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江苏省姜堰市蒋垛中学九年级英语上册《9A Unit 1 Star signs》练习2

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《9A Unit 1 Star signs》练习2

缺词填空 Reading is an activity people enjoy a lot in their free time. Some like reading newspapers and o enjoy novels or comic books. My f books are those about the lives of great people. Reading them always gives me a lot of idea on how to make my o life better.

Great people are remembered not because they were handsome or beautiful, but because they did not give up w their lives were difficult. They tried to use e chance to change their lives and make the world better. One good example is Orville and Wibur Wright, the two brothers who i the airplane. The plane has m the world into a small village. Hard work, not good luck, is the r

Why the Wright Brothers could invent this convenient machine and become great people. Today we will remember them when we see planes in the sky.

Whenever I read s about great people, I always learn a lot from them and they e me to march one.

This is why I enjoy reading about great people’s lives.


( ) 3. Mr Black is _________ enough to explain everything ___________ us without getting angry.

A. patient ; to B. impatient; to

C. patient; for D. impatient; for

st( ) 4. The girl _______ January 1 is hard-working and patient.

A. born at B. born in C. was born on D. born on ( ) 5. He ate_________ this morning so he was ________ full.

A. too much; too much B. much too; much too

C. too much; much too D. much too; too much

( ) 6--- Bob, it seems to rain.

--- Jane, you needn’t worry about ________ an umbrella. Tom is coming to pick us up.

A. taking B. to take C. not taking D. not to take

( ) 7. It is necessary _____ the old lady to have a seat on the bus.

It’s helpful ____ you to make room for her.

A. for; for B. of; of C. for; of D. of; for

( ) 8. His parents always tells him ________ forgive others ______ their mistakes.

A. to; with B. not to; of C. to; for D. not; of

( ) 9. ---Here is an invitation for us, Mum. ---Really? ___________.

A. What does it say? B. What is said?


C. What does he say? D. What is written?

( ) 10. Has Lily had her computer ________?

A. repair B. repairing C. repaired D. to repair

( ) 11. I have problems ______ my physics and I’m afraid ______ a physics test.

A. with; taking B. for; to have

C. with; of having D. in; take

( ) 12. You are selfish at times. Here “at times” is ___________.

A. predicative B. attributive C. subject D. adverbial

( )13. It is clever ______ you ________out the problem.

A. for, to work B. of, working C.for, working D. of, to work

( )14 Is it important ________Amy ________the Reading Club?

A. for, to join B. for, to join in C.of, to join D. of, to join in

( )15. The boy is _________________himself. A. enough old to dress B. old enough to dress

C. enough old dressing D. old enough dressing

( )16 —-I’m ______ to eat a horse now!

---Really? But I don’t have________ for you. I’m so sorry!

A. hungry enough; food enough B. enough hungry; enough food

C. hungry enough; enough food D. enough hungry; food enough

( )17. Is _______possible to fly to the moon in a spaceship?

A.this B. that C. man D. it

( )18. It’s _________comfortable to read in a ________room. A. very, quite B. quite, quiet C. too, quiet D. so, quiet ( )19. The person with the star sign Taurus is said to be _______and doesn’t

like to change.

A. cleve B. stubbornC. selfish D. modest

( )22. Don’t make him _____all the time. Tell him _________a rest.

A. working, have B. make, to have

C. to work, to have D. works, have ( )23. The old men should be treated with __________. A. kindness B. kind C. kindly D. kinder

( )24. It’s nice ______ your mother _______ me.

A. for; help B. for ; helping C. of; to help D. of; helping

( )25. I’ll have _____ to eat_____ my lunch.

A. lots; at B. lot; for C. lot; at D. a lot; for

( )26. She always worries about_______ anything to play with.

A. not having B. not have C. having D. have

( )27. Sometimes teachers worry _______about their students.

A. too many B. much too C. too much D. many too

( )28. A _____ person treats everyone equally.


A. selfish B. patient C. curious D. fair

( )29. However, sometimes it is foolish _____ you _____ forgive others for their


A. for; to B. of; to not C. of; not to D. for; not to

( )30. Yesterday I dreamed about _________ with Tom.

A. to play chess B. playing chess

C. playing the chess D. to play the chess ( )31. Shakespeare created many famous characters. He is a _______writer.

A. imaginative B. creative C. energetic D. clever ( )32. We will hand in our homework as soon as it .

A. finishes B. finished C. will be finished D. is finished ( )33. Dad thought important for me to have an English dictionary.

A. it B. that is C.this D. it is ( )34 There are the new students in the room.

The room is very lively. A. 2 hundreds of B. 2 hundred of

C. 2 hundreds D. 2 hundred

( )35.— She didn’t come to school yesterday, did she?

— , though she was not feeling very well.

A. No , she didn’t B. Yes , she didn’t

C. No , she did D. Yes , she did


1. Tom is a _________(好奇的) student. He often asks some strange questions.

2. As we know, Chen Peisi has a good _________(感觉)of humour.

3. Timmy always believed himself, and he was a __________(自信的)boy.

4. I think you are wise and are often ____________(成功)

5. We should pay attention to ____________(细节).

6. The young man is so ______________(充满活力的).

7. She took an ______________ (积极的) part in the sports meeting. 8. Lily is a ________________ (刻苦的) student. 9. Is _____________(二月) the coldest season in a year in the north?

10. He is an _________ (外向的) person and has many friends.


1) It’s generous of Kitty ________________ (buy) gifts for all of us.

2) Yesterday we _______________ (divide) into four groups to discuss the problem in our class.

3) Mike is an _________ doctor. He always quarrels with his ________ (patient).

4) An _____________person has lots of ______________ . (energy)

5) Failure (失败) is the mother of _____________ . if you want to be _________, you must work hard, then you will ________ in everything. (success) 6) He is clever enough ________________ (solve) this problem.

7) The leader gave us a ________________ (confidence) smile.

8) This is a _______________ (create) work.


9). He thinks of himself first. He is too _________ (self)

10). It’s not difficult ___________ (walk) across th

e river.


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