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1.Remember the new words: elementary school 、 Junior High School、 experience 、storybook 、heart 、cent、deal . 2.Read the text, master some phrases and some important sentences. 3.Learn to help others and to be a happy and helpful student.

Ask and answer:
1.Who is the boy? He is Brian. 2.What is he doing?
He is selling cookies.

3.Why did he do that? Because he wanted to 4.Who will sell cookies in this lesson? make some money to help his basketball David. team.

1.Guess the food what he or she likes. 2.Be on a sale activity about anything with your friend(s).

Learn more about David
David is a boy. He has left his Elementary School, and studies in a Junior High School. He likes cookies. David has an storybook['stO:RIBUK] experienceHigh School初中 elementary[;elI'MentErI] Junior of selling something. Elementary Schoolfriendly and helpfulsix. n.故事书 elementaryis .基本的;基础的;. He He school(美式)小学 adj has grades one to Junior High School has grades seven to nine. wants to sell cookies =primary school(英式) to buy 初步性的 experience[IK'spIErIEns] You are in Junior High School! poor some storybooks for some n.经验;经历;体会 children. His aunt has made some cookies and his friends have put up a poster to help him.


1.learn…by heart


Important Heart [hA:t] phrases about 2.put one’s heart into…n.心;心脏 全神贯注于… “heart”: 3.lose one’s heart 灰心;失去信心

cent [sent] n.分;美分

How will they deal with the money?

deal [di:l] v. (dealt/dealt) 处理;应付

Oh,I want to buy some donuts for Brain with the money.

No,Danny, we should give them to the poor!

Listen to the text and fill in the blanks:
My name is David, In February, my class sold cookies like at school. My cookies looked _____ hearts. My aunt helped me make them. My class made posters about the cookie sale. The posters told everyone where andput they could buy our when cookies. At lunchtime, we _____up tables in the hall and sold the cookies. cost also sold them after school. We The cookies _____25 cents. Can you guess how much money we made? We made $320! with How did we deal _____ the money? We helped an elementary school in our city. The school needed new storybooks for its young students. I enjoyed the cookies eating sale. It was fun to sell the cookies. I liked ______ them, too!

According to the text and say the statement true (T) or false (F) :
1. David’s mother helped him make cookies.( ) F 2. At lunchtime ,they sold their cookies in the hall. ( T ) 3. They all went home after school. ( ) F 4. They helped an elementary school in their city to buy new storybooks for its young students.( ) 5. David liked eating cookies, but he didn’t like T selling them. ( ) F

1.look like

1.看起来像… 2.帮助某人做某事 3.制作海报 4.在午餐时 5.支起…;撑起… 6.赚钱;挣钱 7.处理…;对付… 8.享受于…

英 Your memory 3.make posters 汉

is very good! 互 4.at lunchtime 译: 5.put up
6.make money 7.deal with=do with 8.enjoy (doing) sth

2.help sb (to)do sth

9.have the experience of sth 9.有…的经验
10.in order to do sth 10.为了…;以便…

Read the text,answer the following questions. ? 1. What were David’s cookies like? They looked like hearts.
? 2. How did they sell them well? They made some posters about the cookie sale.

? 3. What can we know from their poster? We can know where and when we could buy the cookies. ? 4. What did they do with the money from the cookie sale? They helped an elementary school to buy new storybooks.

一、根据句意及首字母提示完成单词. 1. We should put our h_____ into our study. earts 2. Tom is five years old. This year he can go to E lementary School. _________ 3. I'm in Grade Nine. Now I'm in J_____ High School. unior 4. My class made p______ about the cookie sale. 5. I had several exciting e__________ on National Day. osters 6. I like reading s_________. There are many interesting stories torybooks in them.

5.xperienc es

二、 单项选择:
( C )1.____are you going to deal with the old TV set? A. What B. Which C. How D. Where ( A )2.____should we do with these old papers? A. What B. Which C. How D. Where ( B )3.He enjoys ____football with his friends. A. play B. playing C. to play D. played ( B )4.Many children ___ swimming in the summer holiday. A. practice B. enjoy C. mind D. avoid ( A )5. -What are you going to do in the future? -I’d like to be a teacher_____ you are. A. as B. so C. when D. which ( D )6.How much did you_____ for the table? A. spend B. cost C. take D. pay ( A )7.My cookies______ hearts. A. look like B. look out C. look for D. look up ( C )8.At lunchtime, we _____tables in the hall. A. put out B. put off C. put up D. put away

deal with; success; swim; look like; go; give

1.It’s fun_______ to swim

in the river in summer.

2.The cloud in the sky ___________a rabbit. looks like given 3.Have you ever _______money to someone in need? 4.I have fun ______(go) shopping. going 5.I found a good way __________this problem. to deal with 6.He works hard in order _________(success) in the to sucess exam.

四、句型转换,每空一词: 1.The posters told everyone where and when they could to buy our cookies. (同义句) The buy posters told everyone where and when __ _____our cookies. 2.To work out the maths problem is not easy. (同义句) ___ ____ to work It isn’t easy____ _______out the maths problem. 3.She said, “I have waited for nearly two hours.” (同义 句) she had waited for nearly two hours. She said that ____ ____ 4.How much money did we make?Can you guess?(合并) Can you guess how much money_____ ________? we made 5.My cookies looked like hearts.(对划线部分提问) _______ _____ _______cookies look like?

What did your

1.My cookies looked like hearts. 2.At lunchtime,we put up tables in the hall.

3.How did we deal with the money? 4.I enjoyed the cookies sale. 5. It was fun to sell the cookies. 6.In order to sell more cookies, I would make posters. 7.Have you had the experience of selling something you made yourself?

1.Have you ever helped or given money to someone?

2.Is it important to help pupils who don’t have enough money to go to school?

3.If you make some money, what would you do?

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