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福州第十九中学2012—2013 学年第一学期期中测试



班级_______________ 姓名 _________________ 座号________ __ 友情提示: 1.全卷共10页,包括第 I 卷和第II卷,共 115小题;


第 I 卷




6.A.It doesn’t matter. B.All right. C.You’re welcome!

7.A.No,I didn’t. B.I have looked for it. C.Yes,I have.

8.A.Litter. B.Light pollution. C.Soil pollution.

9.A.I want B.It’s so-so. C.Of course,I’d love to.

10.A.How lucky! B.Have a good time. C.The same to you. III.听对话,选择正确的答案,对话念两遍。(每小题1分,共10分) 听第1-4段对话,完成第11-14小题:



11.What was Granny’s living condition like when she was young?

A.It was good. B.It was hard. C.It was comfortable.


12.What are they talking about?

A.The population of some Western European countries.

B.The world’s population.

C.Life in some Western European countries.


13.Who likes living in big cities?

A.Neither B.Both C.The man.


14.Why are the fish becoming fewer and fewer?

A.fishing. B.No enough water. C.Water pollution.


15.What do they talk about?

A.Population . B.Pollution. C.Environment.

16.What’s the population of the world?

A.65 billion. B.6.5 billion. C.65 million.

17.What will happen in about 600 years if we don’t control it?

A.China will have fewer and fewer people.

B.The environment problem will become more and more serious.

C.There will be only standing room for people.


18.Who does the program help?

A.Homeless children. B.Homeless people. C.Homeless cats.

19.What’s important for them?

A.To feel good about others. B.To work hard. C.To feel good about themselves.

20.Can you guess where the article is from?

A.A story. B.A newspaper. C.A fiction.


21.Where did the man buy the bird?

A.In a forest. B.At a market. C.In a street.

22.How much did he pay for the bird?

A.15 yuan. B.50 yuan. C.40 yuan.

23.Why did the man want to set the bird free?

A.Because he was very kind.

B.Because he didn’t like the bird.

C.Because the bird was ill.

24.How did the man feel when he got to the forest?


A.Happy. B. Surprised. C.Tired.

25.Why did the bird fly back?

A.Because it didn’t want to leave the old man.

B.Because it didn’t want to go to the forest.

C.Because it couldn’t find a tree to stay in.



I. 选择填空(每小题1分,共15 分)

31. —-____________the population of the U.S.A. in 2005?

—It_________ about 296 million.

A.What is, is B. What was,was C.How much was,was

32. —There are fifty students in our class.________ of us ________________ basketball. — Wow,basketball is your favorite.

A.Two third,likes B. Two thirds,like C.Two thirds,likes

33. —Don’t touch anything in the room____________the hostess tells you to.

—OK,I won’t

A.if B. though C.unless

34. —Have you ______had dumplings?


A.ever,yet B.ever,ever C.already,yet

35. —Where is your father?I __________ him for a week.

— He __________ Shanghai and he will come back in two days.

A.didn’t see,has gone to B.haven’t seen ,has been to C.haven’t seen,has gone to

36. —What do you think of the two books,madam?

-—-________of them is helpful to me.Could you show me ________ one?

A. Both ,the other B. Neither ,another C.None, other

37. —I hear Yang Yan made an English speech at the meeting yesterday.

—__________,and ___________.

A.So did she;so I did. B. So she was;so I was C. So she did;so did I

38. — I made a few mistakes in the English exam.

—-Really?You _________ be more careful next time.

A. aim to B. ought to C. used to

39.—It’s reported that our country is short ______ oil now.


—That’s right.What’s worse,the price of oil has increased ______ 60 percent.

A.of ,by B.of ,to C.from,by

40. —Sorry,I don’t know what the teacher said just now.


A. told, how long did she spend on her homework.

B. asked, how long she spends on her homework

C. asked, how long she spent on her homework

41―________ get up very late,but now I ____________ getting up early.

