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初一英语上册期中考试试卷 (1)

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根据所听句子的内容和所提的问题,选择最佳答案,并将最佳选项的字母编号填写在题前括号内。每段对话听两遍。 听第一段对话,回答第6小题。

( )6. When do they go to the park?

A. In the morning. B. In the afternoon. C. In the evening. 听第二段对话,回答第7小题。 ( )7. What is yellow?

A. The pear. B. A banana. C. An apple. 听第三段对话,回答第8小题。 ( )8. How do you spell it?

A. B-O-Y. B. K-E-Y. C. B-O-X.

听第四段对话,回答第9小题。 ( )9. What’s that?

A. A UFO. B.A UN. C. A WC. 听第五段对话,回答第10小题。 ( )10. What color is the letter A? A. Black. B. Blue. C. Green.


( )11.What color are Linda’s pens?

A. Red. B. Black. C. Green.

( )12. Where is Linda’s eraser?

A. On the table. B. In her backpack. C. In her pencil case. 听第七段对话,回答第13-15小题。

( )13. When do the boy and the girl meet?

A. In the morning. B. In the afternoon. C. In the evening. ( )14. What’s the girl’s name?

A. Kim Hall. B. Kim Hand. C. Gina Hall.

( )15. What’s the girl’s phone number?

A. 35865214. B.53862514. C.53865214.


( B )21.“英国广播公司”的英文表示是


( A )22. This is orange. That is pear.

A. an;a B. an;an C. a;a

( B )23. you like the white shoes?

A. Do B. Are C. Would

( )24. -------Thank you.

------- _______________.

A. Don’t worry B. You’re welcome C. I can help you

( )25. -------_________ is the baseball? -------It’s on the floor

A. Who B. Where C. What

( )26. My mother’s sister is my_________.

A. aunt B. uncle C. cousin

( )27. My mother likes to _________ TV at home in the evening.

A. look B. watch C. look at

( )28. Meimei________ a computer.

A. don’t have B. doesn’t has C. doesn’t have

( )29. I have ________ ping pong ball. Let’s ________ ping pong.

A. /;play B. a;play C. a;to play

( )30. -------Is this your grandmother? ------- Yes, ___________.

A.it is B. she is C. this is


My father likes collecting(收集many things.

he doesn’t like basketball. He only games, and he likes basketball shoes very much. He has 45 pairs of 穿)these basketball shoes.

He also has a , and under his bed. My father likes My father has a sports collection, too. 10 soccer balls, 12 tennis balls, and 7 my father’s sports collection very much.

( )31. A.do B.has C.have D. like ( )32. A.and B.but C.with D./

( )33. A.play B.play the C.playing D.playing the ( )34. A.watching B.watch C. looking at D. look at ( )35. A.does B.doesn’t C. is D. isn’t

( )36. A.collect B.collects C. collection D.collections ( )37. A.table B.floor C. drawer D. bed ( )38. A.they B. them C. it D. its ( )39. A.have B. has C. like D. likes

( )40. A.like B. don’t like C. likes D.doesn’t like 四.阅读理解(41—45每小题2分,46-55每小题1分) ( A )

Han Mei has a big bedroom. A table is on the floor. Two chairs are near the floor. Two chairs are near the table. A computer is on the table. Three books and a pen are on the table. A map of China is on the wall.There is a bed on the floor. Han Mei's backpack is on the bed. Where are her shoes? Oh, they are under the bed. Some plants are next to the bed. 根据短文内容,选择正确的答案 ( )41. Where is Han Mei's table?

A.On the bed B.On the wall C.On the floor D.Near the window ( )42. Where are Han Mei's books?

A.In the table B.On the table C.On the bed D.Under the bed ( )43. Are her shoes on the bed?

A.Yes,they are. B.I don't know C.No,they aren't D.Yes,they aren't

( )44. Where are the plants?

A.Next to the bed. B.On the bed C.On the table D.Near the desk ( )45. Where is the map?

A.On the wall B.In the wall C.On the bed D.Near the table

( B )

Hello, I’m Kate. I like different kinds of food. I like hamburgers, ice cream, salad and orange juice. For breakfast, I often have some milk and hamburgers. I don’t like dessert. My favourite football star, Ronaldo(罗纳尔多) eats lots of healthy food. He likes eggs and vegetables for breakfast. For lunch, he eats hamburgers, tomatoes, chicken, oranges and apple juice. For dinner, he likes meat and French fries. He doesn’t have dessert. “ I like football better than dessert.” He says.


( )46. Kate eats ___________ for breakfast.

A. milk and hamburgers B. ice cream and salad C. vegetables D. chicken

( )47. Kate doesn’t like ___________.

A. orange juice B. ice cream C. breakfast D. dessert ( )48. Ronaldo is ___________.

A. a student B. a football star C. basketball star D. runner ( )49. Ronaldo eats___________for dinner.

A. meat and French fries B. milk and hamburgers C. lots of healthy food D. oranges and apple juice

( )50. Ronaldo likes ____________ better.

A. dessert B. basketball C. football D. running


Look at the boy. His first name is Tim. His last name is Brown. His phone numble is four six three, five zero one eight. That is a girl. Her first name is Kelsey. Her family name is Smith. Her phone numble is four zero five, seven nine one six. The boy lost a notebook. And the girl found a notebook in the lost and found case. The girl calls the boy at his phone number. 根据短文内容,选择正确的答案。 ( )51.The boy’s first name is ____.

A.Tim B.Brown C.Tim Brown D.Smith ( )52.The girl’s last name is_____.

A . Kelsey B. Smith C. Brown D. Kelsey Smith ( )53._______found the notebook in the lost and found case.

A . Tim B. Kelsey C. The boy D. Brown ( )54._____telephone number is 405-7916.

A . The boy’s B. The girl’s C. My D. His ( )55.The girl calls the boy at_______.

A . 405-7916 B. 405-5018 C. 463-7916 D. 463-5018

五.单词拼写(每小题1分,共10分) 写出单词的正确形式,每空只写一词。 56. I don't know his _________(电话)number. 57. What_________(是)your name?

58. Please _________(打给)Tom at 382-6934. 59. I have a set of _________(钥匙). 60. -------Where's the computer? -------It's on the ______(桌子).

61. Gina doesn't like math. It is ___________ (困难). 62. I like eggs for ________ (早餐) every morning. 63. We eat lots of __________ (健康的) food. 64. A computer game is _________(有趣的).

65. My brother ________(喜欢) chicken.

六. 翻译句子(词数不限,本题共5小题,每小题2分,共5分)66.这是你的铅笔吗?

——————————————————? 67. 你喜欢胡萝卜吗?

————————————————————? 68.我午餐喜欢吃草莓和香蕉。

——————————————————————. 69 .这是我家的全家福。

——————————————————————————. 70.我的双肩背包在哪?


七. 看图,短文填空(本大题有5小题,每小题1分,共5分) 阅读下面短文,并借助上下文和插图补充所缺信息。每个空格只能填写一个正确且与短文内容意思相符的英语单词。

are my grandfather, grandmother, father, ,sister and I.. My father works in a


假如你叫刘军,今天是开学的第一天,请根据表格中所提供的信息,向班上的同 学介绍一下你自己。 词数:60词左右。 姓名: 刘军 电话:5340261

家庭成员:祖父母、父母、叔婶、堂弟和自己 爱好:排球、网球

收藏品:6个网球拍,3个排球 喜爱的食物:汉堡包,香蕉

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