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一. 单项选择。(15*2=30)

1._________ is it from your home to school? 一Ten minutes by bus.

A. How far B. How much C. How soon D. How long

2.Everything is getting _________ .

A. good and better B better and better C. best and better D. more and more better

3. The red pencil is _________ than the green one.

A. short B. shorter C. nice D. the shortest

4.China is one of _________ countries in the world.

A. larger B. largest C. the largest D. large

5. It’s bad for your eyes _____computer games too much.

A.plays B.to play C.play D.to playing

6.Which is _________season in Beijing?

A. better B. best C. the best D. good

7.It’s very important for him me laugh.

A.to make B.making C.makes D.made

8. Our city is becoming _________ .

A. more and most beautiful B. more beautiful and more beautiful

C. more and more beautiful D. beautiful and beautiful

9.She is similar

A.to B.with C.of D.in

10.I don’t really care if my friends are the same me.

A.as,as B.from,from C.as,from D.from,as

11.Li Hua’s shoes are as _______ as Zhang Hui’s.

A. cheap B. cheaper C. the cheaper D. cheapest

12.The weather is _________ today than yesterday.

A. bad B. worse C. badder D. badly

13.Do you enjoy ____football? I hear there will be a football match tomorrow.

A.playing B.play C.played D.to playing

14.The meat is _____expensive and eating ____meat is bad for your health.

A.too much,much too B.too much,too much

C.much too,too much D. Much too,much too

15. She is talented music but I am good sports.

A.in, at B.at,in C.at,at D.in,in


It was a Sunday afternoon. It was very __1__and nobody wanted to stay at home. Mike decided to go swimming in the river. His brother,Jim.wanted to go with him. “ ____2___him with you, Mike” said their father.” he will do what you say, I think.” They got __3__the river quickly. A lot of people were _4__in it. Mike told Jim to

play in the bank,then he __5__into the river. About an hour later, Mike swam to the bank with a fish in his hand. Jim was very __6___. He found a bottle and put the fish in it.

Jim did__7__except(除了) watching the fish that evening. Suddenly Mike heard Jim __8__in the room. He ran to him and asked,” what’s wrong __9__you, Jim?”

“ The fish has died,” Jim said “I thought it was ___10___. So I took it out of the bottle and put it on the bed, I only wanted it to have a rest.”

1.A.warm B.hot C.cool D.cold

2.A. Carry B. Bring C. Take D. Catch

3.A.to B.at C.of D. For

4.A.washing B.running C.resting D.swimming

5. A.ran B.walked C.fell D.jumped

6.A.happy B.angry C.sad D.sorry

7.A.everything B.something C.nothing D.anything

8.A.singing B.crying C.smiling D.laughing

9.A.with B.from C.to D.on

10.A. hungry B.free C.tired D. busy


A between them. In some ways they look the same, in some ways they look different. Both of them have tall buildings and wide streets, although some buildings in Shanghai are taller than in Beijing. They are both important in China. Beijing is the capital of China, there are more places of interest there, but Shanghai is the biggest city in China. Now they are becoming more and more important in China.

( ) 1. Some buildings in __________ are taller than in Beijing.

A. Shanghai B. Xi’an C. Tianjin D. Chongqing

( ) 2. Shanghai is the _____city in China.

A. tallest B. biggest C. smallest D. busiest

( ) 3. The underlined word “point” means _______.

A. 想法 B. 点 C. 内容 D. 主意

( ) 4. Beijing has more _________ than Shanghai.

A. places of interest B. buildings C. wide streets D. people

( ) 5. Which of the following statements is right according to the passage?

A. Shanghai is the capital of China B. The buildings in Beijing are taller than in Shanghai

C. Shanghai is the largest city in China. D. Shanghai has more places of interest.


I’m Mike. I am a student. In my teachers’ eyes, I am not a very good student, because I don’t study hard at my lessons and I am sometimes late for school.

