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Unit 1Will people like robots单项练习

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Practice 1
根据首字母及句意提示完成单词: 1.R_____ can do a lot of things for people. 2.We should do e_______ to make our world more beautiful. 3. There are many new b_______ in our city. 4. Take out a piece of p______, and write on it. 5.Your homework is much l_____ than ours. 6.There are many t______ along the streets. 7.I think maths is very interesting. I a_____with you. 8.China will have its own s_____ station. 9. The m____ goes around the earth. 10. I think I will be a___ to catch the early bus.

Practice 2
根据首字母及句意提示完成单词: 1.I’ll f____ rockets to the moon . 2. The old man has no daughters or sons.He has to live a______. 3.My brother is too young to d_____ himself. 4.I keep a p_____ dog .I like it very much. 5.It is an easy question. E____ a child can answer it. 6.No one taught me English. I taught m_____. 7.I want to be a teacher. I think my wish will c___ true. 8.My brother works in a big c______ .He is doing well. 9.He was in a TV i______. The reporter was asking him an interesting question. 10.Today Sally is in c______. She studies very hard.


Practice 3
用所给词的适当形式填空: 1. There _____(be) a class meeting tomorrow. 2. She has _____(much) money than me. 3. Listen!Who _____(sing) in English? 4. They _____(leave) Shanghai in a year. 5. The mall is always _____(crowd) at the weekends. 6. I usually _____(watch)TV on Saturday, but next Saturday , I _____(see) a movie. 7. I ______(study) in high school ten years ago. 8. There will be____(little)pollution in 2013 than now. 9. The students ______(not do )their homework three days ago. 10.I want to go ______(skate) . What about you?


Practice 4
用所给词的适当形式填空: 1. I don’t know when Jack ____(come). But if he ____(come), I ______(tell) you. 2. Doing much housework will make mom get _____(boring). 3. I want to be a _______(science) when I grow up. 4. In the future, ____(human)will use robots as much as possible. 5. He is very young. It seems _____(possible)for him to work out the problem. 6. I want to work for ______(I )when I am 30 years old. 7. _______(hundred)of workers are working under the sun. 8. Lucy is one of ______(careful)students in our class. 9. They built lots of tall ______(build) last year.


Practice 5
用所给词的适当形式填空: 1.There _____(be)a party tomorrow. 2.My aunt _____(come)to see us. She’ll be here soon. 3.I had my lunch. I ____(have) it at home. 4.You can’t be late anymore. Sorry, I ____(not) 5.It _____(be) Thursday tomorrow. 6. I______(cook) for myself this Sunday. 7. _____there _____(be)great changes in 10 years? 8.He ______(leave)tomorrow. 9.He usually ____(go) swimming on weekends. 10.Maybe people will live _____(be) 100 years old. 11.Eating ______(little)meat is good for your health.

Practice 6
用所给词的适当形式填空: 1. I ____(go) to Beijing next month. 2. He ______(fly) to New York tomorrow. 3. I taught ______(I) English

when I was young. 4. Did you enjoy ______(live) there last year? 5. Every day we do the same thing. That’s kind of ____(bored). 6. Julia ____(fly)a kite with her sister every Sunday afternoon. 7. _____you ______(teach) us Japanese next term? 8. It often _______(rain) in South China (华南地区). 9. Now he ___(be) a student.Three years ago he ___(be)a pupil. Next term he _____(be) in high school.


Practice 7
用所给词的适当形式填空: 1. John ___(not like) wearing red sweaters. But look, he _____(wear) a red one now. 2. What _____your class ______(do) last week? 3. We ______(go) skating two days ago. 4. _____you _____(come) here next Monday? 5. Many _____(predict) didn’t come true at last. 6. Our class _____(win) the football game last week. 7. They ______(not leave) until the match is over. 8. ______(not be) late for school. 9. I will come here if I ______(have)time. 10.It’s _____(possible)for us to finish the work in such short time.


Practice 8
单项选择: 1._____an English party in our school this evening. A.There will be B There is going to have C There will have D There are going be 2.They____a test in a week. A had B have C will have D are have 3. If you don’t go to the party,_______ A he will,too B he won’t either C he does’t , too 4.I _____fifteen years old next week. A is B will am C is going to be D am going to be 5. Your parents ___angry if you don’t study hard. A are B will C will are D will be 6. I think there will be less free time, _____? A do I B don’t I C will there D won’t there


Practice 9
单项选择: 1.There _____great changes in our town in 5 years. A will have B will be C is D are 2. Where does he____? A live in B live C lives D live on 3.There is ____pollution in our town. A many B much C few D fewer 4. I have _____money than my sister. A little B few C fewer D less 5.What do you think ________at the meetings? A he say B will he say C he will say D does he say 6.We shouldn’t let the old people live ____because they’ll feel____. A alone alone B lonely alone C alone lonely


Practice 10
单项选择: 1._____a teacher, he thinks that his duty is to help the students. A By B As C About D Be 2.When ____Jane’s parents ______to Australia w?Next Sunday. A did fly B will fly C are fly 3.Which team ____the next football match? A wins B won C will win D win 4. Maybe my mother will come back _____a week. A in B after C before D for 5.I got there ten years ago. I fell____the small village. A love with B in love to C in love with D love in 6. Kids won’t go to school. They’ll study ___home ____computers.A in with B at on C at with

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