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九年级英语Unit7(SA3a-4)导学案(2) 主备:李永春 审核领导:____________ 时间:2013-11-13


1、表建议的句型:Why not/ Why don’t you +do?How about/ What about +doing? You’d better +do. should +do. be supposed to +do.

2、同步探究 p73,III(3,4,5);p74, III (1,4,5)


Step 1: Read 3a quickly and carefully, try to tell True (A) or False (B).

1、Paris is a lively city in Europe. ( )

2、There are many beaches and mountains in Paris. ( )

3、It is convenient to travel by underground train to most places in Paris.( )

4、Wine is quite an expensive thing in Paris. ( )

5、Before you go on vacation in Paris, you have to learn English well .( )

Step 2: Complete the passage with the given verbs in their proper forms.

Would you like _______ (visit) a European city for you next vacation? You can consider ________(go) to Paris. It ________ (be) one of the liveliest cities in Europe. There are many things ________ (do ) there. It has some fantastic sights, including the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral. If you need a taxi, you ______ (spend)a lot of money taking it in Paris. But it is convenient ________ (take) the underground train to most places. Most people in France ________ (learn) English already. But they don’t like to speak English. You had better take a translator with you if you don’t know French.


1、Kunming is a _______ (live) city in China,we don’t need to take a ________(translate) with us. It has lots of _________ (wonder) sights, _______ (include) Shilin and Shiboyuan. You will feel _______(relax) there.

2、Students are not supposed _________ wine or beer. (a. drink b. to drink c. drank d. drinking )

同步P80,II; p75 II

3、同步 P74, Iv


The North and South Poles have attracted many people for more than 100 years. Both of the two regions are 1______, fascinating and of course cold.

In the North Pole, winter is long and cold, and 2______ is short and cool. This is a place in which the sun never rises during at least one day in winter and never and never sets during at3 _______ one day in summer. Many animals live there, both on land and in the sea, such 4 _______ polar bears(北极熊) and foxes. There are many kinds of birds there. And many plants can be 5________ there, even 6_________ hundreds of plants that have flowers.

The South Pole is even colder. The warmest temperature there is zero. It is so cold 7_______there are only a 8_______ plants. But many animals live there.

Are you ready for the challenge? 9________ your warm clothes and snowshoes, let’s go and 10______ through the very different and exciting world at the Poles.

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