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(The Passive Voice)

英语动词有两种语态,即主动语态(The Active Voice)与被动语态(The Passive Voice)。 主动语态表示主语是动作的执行者;被动语态表示 主语是动作的承受者。 主动语态 e.g. 1.They make trains in Zhuzhou .
Trains are made in Zhuzhou.
2.The farmers grow cotton every year. 被动语态 主动语态

Cotton is grown by the farmers every year. 被动语态

当我们不知道谁是动作的执行者,或者没有必要 指出谁是动作的执行者时,或者只需强调动作的 承受者时,要用被动语态。 被动语态:主语是动作的承受者 。

被动语态的构成:be + vt. p.p.
1. 主动语态的宾语改成被动语态的主语。 2. 主动语态的谓语动词改成被动语态的谓语动词。 3. 注意保持时态和人称的一致。

make /China Football is made in China.

use …for A camera is used for taking photos.

rob yesterday

A bank was robbed yesterday.

send last year A man-made satellite was sent last year.

plant The tree must be planted

can cover with The ground / hill can be covered with trees in a few years’ time.

send to right now

They will be sent to the hospital right now.

一般现在时: S(主语)+am/is /are +过去分词

1.They make shoes in that factory. 主语+及物动词+宾语 Shoes are made factory. (by them) in that

? They play football on Sunday.
Football is played by them on Sunday.

? Lucy does the homework in the evening.
The homework is done by Lucy in the evening.

? They often use computers in class.
Computers are often used by them in class.

? We make these machines in Beilun.
These machines are made in Beilun.

? People speak English as the first language in UK.
English is spoken as the first language in UK.


一般过去时:S+was/were +过去分词

2. They term.


ten computers last

Ten computers were bought (by them) last term.

? They built the tall building last year.
The tall building was built by them last year.

? He took good care of his little brother yesterday. ? We cleaned our classroom just now. ? They used this room for resting.
This room was used for resting by them.

His little brother was taken good care of by him yesterday.
Our classroom was cleaned by us just now.

? They planted many trees years ago.
Many trees were planted by them years ago.

一般将来时: S+ will+be+过去分词

3.They will finish the work in ten days.

The work will be finished (by them)
in ten days.

? We will have a sports meeting next week.
A sports meeting will be had by us next week.

? Children will take some photos in the schoolyard tomorrow. ? The headmaster will give a talk this afternoon.
Some photos will be taken by children in the schoolyard tomorrow. A talk will be given by the headmaster this afternoon.

? The farmers will grow different kinds of

vegetables next spring. ? Uncle Wang will mend the TV set tomorrow.
Different kinds of vegetables will be grown by the farmers next spring.

The TV set will be mended by Uncle Wang tomorrow.

4.A boy can take good care of Tina . Tina can be taken good care of by aboy. 情态动词: S+ can/may/must/should + be+过去分词

1.He can take care of the baby.
The baby can be taken care of by him.

2.Lucy may draw the pictures.
The picture may be drawn by Lucy.

3.You must turn off the lights.
The lights must be turned off by you.

4.They should learn English well. 5.Jim could do it yesterday.
English should be learned well by them. It could be done by Jim yesterday.



1.People use knives for cutting things.

are used Knives ______ ______ for cutting things.

2.I found the ticket on the floor. The ______ ______ ______ on the ____ ticket was found floor.

3. His doctor made him have only two meals a day. was made to have He ______ _______ _______ _______ only two meals a day. 4.Now people can use computers to help them. can be Now computers _______ ______ ______ to help them. used

5. Did you plant many trees at this time last year? Were ______ _______ _______ many trees planted _______

at this time last time?
6.Must we finish our work today?

Must be finished _______ our work______ _______ today?

7. The foreign friends gave us some wonderful stamps. We were given 1) _______ ______ _______ some wonderful stamps. 2) Some wonderful stamps _______ were ________ _______ _______. given to us

8.He can mend the bike in two days.

can be The bike ______ ______mended _______ in two days.

9.The students in this school study German. is studied German _______ ________ by the students in this school. 10.Do they often talk about this question? Is talked ______ this question often _______ by about _______them _______?


