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7. —Hello! Is that Lucy speaking? —No, Jenny. A.it is B.I am C.this is D.it’s

11.Tom, this is Mrs. Green. She is mother.

A.Lucy and Lily B.Lucy and Lily’s C.Lucy’s and Lily’s D.Lucy’s and Lily

14. your friends any dictionaries?

A.Are, have B.Is, has C.Do, have D.Does, have

15.Here three photos of my family. A.have B.has C.are D.is

16. —Who are those? — .

A.They are my friend. B.They are my friends. C.Those are my friends. D.Those are my friend.

18. —Please e-mail me boytom@gfimail.com. A.to B.on C.in D.at

19.Thanks for me, Sally. A.helping B.to help C.help D.helps

20.Jim likes sports, but his friend Tom only them on TV.

A.playing; watch B.play; watch C.playing; watches D.to play; to watch

4" .I"_____a word{单词 } and a letter{ 字母 } A, am B.is C .are D be

9. Let’s go and___. A.playing football B.to play football C.play the football D.play football

1. Mum, my teacher(老师), Mr Wang.A.she is B.this is C.here is

5.Please these things to your brother.He is at school.A.bring B. look C.take

( )30. —Do you have two_________? —Yes ,I do.

A. knife B. knifes C. knives D. Knife's

( )35.They from France. A. comes B. is C. are D. am

( )37. —How do you spell it? —_______.

A. Yes, F-A-X fax. B. No, F-A-X fax. C. F-A-X fax. D. It’s a fax.

( ) 38.—Is that girl Kate Green? —Yes, ____.

A. you’re right B. that’s all right C. he is D.she isn’t

40..He likes playing _____ guitar, but he doesn't like playing _____ volleyball.

A、a; the B、the ; the C、/ ; the D、the ;/


( )4.The girl’s name is Maria Schwartz, so her _______ name’s Maria.

A.last B.family C.first D.mother

( ) 9. We Chinese put (放置)our __________ first.

A. last name B. first name C. middle name D. given name

( ) 13. My pen friend’s name is Jack Brown. I call him _________

A. Brown B. Jack C. Mr. Jack D. Ms. Brown

( ) 14. Happy birthday , Mr. Wang! Here is a card for __ with __ best wishes.

A. you, I B. your, I C. you , my D. you ,we

( )41. What’s that ______________ Chinese?

A. with B. of C. to D. in

( )7.Every day ___________ has a good rest and does his homework after school.

A. Tom B. Kate C. Tom and Kate D. Tom's sister

( )8.___________ that old woman ___________ a house near the river?

A. Do; has B. Does ;have C. Does; has D .Do; have

( )10.—Who ___________ 20 yuan now? — I do.

A. have B .has C. do have D. is have

7.—May I speak to Mike? --____Mike. A.I am B.I’m C.This is D.This’s

13.There is____“h” and ‘u’in the word“huge”. A./ ; / B.a ; an C.an ;a D.the ;a

14.—Hello,Linda!_____is Frank. --Hello,Frank!Nice to meet you!

A.This B.That C.It D.He

15.—Tom,please take these things____your father. A.at B.to C.behind D.on ( ) 16. Jimmy, I’m at school now. I need my math book. Can you ___ it to me? A. take B. bring C. have D. call

( )3. Sam Brown is my uncle. We call him ________.

A. Uncle Brown B: Brown Uncle C. Uncle Sam D. Sam Uncle

( )5. There are two windows_____the wall, and a map is_____ the wall.

A. in, in B. on, on C. in, on D. on, in

( )7.James______ sports; he only______ them on TV.

A. don’t play, watch B. doesn’t play, watch C. not play, watches D. doesn’t play, watches

5. --_________--Yes, W-A-T-C-H, watch. A. Is it a watch? B. Can you spell“watch”? C. How do you spell“watch”? D. He can spell “watch”.

( ) 2.—What’s this ?—It’s UFO. A.the B.a C.an D./

15. ---Can I have a look at your pencil case ? ---Sure . _______ .

A. Here you are B. Thank you C. Have a good time D. I’m sorry

1.—What color____(be)the backpacks?


2.Tom often __________ (watch) basketball games on TV .

4.Let her __________ (get) up at once . It’s late .

5.Mr. Black asks Jim ___________ (sing) a song for us .

11. Our classroom is very big .What about 13. There are some 1.我不能帮你。_____________________________________________________________
















17.你的钥匙在哪了?_______________________ your keys?

18.他们的书没在讲桌上。 Their books ___________________________________.

19.这是她的父母。____________her parents.

20.照片中是我的老师。_________________________________my teacher.

21.那是你的朋友吗?Are those ________________________?


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