Sunday D. day

44. A. does B. takes C. have D. has

45. A. watches B. drives C. takes D. washes

46. A. Monday B. Sunday C. Saturday D. Wednesday

47. A. small B. long C. big D. short

48. A. much B. many C. lot of D. a lot

49. A. clothes B. places C. food D. water

50. A. clean B. happy C. angry D. friendly



People travel to work in different ways. Some people go to work on foot because they live near (近的)their work places.(地方) Some people go to work by bike because they live farther away, or they like riding bikes. They think it's good for their health. Today more people have private (私人的) cars, so they can go to work in their cars. In the south (南方)of China, many people even go to work by boat because water (水)is around their houses. Will people go to work by plane? (坐飞机)I think so, if necessary(如果必要的话).

根据短文内容, 判断下列句子正(T)、误(T)。

51. All people like to go work by bike.

52. Some people think it's good to go to work by bike.

53.Today more people drive to work.

54. In the north of China, many people go to work by boat.

55. The writer thinks some people will go to work by plane if necessary.


Bob works in an office. Every morning he has breakfast at seven thirty, reads his newspaper, drinks a cup of coffee and then goes to work. One morning he is still at the table and reading his newspaper at 8 o’clock. He asks wife (妻子)for another cup of coffee.(又一杯咖啡) His wife asks him, “Aren’t you going to the office today?” “ The office?” He jumps up (跳起来)from his chair, “ I think I am in the office.”

56 Bob is ________. A. a bus driver B. an office worker C. a primary school teacher D. a waiter

57. Bob ______ before he goes to work.

A. has breakfast B. reads his newspaper C. drinks a cup of coffee D. A,

B and C

58 Bob ______ this morning.


A.can go to work lake B. must go to work C. doesn’t go to work D. should go to work early

59. Bob _______ this morning.

A. has a cup of coffee at home B. has two cups of coffee at home

C. has a cup of coffee in his office D. has two cups of coffee in his office

60. Bob thinks ________.

A. today is Sunday B. he is in the office C. he works very hard D. he is

at home C


Tony and Anna are brother and sister. They are Americans. Tony likes sports very much. He can play soccer, basketball and volleyball. Anna likes music(音乐) very much. She can’t play ball games. But they both(两者都) like playing on computers.

They like eggs, bread and milk for breakfast. For lunch, Anna likes eating vegetables and fruit, but Tony likes chicken and fish(鱼). They both like hamburgers. But they don’t like ice cream or dessert.


61. Anna is Tony’s _____ and they are _____.

A. sister; Chinese B. sister; Americans C. friend; Americans

62. Tony likes ______ and he can play ______. A. sports; tennis B. music; basketball C. sports; volleyball

63 Tony and Anna both like _____.

A. vegetables B. soccer C. playing on computers

64. For breakfast, they like _____.

A. eggs, bread and milk B. vegetables and fruit C. chicken and fish

65. They don’t like _____ or _____.

A. ice cream; vegetables B. ice cream; dessert C. hamburgers; dessert


66. It often ________(take) her 3 hours to play sports.

67How far _______ you _____ (live) from here?

68. It’s not easy for us _________(learn) English well.

69. There ________ (be) a river near the hotel.

70. The bus ride usually ______(take) about 40 minutes.

71 Many Chinese people have a _________(health) life.

72. ---How many ________(hour)are there in a day? ---Twenty—four.. 73. He often _________(write) letters to his friends.

74.—What time ____he ________(take) a shower.? ---At 7:00 every evening.

75. He usually _______(go) to bed at eleven o’clock..


五.按要求完成下列句子。(一空一词,每小题1分,共5分) 76. Tom can play the guitar very well (变一般疑问句) _____ Tom ______the guitar very well ? 77. Tom eats dinner in the evening.(就画线部分提问)

______ _______ Tom eat dinner?

78. My father goes to work on foot.(同义句)

My father______ ______ work.

79. It is about 20 mintutes’ ride from my home to school.(划线部分提

问) is it from you home to school? 80. Marry does her homework in the afternoom.(变否定句)

Marry ________ ________ her homework in the afternoon.


My name is Marry . My home is 2 kilometers 81 my school .I go to school 82 about 7:30 in the morning .I usually get to school 83 bike . It takes 84 10 minutes .

My friend Tom 85 in the suburb(郊区) He often goes to school on the bus .He usually

86 up at 6:30 every day .Then he has a quick 87 and goes to school at 7:00.It

usually 88 him forty minutes 89 get to school . There are different ways to get

to school .But I 90 walking best .

81_______ 82_______ 83_______ 84_______ 85_______

86 87 88 89 90


Miss Green 是一个老师,下面是他的日常生活工作的情况,请根据提示写一篇60字走的短







______________________________________________________________________________ _









_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. 7

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