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期中复习(一) 错题集合

1.It’s __ black, It’s __ black jacket. A. /;/ B. a;/ C. /;a D. a;a 2. Who is that boy? —He is my _____ A.father B.brother C.grandfather D.uncle 3.It’s a photo ____ my family A. of B. for C. in D. at 4. __ name is Alan and what’s __name? A.He’s; his B. his; she’s B. C. His; she D. His; her 5.—Are these Ann’s pens? —_______. A. Yes, they’re B. No, it isn’t C. Yes, these are D. No, they aren’t

6. —Tom, this is my cousin Cindy. —___________,Cindy. A. Nice to meet you B. Sorry C. That’s right D. Thank you 7.—You jacket is very nice. —_______. A. That’s OK B. Thank you C. It’s very nice D. Yes, you are right 8.-What color is the jacket?-A. It’s a green. B. Yes, it’s green C.Green
9.That’s Mrs.Smith. is a good teacher.We are A. She;she’s B.She;her C.Her;she D.He;his students.

11.My brother and I are B . A.at same school B. in the same school C.in same school D. at the school
12 Tom and Mike A volleyballs? A. Do;have B. Does; have C. Does; has D. Do;has 13.Where’s your father?-- C . A. They are in the bedroom B. It is in the bedroom C. I don’t know DYes, he is 14.These my cousins.C are my friends. A.are; They B.isn’t;They C.aren’t They D.is; Them

A 根据对话内容填空。(5分) A: Hello! Alan. B: Hello ! Jane. A: Who’sshe? B: She is my sister, Her name’sKate. A: Is that her dog? B: No, it isn’t . It’s my dog. A: What a cute(可爱的)dog! What a nice day! B: Thanks!

Hello!My name is Jack. This is my photo. Look, These are my parents (父母亲) Linda and Bruce. This is my brother (哥哥)Dale. Those are my uncle and aunt. They have adaughter (女儿)Susan. She is a nice girl (女 孩). She likes white(白色)and I like blue (蓝 friend 色). Who’re (是谁)they? They are my (朋 友)Lin Tao, Zhang Peng and Zhu Ming. But I goodbye have to say (再见)to them, I will go back(回到)to the US. This is my first (第 一)photo in China, I like it.

Dear friends, How are you? My name is Tom. I’m an (一个)English student(学生). For me, sports are interesting(有趣的). I have a collection(收藏) of sports things. I have (有) basketballs six basketball (篮球), and I have three volleyballs (排球) and some (一些)ping-pong balls(球). I don’t have (没 有) a tennis ball. I like playing (玩)ping-pong. My friend Anna has (有)a ping-pong ball and a ping-pong bat. But she doesn’t have (没有)a soccer ball. She doesn’t like soccer. She thinks it’s boring (无聊的) and difficult 困 ( 难的). I play sports after class (下课之后) and I watch them on TV (在电视上). Do you play sports?


期中复习(二) 书面表达

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