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九年级英语Unit7(SB3a-4)导学案(3) 主备:李永春 审核领导:____________ 时间:2013-11-13


1、课本p57,1;同步p76, I,II(1,2,3,6,7)



Step1:Read 3a and answer these questions.

1、What ‘s the main idea of this passage?

It is an email from __________ to ___________ about __________.

2、Where would they like to take a trip this summer, somewhere in eastern China or in America? ________________________________________________________________________

3、Does S.T.Zhang have a lot of money to spend on the vacation?


How can you know that?

They also need to stay in __________________ and it would be nice if they could get _________________ so they would save money by ________________________.

4、How many people are there in Zhang’s family?


5、How long would they like to be away?

________________________________________________________________________Step 2:Read the article again and do these exercises.

1、I want to go somewhere in ________ (east) China.

2、I hope you can provide me ________(with/for) some information.

I hope you can provide some information _________ (with/for) me. buy, give, offer

3、He lives in a room ________ (with/has) a big garden.

4、Could you give me ________(some/any) suggestions for vacation spots?

5、The shoes are of good quality but ___________ (expensive).

6、It’s very ________ (excite) to sail down the river.

Step 3:After reading the article ,complete the passage with the verbs in their proper forms.

Mr. Zhang’s family want _______(take) a trip this summer. He hopes _______ (visit) somewhere in eastern China. They would like ______(travel) to an exciting place. They don’t mind _________(go) a little far. They need __________ (stay) in an inexpensive hotel or apartment. They need a room with a kitchen so they can save money by ________(cook) their own meals.

I would like to visit somewhere different some day. Last year, my family and I ________ (go) to Qufu, we had a great time there. I __________ (visit) many cities in our country since I was a middle school student. So this time I _______(visit) some cities in Europe.


1、同步P77, III(4,5,6,7,8);Iv(3,4,5)



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