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九年级英语Unit7(Reading)导学案(4) 主备:李永春 审核领导:____________ 时间:2013-11-13


1、 同步P79 ,I;II(3,4,5)


Step1: Read the title, first paragraph ,and subtitles, tell the main idea of the article. In this article, it talks about some of the __________ of a survey about ________ and __________ Step2: Read the article carefully and answer the following five questions.

1.Who took part in the survey?


2.What would the students like to do after finishing your education?

Some students would like to ____________ ____________.

Other students hope to ___________ _____________.

3.What is the most popular choice of job for the students?


4.Teenagers have all kinds of dreams. All the dreams are very realistic, aren’t they? _________________________________________________________________

5.Dreams are crazy, is it very important to dream? What should we do?

_________________________________________________________________ Step3:After reading the article, fill in the chart by yourself.

We made a survey about hopes and dreams. Thousands of students across China ________(take) part in it . For the hopes, some students would like _______(start) work as soon as possible, so that they can provide better lives for their parents. Other students hope to continue _________(study,动词,学习). For the dreams, some are realistic, some are crazy. Quite a few students dream of ________ (go) to the moon one day. Many students reported that they _______ (be) willing to work hard to achieve their dreams. From the survey we can know that hopes are similar, but dreams are different. Hold on to your dreams, one day they _______(come) true.


1、There are _______ books in our library. (a. three thousands b. thousands of c. thousand of) He wants to start work as _____ as he can (a. much, b. quickly). Because he wants to help his family. I searched for a cheap inns online ______ I could save money. (a. so that b. such that c. but ) Many visitors come to Mountain Tai because it’s ______ travel spotlight.

(a. quite a beautiful b. a quite beautiful c. very a beautiful d. so a beautiful )

I hope you can provide me ________(with/for) some information.

I hope you can provide some information _________ (with/for) me.

2、同步 P79 III(2,3,4,5) 3、同步P81 II

4、Living without a dream is like sailing without a compass. —— John Ruskin

The important thing in life is to have a great dream, the determination to attain it.

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. ——Tennyson

Hold on to your dreams. One day they may just come true.

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