—The ealy bird catches the worm.

A.use to,get used to B.used to;get used to C.used to,used to

42—-Mr.White _________ a lot of friends since he _______ to China.

—He’s a kind man.

A.has made,came B.has made ,has came C.made,has came

43. —What’s the article about?

—It’s about _______ in China. And the government has worked well _____ controlling the population.

A.something important ,from B.important something,in C.something important ,in

44. —To deal with waste will_________ a lot of time and cost too much money.

—You’re quite right .It has become a big problem.

A.take in B.take out C.take up

45. —The doctors did everything they could ________ the boy’s life.,but they failed.

—What a pity!

A.save B.saved C.to save


New rules and behavior standards(准则) for middle school students ___46____in March. Middle school is going to use a new way to decide____47__ the top students are.The best students won’t only have high marks(分数),they will also be the kids who don’t dye(染) their hair,smoke or drink.The following are some of the new rules.

You must do more at school.Good students are kind __48__ other people and love animals.April is Bird-loving month in China.You should join it.You can learn more about animals and ___49__ them.Try to help others,try to ____50__ others,not only yourself.Don’t ___51___your classmates.

Maybe you’ll discover Earth II some day .Don’t look down on new ideas. Be open to new ideas.They __52______ life better for everyone.

You should protect yourself .If you have to go home late,you should____53__yourself and let your parents know.

Use the Internet ___54.__Some things on the Internet aren’t for kids ,so try to look at Web pages that _____55___ you.You can use the Web for fun or homework. Can’t you find some good Web sites for children?Here are some:http://kids.eastday.com;http://www. Chinakids.net.com.


46.A.came on B.came in C.came out

47.A.who B. that C.what

48.A.of B.to C.for

49.A.what to protect B.how should you protect C.how to protect

50.A.think over B.think about C.think of

51.A.talk to B.make friends to C.laugh at

52.A.help B.make C. let

53.A.look for B.look up C.look after

54.A.carefully B.careful C.correct

55.A.are good to B.are good for C.are bad for


Ⅰ. 根据短文内容,判断下列句子的正误。正确的用“T”错误的用“F”.(每小题1分,共5分)

No man can live alone. We need our family, friends and the community around us in good

and bad times. However, we often forget that our friends and community need our help, too. We have to make an effort to care for others if we want others to care for us. For example, helping aged people and children is really a virtue. Being a member of our community , you should 例如), help them to cross the road, and understand that they cannot walk or do things as fast as we can. On a bus, give your seat to the aged and disabled . And (容忍)young children who are noisy. Keep an eye on young children in public places. Make sure they play away from the roads. You are helping them to learn about the world through such activities.

Always remember: If you do something nice for someone, then the person may remember

it, and be willing to help you when you need help. And what is more, virtue is beyond(超出) price.

( )56.People often forget to help their friends and community.

( )57.If you want to be a person of virtue, then you should only help the aged and children.

( )58.Young children should not play on the roads.

( )59.People who do something nice for others expect (期望)others to help them.

( )60.Virtue is priceless.(无价的)


( A)

English is a member of the Indo-European family of languages. This large family includes most of the European languages spoken today.

Old English (500—1066 AD) The language of the northeastern part of the Netherlands(荷兰) is called Old English. About half of the most commonly used words in modern English come from old English.

Middle English (1066—1500 AD) Because of Norman invasion(入侵) and conquest(征服) of Britain in 1066, during this period many new words that came from Norman French, Parisian(巴黎的) French and Scandinavian(斯堪的纳维亚语) added to Middle English.


Early Modern English (1500—1800 AD) During this period, English became more organized and began to be like the modern version (版本)of English.

Late Modern English (1800—Present) Pronunciation, grammar and spelling are largely the same, but Late Modern English has many more words.

American English Immigration(移居) to America changed the language. The American dialect(方言) and Spanish have a great influence on American English.

