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江苏省姜堰市蒋垛中学九年级英语上册《9A Unit 1 Star signs》练习3

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《9A Unit 1 Star signs》练习3


( )1.—Listen. Is that Miss Sun playing the piano in her room?

—No. It be her. She has gone to the library.

A. may not B. needn’t C. mustn’t D. can’t ( )2. It was performance that we kept excitedly.

A. so an exciting , clapping B. such an exciting , clap

C. so an exciting , clap D. such an exciting , clapping ( )3. I until my friend comes.

A. won’t wait B. will wait C. wait D. don’t wait

( )4. The patient didn’t feel last week , but she is now.

A. good , more healthy B. well , much healthier

C. good , much healthily D. well , more health

( ) 5. The house is very big, so we won’t worry about ___ enough room for parties.

A. not to have B. not having C. don’t have D. not have

( ) 6 Kitty is a Gemini. She is probably ________ and clever.

A. alive B. living C. lively

D. life

( ) 9 How many students were born ___ the star sign of Aquarius in your class?

A. with B. to C. under D. for ( ) 10. The poor little kid has problems ______ his ears so he can’t talk or hear anything.

A. in B. at C. on D. with

( ) 11. Which of the following can not be used as an object?

A. to be a powerful person B. walking along the street

C. themselves D. beautiful ( ) 12. The___girl fell___quickly after coming back from her friend’s party at midnight.

A. asleep, asleep B. asleep, sleepy

C. sleepy, asleep D.sleepy, sleepy ( ) 13.. --- Have you heard the light music?

--- Yes, it ____ beautiful.

A. listens B. hears C. feels D. sounds

( ) 14 He forgot ______ his homework. He _______ it at home.

A. taking; left B. to bring; left

C. bringing; forget D. to take; forgot

( ) 15. There are ________ books in the library that I can’t find the book Harry Potter which I think is __________ interesting. A. so many; too much B. too much; much too

( )16. Look at the sign! It “No smoking!”


A. write B. writes C. say D says

( )17 It’s polite you to say hello to your neighbours every day.

A. of B. to C. for D. at

( )18 You can the cake ten pieces.

A. divided, into B. be divided, into

C. divide, into D. be divide, into

( )20 Half of the class done most of the work. The left rather difficult.

A. have; is B. has; is C. have; are D. has ; are

( )21. When I came into the room, I found ______in bed.

A. him, lying B. he, lying C. he ,lies D him , was lying ( )22. She looks happy, but she isn’t a happy woman. A. attributive B. predicate C. predicative D. adverbial

( )23.. I don’t know when we will have sports meeting.

A.adverbial B. predicative C. object D. predicate

( )24.All the students are__________ to leave for home every Friday afternoon.

A.patient B.impatient C.hoped D.want

( )25The river is too wide for the swimmers .

A. to swim B. to swim in C. to swim across D. swimming

( )26. Teachers often ask us make any noise in class.

A. to try not to B. not try to not

C. not to try to D. try not to

( )27.I believe it is important for us to spend_______on our hobbies.

A.sometime B.sometimes C.some time D.some times ( )28___is strong enough to carry the box,but____is impossible for his younger

brother to do so.

A.It;it B.He;he C.It; he D.He;it

( )29.Amy wants to help all the poor children.Here’to help all the poor

children’in the sentence is______.

A.predicate B.adverbial C.direct object D.predicative

( )30 Could you tell me how much it ______ to fly to Beijing?

A. costs B. spends C. takes D. pays

( )31 He’s a person who always ________ details.

A. pay attention at B. pays attention for

C. pays attention to D. pay attention to


( )32 I can’t decide ______.

A. to buy which one B. which one to buy

C. to buy which D. which to buy one

( )33. It is selfish _____ Eddie ______ the whole birthday cake.

A. for; eat B. for; to eat C. of; to eat D. of; eating

( )34You aren’t weak. You are a strong man. The sentence elements of the underlined parts

are _______and _______.

A. predicative ; attributive B. adverbial ; predicative

C. attributive ; predicative D. predicative ; object

( )35.She has spent _____on her study, but the result of her study isn’t______.

A. enough time ; enough good

B. time enough ; good enough

C. time enough ; enough good

D. enough time ; good enough

( )36We must run, _____ we will miss the train.

A. so B. otherwise C. though D. but


1. The ________(lead) of the factory are pleased with their workers.

2. Can you hear her _________ (cry) in the room next to ours?

3. He has waited Lucy for an hour. He feels a little __________ (patient).

4. The story was funny enough _______ (make) all of us laugh.

5. Computers ________ (use) widely to send e-mails during the last few years..

6. You'd better give up ______ (solve) this problem. It’s too hard.

7. The student left school without _______ (tell) his teacher.

8. Billy is clever, but he never _______ (show) off. 9. There is no ________ (different) between these two pictures.

10. The wall is so dirty, I’ll have it ________(paint) this National Day. 1. When he got home, he saw his mother (clean) the room.

2. You should pay attention to (listen) to the teacher carefully in class. 3. It is silly of you (not forgive) others for their faults. 4.Most boy school students have their hair (cut) once a month. 5. Has your parents (forgive) you for your mistakes? 6. How many cars ( produce) in china last year ? 1. Sun Er’niang is a patient woman. She can wait without (feel) tired. 2. Kitty is confident and she believes her own (able). 3. It is (think) of you to bring me an umbrella.


4. Sandy is attractive and graceful in (appear).


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