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九年级英语Unit7(SA1a-gf)导学案(1) 主备:李永春 审核领导:____________ 时间:2013-11-13


1、美丽的 b___________ 令人放松的r___________ 危险的d_______________

有趣的i____________ f ____________________ 令人激动的e___________

温暖的w___________ 凉爽的c___________

累人的t___________ 迷人的f___________ 令人震颤的t___________

宁静的p___________ 教育的e___________ 充满活力的l___________

便利的c___________ 游客很多的 t_________

2、同步探究 73页 I,II

3、想要,希望去做(将来):want,hope,would like 喜欢(现在):like,love

同步 P74 I

4、课本P141 复合不定代词


Step 1 Listen and choose the correct answer.

1.Where would Sam like to visit?

A. the Amazon jungle in Brazil B. a beautiful beach in Florida


A. Because it is exciting. B. Because it is dangerous. C. Because it is peaceful.

Step 2 Write a conversation about Gina.

______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Step 4 Pair work

A:Would they like to go to Hawaii?

B:Yes, they would like to. They like places_____ the weather is warm. But it is too ________.


1、词、句 同步p73,III(1,2,6);p74,III(2,3) 2、应用拓展 同步p75,I

3、1)Linyi is a __________(fascinate) city now. There are many __________ (tour) everyday, it is ____________(tour). Most people here are really ___________(friend), we want to make _________ (friend)with people from other places.

2) I love places ______ the weather is warm. But he loves places _______ is cool. (a. where b. that )

3)--Would you like ________ more cakes? -- Yes, please. (a. some b. any )

4)The light travels _______ the windows. It is warm in class. (through, across)

5) Everyone ________ (like/likes) the place where it is relaxing.

I hope to visit ___________(somewhere educational/ educational somewhere).

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