Global(全球的)English Whenever we turn on the TV to find out what’s happening in the world, local people are telling us about it in English. English has become a global language.

( ) 61. English isn’t a member of the Indo-European family of languages, is it?

A. No, it isn’t. B. Yes, it is. C. No, it is. D. Yes, it isn’t.

( ) 62. How many English languages are mentioned in the passage?

A. Five. B. Six. C. Seven. D. Eight.

( ) 63. What’s the earliest English language?

A. Old English. B. Middle English.

C. Early Modern English. D. Global English.

( ) 64. Suppose you are in Germany during the 2006 FIFA World Cup, but you can’t speak German.

What other language can be mainly used in the country?

A. Chinese. B. Spanish. C. Japanese. D. English.

( ) 65. What is the best title for this passage ?

A. The History of English B. The Development of English

C. Sorts of English D. The Origin(起源) of English

( B)

Most people have ambitions. An ambition is something we want to do, want to be or want to have. A student’s ambition, for example, might be to pass his or her exams and then get a good job. An athlete’s ambition could be to win an important competition. A businessman’s ambition is usually to make a lot of money.

Not all ambitions are about success at work, however. Some people just want to be good people, have a family or help others.

Dave’s ambition is to be a sports writer. He writes the sports reports for his class newspaper. He likes most sports, but swimming and football are his favorites.

Joy’s ambition is to be a concert pianist. She is very serious about it and practices every day with her best friend Lily. It’s very important to her.

Harry’s ambition changes every day! One day he wants to be an astronaut. Another day he wants to be a pop singer. The next day he wants to drive a racing car. His mother would be happy if his ambition was to get up in time for school every day!

My dear friend, what’s your ( )66.What do most businessmen want?

A.To pass exams and get good jobs. B.To win important competitions.

C.They want to make a lot of money. D.To be good people.


( )67.Dave wants to be _________.

A. a sports writer B. a concert pianist C. an astronaut D. a driver

( )68.Joy practices the piano every day because__________.

A.she wants to take part in a piano concert B.she wants to be a concert pianist

C.she wants to be a pop singer D.she wants to take part in an exam

( )69.Which is Not right?

A.Different people have different ambitions.

B.Harry’s ambition doesn’t satisfy his mother.

C.Harry gets up in time for school every day.

D.Ambitions should not change every day.

( )70.The word “ambition” means “_______” in Chinese.

A.习惯 B.爱好 C.雄心 D.头脑


Almost every family in America or English buys at least one copy of a newspaper each day. Some people buy as many as two or three different papers.


Newspapers supply us with news about events in our home towns, in our country, and in other parts of the world. Today we can read about important things that took place in foreign countries on the same day they happened, even in countries far away. ____72___In those times, news was often passed from one person to another and never completely true. Newspapers today supply us with more than just what happened in our country or in other countries. ____73____ If we want to find out what films are being shown, or what plays or concerts we can go to, we can look up in the newspapers.

In many countries people put notices in newspapers if they are trying to get a job, hunting for a house or rooms that they can rent, or even looking for a person who is lost.

____74_____ For example, some man-made news does harm to people, especially some famous

A.Many people in America buy as many as two or three different papers.

B.According to the passage, we can’t look up in the newspapers if we want to know about what happened in the world.

C. Hundreds of years ago, news was often passed from one person to another and never completely true.

D.When we read the news, we could believe all in the newspapers.

第II 卷



I. 词汇(共10分)


76.Edison had more than 2000 ______ in his life.

77.He was very _______ when he saw his old friend.

78 Don’t worry. I’ll do everything __________ to help you.

79. Most of us don’t know that we are ____________ polluted air.

80. Jane usually takes part in __________ activities during summer holidays.

ii. 根据中文提示,用词组的适当形式填空。(每小题1分,共5 分)

81. We ________ _________(成功) climbing the Great Wall last Saturday.

82.Mike has already ________ _________ (拟定) a list of things he wants to buy.

