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班级 姓名


( )1. Last week, I went ________ and I took lots of photos.

A. interesting somewhere B. somewhere interesting

C. interesting anywhere D. anywhere interesting ( )2. How about ____ some dumplings?

A. make B. making C. made D. to make

( )3. He has a lot of fun ________.

A. camp B. camping C. to camp D. camped

( )4.— do you exercise? —Hardly ever.

A.How many times B.How often C.When D.How

( )5.Tom studies _______. He _______plays with his friends.

A. hard; hard B. hardly; hardly C. Hard;hardly D. hardly; hard

( )6.___it was very cold,___my friend still went swimming in

Jialing River .

A.Although;but B.Although;/ C.But;although D./;although

( )7.There are a few____but little_____in the cupboard.

A.apples;coffee B.coffee;apples

C.apple;coffees D.apple,coffee

( )8.My dad ________ a teacher when I grow up .

A.wants me to B.wants me to be C.wants me D.wanted

( )9.Mr.Li asks the students_____in the river, because it’s too


A.swim B.to swim C.not to swim D.to not swim

( )10.—I can’t find my CDs. —_______you put them in that bag.

A. Must B. May be C. Maybe D. May

( )11. Li Hua’s shoes are as _______ as Zhang Hui’s.

A. cheap B. cheaper C. the cheaper

( )12.It’s very important for him me laugh.

A.to make B.making C.makes D.made ( )13.This is my friend. He is less outgoing than I am.

A.much B.much more C.more D.very

( )14。We should eat many fruits apples and oranges.

A.for example B.such as C.so as D.such like

( )15.I don’t mind you with your English.

A.help B.to help C.helping D.helps ( )16.She often plans something to help others.

A.to do B.does C.do D.doing

( )17.—What happened you yesterday?

—I happened meet my old friend,Lucy.

A.to,to B.with, to C.to,with D.with,with

( )18.He always tries to face any and met some things.

A.danger,dangerous B.danger,danger

C.dangerous,dangerous D.dangerous, danger


If you go to Beijing and Shanghai, you can see the same and the different points between them. In some ways they look the same, in some ways they look different. Both of them have tall buildings and wide streets, although some buildings in Shanghai are taller than in Beijing. They are both important in China. Beijing is the capital of China, there are more places of interest there, but Shanghai is the biggest city in China. Now they are becoming more and more important in China.

( ) 1. Some buildings in __________ are taller than in Beijing.

A. Shanghai B. Xi’an C. Tianjin D. Chongqing

( ) 2. Shanghai is the _____city in China.

A. tallest B. biggest C. smalles D. busiest

( ) 3. The underlined word “point” means _______.

A. 想法 B. 点 C. 内容 D. 主意

( ) 4. Beijing has more _________ than Shanghai.

A.places of interest B.buildings C. wide streets D. people

( ) 5. Which of the following statements is right according to the passage?

A. Shanghai is the capital of China

B. The buildings in Beijing are taller than in Shanghai

C. Shanghai is the largest city in China.

D. Shanghai has more places of interest.


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