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一. where引导的定语从句

在上句中,in which代表in the village表示的是He lived (他居住)的地点(小村庄),所以in which合在一起在从句中充当He lived的地点状语,这时in which可以用where替换 This is the village where he lived when he was young.


如:Here is a big desk where there are lots of books. there are lots of books on. we stayed last week? we stayed last week? we stayed in last week?



1. 2. 在1.句中,这个building(大楼)是my sister(我姐姐) 的工作(works)地点,在从句中充当的是地点状语,所以用where.


再看下面两个句子: 在1.句中,这个school(学校)是I我 studied(学习)的地点,在从句中充当的是地点,所以用where.

在2.句中,这个school(学校)是we(我们) visited(参观)的对象,在从句中充当的宾语,必须用that/which.


1. 当关系词所代表的先行词在从句中充当主语或宾语时,用which/that.

2. 当定语从句中的谓语动词是visit时,用which/that.

3. 当关系词前有介词时,用which., 当从句中谓语动词后有介词时,用which/that.

4. 只有当关系词所代表的先行词在从句中充当地点状语,又没有介词时,才能用where. 例如:1.He doesn’ 2.This is the room where we stayed just now.

3.Tom wants to see the factory where he worked when he was young.

4.We like the farm where there are many horses and sheep.

5.This is a beautiful park where many children have fun.

二. when引导的定语从句 本句中on which代表on the day意思是在那天我们第一次相遇,此句on the day表示we met

(我们第一次相遇)的时间,在从句中充当时间状语,这时on which可以用when替换 所以当先行词是时间名词,在从句中充当时间状语,表示从句的动作所发生的时间时,可以由关系副词when引导,这时when=介词+which

一般先行词为day时介词用on,先行词为week. month. year时,介词用in he lived in the countryside. we worked together? 所以在判断是否用when时一定要注意在关系词前或动词后是否有介词,只有前后都没有介词时,才能用when.

看下面这两个句子: we studied in primary school. 在1句中,the days指的是在那些日子里我们在小学学习,在从句中充当studied(学习)的时间状语,所以关系词用when.

而在2句中,the days指的是那些日子流逝了,在从句中充当主语,所以关系词用that/which. 再看下面这两个句子: he lived in Beijing. 在1句中,the years表示他在那些年在北京居住,是他在北京居住的时间状语,我们要说在那些年居住(在北京),不能说居住那些年,所以关系词用when.

在2句中,the years表示他度过那些年,可以说spent the years,the years做spent的宾语,所以关系词用that/which.




3.当关系词前有介词时,用which., 当从句中谓语动词后有介词时,用which/that.


1. He prefers the months when he lived with his classmates.

2. Tom often talks about the days when he was a soldier.

3. Don’t forget the time when we played together.

4. The thing happened in the time when he was in Shanghai.

5. We are interested in the days when he studied in French.



1.Do you know the reason why Tom wasn’t at school today?

2.Can you tell me the reason why you are late?

3.The reason why the window was broken isn’t clear.

4.The reason why he can’t come here is that he is ill.

5.I want to know the reason why my novel didn’t come out.

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