Last Wednesday,I was late for school. My teacher was a little angry. “Come to school on time tomorrow,or I will telephone your father,” said my math teacher. I was afraid. So I got up early the next morning. After a quick breakfast, I rode my bike to school. Soon I was riding across a bridge. Just at that time, I heard somebody shouting

for help. I stopped and found a little girl in the river. I got off my bike, jumped into the river and swam to the girl as quickly as I could. I tried my best to push the girl to the bank. At last the girl was saved. When I got to the classroom, the class had been on for 15 minutes. My teacher criticized (批评)me.

Till now, I haven’t told my math teacher why I was late that morning. But I didn’t regret(后悔) it at all.

( )6. Why don’t Mike’s teachers like him?

A. Mike is always late for school

B. Mike doesn’t study hard at his lessons

C. Mike often saves the children falling into the river.

D.Mike doesn’t do his homework.

( )7. How did Mike go to school last Thursday?

A. on foot B,by bike C. by bus D. by car

( ) 8. What’s the Chinese meaning of the word”struggling” in the text?

A. 挣扎 B.嬉戏 C.潜水 D.玩耍

( )9. Why did Mike come to school late again on Thursday morning?

A. He got up late in the morning.

B. He saved a girl on his way to school.

C. His bike was broken on the way to school.

D. He was ill .

( )10.what’ s the best title of the text?

A. A smart student B. A cruel(残忍的) teacher

C. A misunderstanding(误会) D A bad student


Bruno was a boy of eight. His father worked in a cinema and his mother worked in a shop. He lived not far from his school. He always walked there and walked home. On his way to school, he had to pass a playground. It was very wet after it rained. One day,when he got home,his clothes were all wet. His mother became angry and said,” don’t play in the water on your way home from school!”

On the next day Bruno came back wet and dirty(脏的)clothes. His mother became even angrier.” I’ll tell your father if you come back wet again.” said his mother,” He’ll punish(惩罚) you,you know.”

The third day the little boy was dry when he came home.

“You’re a good boy today,” his mother said happily,”you didn’t play in the water.”

“No,” the boy said unhappily.” There were too many older boys in the water when I got there this afternoon. There wasn’t any room(空地方) for me at all.”

( )11. Bruno went to school _____every day.

A.by bike B.by bus C.by car D.on foot

( ) 12. The playground was between _____.

A.two classrooms B.the cinema and shop

C. Bruno’s house and school D.the shop and Bruno’s school

( ) 13. The little boy liked to play on the playground______.

A.when it snowed

B.when there was some water there

C.when the children played football there

D.when his father was busy with his work

( )14. Bruno was afraid of _____ most.

A.his father B.his mother C.his teacher D.the other boys

( )15. That afternoon, the boy’s clothes were dry because ____.

A.nobody made room(地方)for him in the water.

B.there was no water on the playground

C.he took off his clothes before he played there.

D.he played in the water carefully.


1.true(副词)__________ 2.win(名词)__________

3.bad(比较级)__________ 4.give(过去式)__________

5.comfort(形容词)__________ 6.friendly(最高级)__________

7.outgoing(比较级)__________ 8.good(最高级)__________

9.quiet(副词)__________ 10.choose(过去式)__________


1.Lang Lang is a_________(talent)pianist.

2.Mary_____(win) first prize in the last singing competition.

3.Can you hear me______(clear)?

4.When you cross the road, you must walk__________(careful).

5.Peter did the________ (badly)in the exam in our class.

六.补全对话 (5*1=5)

A: Hello! I am a reporter. Can I ask you some questions?

B: I think the New Century A: Is it very expensive? B: Yes. And it’s always full of people.

B: Yes, but it is the most expensive.

A: Thank you. Bye!

B: Bye!


请以“My best friend”为题写一篇介绍你的朋友的短文。短文要运用课文所学的有关句式,把你的朋友和你的长相(包括身高、头发、眼睛等)、体格(包括高矮,强壮等)、性格(开朗、文静等)、学习情况等方面进行比较。词数80左右。

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