83.Could you describe ___________ __________ (详细地) what he looks like?

84.__________ __________( 砍伐) trees is harmful to the environment.

85.Many plants on the earth are ___________ ___________( 灭绝).It’s a pity that we won’t see them again.

Ⅱ、综合填空 (10小题, 每小题1分, 共10分)

用方框内所给单词的正确形式填空,使短文意思通顺、完整。每个词只能用一次。 每空一词。

Life in the 21 century is quite different from life in the 20 century. First, the (86)_____ is growing fast. There will be more and more people in the world. So people may have (87)______ in finding jobs. But the increasing of population will stop in about thirty years. And because of the good life condition, most people will live longer. (88)_______, computers are becoming much smaller and more (89)________. They can offer us almost everything that we need. Have you found that you can’t do many things (90)______ you have a computer? Third, people’s work time is (91)______ than before. That means they will have more free time for sports, watching TV and shopping with their friends or (92)______. In the future, people will probably go (93)______ into space. Fourth, there will be changes in our food. There will be less room for cows and sheep, so we may not have (94)______ meat or milk. At last, workers in the future will be different ,too. (95)______and hard work will be done by robots. Because of this, many people will not have enough work to do. This will be a problem. .


I. 根据对话内容,从方框中选择恰当的句子补全(每小题1分,共5 分)

A: Hi, Zhou Qiang. Long time no see!

B: I’ve just been to the Three Gorges (三峡).

A: Really? B: Right. As you know, we’ve built a great dam (坝) across the Changjiang River.


A: B: Yes, the dam is stopping water these days. And the water is rising 2 meters every day until it is

A: Oh, no wonder it’s said the beautiful scenery (风景) of Kuimen will be under water. What a pity!

B: It has been copied in another place with some other places of interest.

A: Great!I want to go to the Three Gorges this summer. Would you like to go there with me again?

B: I’d love to! II. 用恰当的单词填空,完成对话,每空一词。(每小题1分,共5 分)

A: What are you doing,Li Lei?

B: I’m ___101______ an article about how to protect the environment.

A: Great.The environment is very important to us ,but not ___102_______ knows how to protect it.

B:Yes.So we should ____103_____ the message about protecting the environment.

A:What kinds of things can we do at home?

B:We should ___104_____ the waste we produced. For example ,we should use both sides of paper.

A:What about at school?

B:At school we can collect waste paper and soft drink cans.Then we sort them so that they can be ____105_______.

A:It’s quite easy to protect the environment.



Many teenagers feel that the most important people in their lives are their friends. They believe that their family members, especially their parents, don’t know them as well as their friends do. In large families, it is often for brothers and sisters to fight with each other and then they can only go to their friends for advice.

It is very important for teenagers to have one good friend or many friends. Even when they are not with their friends, they usually spend a lot of time talking among themselves on the phone. This communication is very important in children’s growing up, because friends can discuss something difficult to say to their family members.

However, parents often try to choose their children’s friends for them. Some parents may even stop their children from meeting their good friends. The question of “choice” is an interesting


one. Have you ever thought of the following questions?

Who choose your friends?

Do you choose your friends or your friends choose you?

Have you got a good friend your parents don’t like?

106.Many teenagers think ______ know them _____ than their parents do.

107.When teenagers stay _____, the usual way of communication is to talk with their friends by


108.Some parents may ______ their children from _________ their good friends.

109.________ should try their best to _______ their children better.

110.Some parents ______ friends for their children _______ of their own children.


