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1,Grasp the core vocabulary and high frequency phrases in this unit. 2,Sum up how to ask 、give directions and the use of the Object Clause.

Ability Aim
1,Can use what you learn to do things.

2,Train the abilities of analyzing and solving problems.


offend 12.冒犯,得罪_____ magic 1.魔术,魔力________ shampoo department13.洗发液,香波_____ 2.百货商店__________ department 14.部,局,部门_____ 3.不拥挤的, store uncrowded 15.杂货店,药店_____ 宽敞的____________ drugstore organized 4.有组织的__________ 16.直梯_____ elevator lend 5.借给,借出________ escalator 17.电动扶梯______ park 6.停车_________ block 18.街区,街段____ direct 7.直接的___________ 19.小丑______ clown 8.命令,指示 order wonder 9.想知道___________ 20.全体职员_____ staff lead 10.引导,引诱______ 21.结构_____structure trouble 11.麻烦,烦恼______ 22.某个_____ certain

magic uncrowded staff organized lend park direct order wonder lead trouble
n,魔术,魔力;adj. 魔术的,有魔力的

crowded clerk v.organize n. organization lend-lent-lent;lend…to;borrow…from

adv. directly n.direction
n.命令;次序 v.命令

want to know lead-led-led

1.The air in the countryside is very f______. resh 2. “ Can I borrow your bike?” “ Sorry, I have ent l_____ it to Tom. ” 3.There is a sign over there. That said, “ No p______.” arking 4.A d______ order sounds rude. irect 5.He got up early in o______ to catch the early bus. rder 6.I am very sorry to t______ you. rouble 7.Working hard can l_____ to success. ead 8.I w______ if he can come tonight. onder agic 9.He invented a m_______ pen. 10.Children should take part in the o_______ activities rganized


Rush answer
在二楼 存钱



乘电梯到二楼 花费太多的钱 视。。。而定 总会有某事发生 例如 更喜欢做。。。 打扮成小丑



听起来粗鲁 听起来更有礼貌 在某种程度上

1.on the second floor 2.a good place to eat 3.prefer doing。。。 4.kind of

5.spend too much money
depend on

lend sth.to sb./lend sb. sth. dress up as clowns sound rude

There 's always sth.happening.

in a way

such as

? There are ____ florrs in the building and D Mrs Li lives on the _____ floor. ? A.twelve;twelve B.twelfth;twelfth ? C.twelfth;twelve D.twelve;twelfth

to eat ? Is there a good restaurant ________(eat) around here?

preferred 1.prefer____________ _____________ preferred to do 2.prefer ______________ to do do 3.prefer_________rather than _______ to do doing =prefer_______instead of _______ doing doing 4.prefer_______ to _________

? 那种_________________ what kind of all kinds of ? 各种各样的_________________ ? 这种___________________ this

kind of

? He eats _____ junk food,so he is ______ A fat. ? A.too much;much too ? B.much too;too much ? C.too many;too much ? D.so many;much too

1.I don’t like basketball.I preferC ____ soccer. A. play B. to plays C. playing D. to not play 2.Where do you usually ____ with you friends? B A. hang B. hang out C. hang up D. hang off 3.I prefer English ___ math.A. with B. to C. from D. of B B 4.I prefer ___ in the shade ___ in the sun. A. to stand, to sit B. standing, to sitting C. to stand, sitting D. standing, to sit 5.Singapore is an excellent place ___ English. B A.practice B. to practice C. practicing D. practices B 6. The young mother ____ her baby, then played with him . A. put B. wore C. dressed D. dress up A 7.____ the subway is quite convenient in London. A Taking B Takes C Take D By 8.He always spends___money_____books.A.Much too;buying B B.too much;buying C.too many;buying D.too much;to buy


Could you please tell me where the restrooms are?

The Object clause

Ask and give directions

1.Where can I buy a magazine? Do you know?(同义句) where I can buy a magazine Do you know ____________________________ a magazine? Do you know ____________________________a magazine? where to buy a magazine 2.Could you tell me? How can I get to the park? how I can get Could you tell me _______________________to the park? how to get Could you tell me ______________________to the park? 3.Which is the way to the park? I don’t know. which is the way I don’t know _______________________________ to the park. the way I don’t know ____________________________to the park. 4.Is there a park around here? I wonder ____________________ a park around here. if there is 5.My mother asked, “Have you finished your homework?” me if I had finished My mother asked____________________ my homework. 6.He said ,“The earth moves around the sun.” that moves He said ____ the erath_______________ around the sun. 7. “Don’t watch TV too much,” mother said to me. not to watch told Mother ____ me ______________ TV too much.

the Object clause

magic,uncrowded,staff organized,,lend,park,direct, order,wonder,lend,trouble

Ask for information politely ask and give directions 高频短语

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