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现在完成时(Present perfect):过去发生并且已经完成的动作对现在造成影响或后果,过去某一时间开始并一直持续到现在并且有可能还会持续的动作或状态。

完成时包括【现在完成时;过去完成时;将来完成时;过去将来完成时】 基本构成:have/has+done【p.p】




①肯定句中:主语+have/has+动词的过去分词(p.p)(V-ed)+宾语. ②否定句中:主语+haven't/hasn't+动词的过去分词(p.p)(V-ed)+宾语.


④特殊疑问句中:特殊疑问词或词组+一般疑问句(have/has+主语+过去分词(V-ed)+其他) (1)强调动作是从过去持续到现在,并有可能继续持续下去。


1.现在完成时不能单独与准确时间连用,(如表示过去的时间状语) 如yesterday(morning、afternoon),last(morning、afternoon)等,除非与for,since连用.




He has already obtained a scholarship.

We have seen that film before.

Have they found the missing child yet?

3. 现在完成时常常与表示频度的时间状语连用,

如often,sometimes,ever,never,twice,on several occasion等: Have you ever been to Beijing

I have never heard Bunny say anything against her.

I have used this pen only three times. It is still good.

4. 现在完成时还往往可以同包括现在时间在内的时间状语连用, 如now,up to these few days/weeks/months/years,this

morning/week/month/year,just,today,up to present,so far等: Peter has written six papers so far.

Man has now learned to release energy from the nucleus of the atom.


一、 单项选择。

1、Both his parents look sad .

Maybe they _________what's happened to him.

A. knew B. have known C. must know D.will know

2、He has _______ been to Shanghai, has he ?

A. already B.never C.ever D. still

3、Have you met Mr Li ______?

A. just B. ago C.before D. a moment ago

4、The famous writer _____ one new book in the past two year.


is writing B.was writing C.wrote D.has written

5、—Our country ______ a lot so far.

—Yes. I hope it will be even ______.

A. has changed ; well B. changed ; good

C. has changed ; better D. changed ; better

6、Zhao Lan ______already ______in this school for two years.

A. was ; studying B. will ; study

C. has ; studied D. are ; studying

7、We ______ Xiao Li since she was a little girl.

A. know B. had known C. have known D. knew

8、Harry Potter is a very nice film .I_______ it twice.

A. will see B. have seen C. saw D.see

9、—These farmers have been to the United States. —Really ? When _____ there ?

A. will they go B. did they go

C. do they go D. have they gone

10、—______ you ___ your homework yet?

—Yes . I _____ it a moment ago.

A. Did; do; finished B. Have; done; finished

C. Have; done; have finished D. will; do; finish

11、 His father ______ the Party since 1978.

A. joined B. has joined C. was in D. has been in

12、—Do you know him well ?

— Sure.We _________ friends since ten years ago.

A. were B. have been C. have become D. have made

13、—How long have you ____ here?

—About two months.

A. been B. gone C. come D. arrived

14、Hurry up! The play __________ for ten minutes.

A. has begun B. had begun

C. has been on D. began

15、 It _____ ten years since he left the army.

A. is B. has C. will D. was

16、 Miss Green isn't in the office .

she_______ to the library.

A.has gone B. went C.will go D. has been

17、My parents ______ Shandong for ten years.

A. have been in B. have been to

C. have gone to D. have been

18、The students have cleaned the classroom,_____?

A. so they B. don‘t they C. have they D. haven’t they

19、_____has Mr White been a member of Greener China since he ____ to China?

A. How soon, comes B. How often, got

C. How long, came D. How far, arrived

20、 His uncle ____ for more than 9 years.

A. has come here B. has started to work

C. has lived there D. has left the university

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