1.Lucy is watering the trees.

2.The boy was mending his bike.
3.We have finished our compositions.

Some workers are painting the rooms now.

The rooms are being painted by some workers now. 现在进行时: S+ am/is/are + being +过去分词

I was doing my homework at 8:00 last night. My homework was being done (by me) at 8:00 last night. 过去进行时:

S+ was/were+being+过去分词

We have made twenty more keys.

Twenty more keys have been made by us. 现在完成时:
S+ have/has + been+过去分词


一般现在时: 一般过去时: 情态动词:

S+am/is /are +done S+was/were +done S+ can/may/must/should + be+ done


S+ will+be+ done
S+ am/is/are + being + done


S+ have/has + been+ done
S+ was/were+being+ done

( D )1.The room must _____ every day. A. be keep cleaning B. be kept to clean C. kept clean D. be kept clean ( A )2.Miss Lin said something _____ into her bag. A. was put B. will put C. is put D. put (

D )3.When your work _____ , you _____ go swimming. A. was done, can’t B. is done, mustn’t C. was done, may D. is done, may ( B )4.The population of the world _____ now. A. are growing B. is growing C. is grown D. are grown

( D)5.Today, the forests have almost gone. People must ____ down too many trees. A. stop to cut B. stop from cutting C. be stopped to cut D. be stopped from cutting ( B )6.A strange man was seen _____ the shop with a heavy bag. A.come out of B.to come out of C.came out of D.to come out ( A)7.It was Tom’s birthday yesterday.He _____ many Presents. A. was given B. was given to C. was given by D. was given for ( A )8.This kind of book _____ well.They ____ already. A. sells, have been sold out B. are sold, are sold out C. sells, sells D. is sold, are sold out

Ⅱ. 中考实战题练兵
A) Fill in the blanks with the right forms of the verbs given: 1. Last month, in the first match of the 17th World Cup, France was ______________ beaten (beat) 0-1 by a new team—Senegal. (2002南京市) 2. How many fridges have been produced(produce) in China in the last two years? (2002徐州市) 3. No dictionary should be brought (bring) to the English exam, boys and girls! (2002连云港市) 4. That day each of us will be given (give) ten dollars after we finish the work. (2002连云港市) 5. They were warned (warn) not to touch the machine while they were visiting the workshop.(2001吉林)

B) Multiple Choice: ( D ) 1. I don’t know the school, but it’s to be quite a good one. (2002苏州市) A. told B. spoken C. talked D. said ( B ) 2. Please don’t stand up in class until you . (2002泰州市) A. were told to B. are told to C. were told D. are told ( D ) 3. Please tell me when on the wall. (2002无锡市) A. has this map hung B. was this map hung C. this map has hung D. this map was hung ( A ) 4. The doctor will operate on him at once as soon as he the hospital. (2002常州市) A. is sent to B. will be taken to C. leaves D. doesn’t return

( C ) 5. They won’t be back until the work . (2002南通市) A. do B. does C. is done D. will do ( B ) 6. The medicine cool, clean and dry. (2001天津市) A. must keep B. must be kept C. must be carried D. must be in ( D ) 7. You can’t leave now. There are still twenty more trees . (2002河北) A. to plant B. being planted C. plant D. to be planted ( B )8. –Where’s your car? --There’s something wrong with it and it in the garage now. (2001 四川) A. is repaired B. is being repaired C. has been repaired D. will be repaired

C) Put the following into English: 1. 近五年来在西昌已发射了几颗人造卫星。(2002南京市) Several man-made satellites have been sent up in Xichang in the past five years. 2. 请你告诉我这把锁是用什么制成的好吗?(2002无锡市) Would you please tell me what this lock is made of ? 3. 那个博物馆是八年前建造的。(2002苏州市) was built eight years ago That museum . 4. 必须采取措施阻止人们砍伐树木

。(2002泰州市) Something must be done to stop people from cutting trees down. 5. When he got there, he found all the food had been eaten up (都吃光了). (2002通化市)

Some English sayings:
1. A good beginning is half done.

2. Experience must be bought.

3. Lost time is never found again.

4. A man is known by his friends.

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