I.将下列句子译成英语。必须用上所给的提示词。(每小题2分,共8 分)

111. 我爸爸已经去长城三次了。(have been to, time)


112. 请你们务必在明天八点钟到校。(make sure, get to)


113. 他努力学习为了赶上其他同学。(in order to, keep up with)







? 要求:1)词数80左右,不包含已给出的句子的词数;


The Changes in My Hometown

Great changes have taken place in Fuzhou in recent opening-up._____________________________________________________________



福州第十九中学2012—2013 学年第一学期期中测试




第 I 卷



1.________ 2.______ 3.______ 4.________ 5.______


6.________ 7.______ 8.______ 9.________ 10.______


11.______ 12.______ 13.______ 14.________ 15._____

16.______ 17.______ 18._______ 19.________ 20.______


21.______ 22._______ 23.______ 24._______ 25._____


26.________ 27._________ 28._________ 29_________ 30._________


II. 选择填空(每小题1分,共15 分)

31.______ 32.______ 33.______ 34.________ 35.________

36.______ 37.______ 38______ 39._______ 40________

41.______ 42 ______ 43______ 44.______ 45.________


46.________ 47.________ 48.________ 49.___________ 50.________

51.________ 52._________ 53.________ 54.___________ 55.________ 阅读理解(共35分)

Ⅰ. 根据短文内容,判断下列句子的正误。正确的用“T”错误的用“F”.(每小题1分,共5分)

56.__________ 57.___________ 58.__________ 59._________ 60._________ Ⅱ.根据短文内容选择最佳答案。(每小题2分,共20分)

(A) 61.______ 62.___________ 63.__________ 64._________ 65.________

(B) 66.______ 67.___________ 68.__________ 69._________ 70.________ Ⅲ.阅读下面短文,把方框中的句子还原到文中,然后完成第75题.(每小题2分,共10分)

71._______ 72.__________ 73.__________ 74._________ 75.________

第II 卷

语言知识运用(共20 分)

II. 词汇(共10分)

iii. 用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空。(每小题1分,共5 分)


76._______ 77.__________ 78._________ 79.___________ 80._________

iv. 根据中文提示,用词组的适当形式填空。(每小题1分,共5 分)

81.________ __________ 82.________ __________ 83.________ _________

84.________ __________ 85.________ __________

Ⅱ、综合填空 (10小题, 每小题1分, 共10分)

86.__________ 87._________ 88.___________ 89.__________ 90.___________

91.__________ 92._________ 93.___________ 94.__________ 95.___________

口语运用(共10 分)

III. 根据对话内容,从方框中选择恰当的句子补全(每小题1分,共5 分)

96._________ 97._________ 98.__________ 99.___________ 100._________

II. 用恰当的单词填空,完成对话,每空一词。(每小题1分,共5 分)

101._________ 102._________ 103._________ 104.__________ 105.__________



106._______ _________ 107.________ ___________ 108.________ _________ 109.________ _________ 110._________ ___________


I. 将下列句子译成英语。必须用上所给的提示词。(每小题2分,共8 分)



113._________________________________________________________________________ 114.________________________________________________________________________ II.提示作文(12分) The Changes in My Hometown

Great changes have taken place in Fuzhou in recent years since the reform and










福州第十九中学2012—2013 学年第一学期期中测试 九年级英语参考答案

第 I 卷


I (5分) 1—5 ABCCA

II.(5分) 6—10ACBCB

III.(10分)11—15 BAACA 16-20 BCACB

IV.( 5分) 21-25 CBABC

V.(5分) 26. lights 27. save 28. reduce 29. plastic 30. difficult


III. (15 分) 31-35 BBCAC 36-40 BCBAC 41-45 BACCC II.(10分) 46-50 CABCC 51-55 CBCAB


Ⅰ. (5分) 56-60 TFTFT

Ⅱ.(20分) 61-65 BBADB 66-70 CABCC

Ⅲ.(10分) 71-75 CADBC

第II 卷

语言知识运用(共20 分)

I. i(5 分)

76. inventions 77.excited 78.possible 79.breathing 80.social

ii(5 分)

81.succeeded in 82.drawn up 83.in detail 84. Cutting down 85.dying out Ⅱ、(10分)

86. population 87.difficulty 88.Second 89.useful 90.unless

91.less 92.relatives /relations 93.travel(l)ing 94.enough 95.Dangerous

口语运用(共10 分)

IV. (5 分)96-100 EFACG

V. (5 分)101. reading 102.everyone 103.spread 104. reduce 105.recycled 阅读理解(共10分)


106.friends better 107.alone phone/telephone 108. stop/keep/prevent meeting 109.Parents understand 110.choose instead


II. (8 分)

111 My father /dad has been to the Great Wall three times

112. Please make sure (that)you should get to school at eight o’clock/8:00 tomorrow. 113. He works/worked hard in order to keep up with other students/classmates.


114. The journalist asked Mrs. Zhou if/whether she had any suggestions.

II.(12 分)

115. 参考范文

The Changes in My Hometown

Great changes have taken place in Fuzhou in recent years since the reform and

opening-up. Now people live in tall and bright buildings. The roads are wide and the transportation is convenient. There are many green trees and the air is fresh.There are also many places of interest such as Mount Gu,Three Lanes and Seven Alleys, so thousands of visitors come to Fuzhou for a visit.But in the past,the living conditions were poor.The houses were small and dark. The pollution was serious.It was hard to go somewhere and there were few visitors.I hope my hometown will

福州第十九中学2012—2013 学年第一学期期中测试



1. I have been to New York.

2. The roads in Beijing are wide.

3.The water pollution is serious in this area.

4.Pandas can't find enough bamboo to eat.

5. Most Chinese families obey the one-child policy.


6. I'm sorry I've broken your bike.

7. Have you found your lost watch?

8. What kind of pollution is harmful to our eyes?

9. Would you like to be a greener person?

10. I'm going to Hong Kong this summer holiday.




11.M: Granny, could you tell me something about yourself when you were young?

W:Well, my family was very poor. I had to work in the fields all day. We didn't have enough food to eat. Life was cruel for us at that time.

12.W: It is said that the population of some Western European countries is becoming smaller. M: Yes. But only in a few countries.

13.W: I don't like living in New York because it has too much traffic and noise.

M: You are right. I don't like living in big cities, either.

14. W: The fish in this river are becoming fewer and fewer.

M: Yes. The paper factory near here is pouring waste water into it directly.

听第5段对话,完成第 15-17小题:

M: I think the population problem maybe the greatest problem of the world today. What about you?

W: I think so. The world's population is growing faster and faster. In about 600 years, there will be standing room only on the earth

M: Do you know how many people there are in the world now?

W: About 6.5 billion. China has the largest population in the world.

M: Yeah, our country has taken many measures to control it. But it still has a long way to go. 听第6段对话,完成第18-20小题:

W: What are you reading?

M: I'm reading an article about a program that helps homeless children. By the way, are there many homeless children in China?

W: Yes. Every country has homeless children. The article says the programs raise money for them, help them go to school and live a normal life.

M: I agree with you. It's important to make them feel good about themselves. So that they can live a happy life.

W: The world has changed for better.


One day, an old man went to a street. He saw a bird in a cage and paid fifty yuan for it. He was so kind that he wanted to set it free, so he went to a forest. But to his surprise, the trees have gone. People have cut them down because they don't know that it is harmful to human beings, animals and plants. He opened the cage and let the bird free. The bird flew away. After a few minutes, when the old man was leaving, the bird flew back. It couldn't find a tree to stay in. There was no home for it, so it had to fly back. The old man was very sad.


Jane: Hi, Michael. Would you like to be a greener person?

Michael: Of course, 1'd love to. But what should I do?

Jane: First, you ought to turn off the lights when you leave a room.

Michael: Oh, that's easy. What's next?

Jane: Second, you'd better walk or ride a bike instead of taking a bus or a taxi if you're


traveling a short distance.

Michael: That's right. It will save energy and reduce air pollution.

Jane: Third, take a cloth bag when you go shopping. Don't use plastic bags. Michael: It's so easy to be a greener person.

Jane: Yeah, nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it.


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