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江苏省姜堰市蒋垛中学九年级英语上册《9A Unit 1 Star signs》练习4

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《9A Unit 1 Star signs》练习4


1. ( )My brother bought a computer yesterday. He wants to learn to use it to help

himself get ______ than before.

A. much organized B. little organized C. more organized D. less organized

2. ( )Mr. Wu _____ this math problem ______ him many times, but he still doesn’t

understand it.

A. explains ; to B. have explained ; for

C. explained ; with D. has explained ; to

3. ( )Eddie is lazy enough _____ all day without _____.

A. to asleep; moving B. to sleep ; to move

C. to sleep ; moving D. sleeping ; to move

4. ( )It is necessary _______ you _____ English as often as you can.

A. for ;to read B. of ; to read C. to ; to reading D. of ; reading 词汇运用

1.If you want to be a scientist, you must be ________________(富于想象力的)

2.My cousin is a _____________(心灵手巧的) boy. He always pays attention to details.

th3.If you were born on 5 May, you are _____________(固执的) and do not like changes. 4.Mike is very _____________(谦虚的) even though he is the top student in our class. 5.Their school is 100 years old. The ___________(庆贺) is coming.

5. I don’t think he is ____________(适当的) to be our_________________(会长).

7.After compare David with Martin, I decided to ____________(推荐)David as our monitor.

8.I want to know more _______________(细节). Please tell me.

C. successfully ; successful D. successful ;successful

9 She is a ___________(live) child and popular with everyone.

10 I always worry about___________(be) late ,so I get up early every day.

11. It is kind of him__________(help) me with my English.

12. Jack is ____________(energy) enough to be the host of the charity show.

13. Don’t be ____________(patient) with her. She is only a child.

14.They are all ____________(success) in passing the exam.

15 The PLA is a __________ (power) army.

16 If some sportsmen use drugs(兴奋剂),it is _________(fair)to the others.

17. Would you mind ______________ (organize) the party for those exchange students?

18--- When will you celebrate the success of the match?

---- On the ______ (twenty) of this month.


19.After watching this programme, you will realize the _____ (important) of learning English.

20.Mike , tell them not to climb the rocks, or they may hurt _____ (they).

21.You will be _______ (welcome) if you speak loudly in the reading room.


We are in a world full of competition. Our parents compete (竞争) with others in their offices, our brothers and sisters compete with others in their colleges, and we compete with our classmates in school. Many of us give up in the face of competition and will never be successful. (1) can’t, others, why, we, do, better, than One important reason is that we have no self-confidence.

In fact, everyone is born equal. You can do what others do. Although your classmates may be better than you in some ways, you may be better than them in other subjects. So everyone has his or her own advantages. Don’t look at things from a single point of view. Try to discover your own advantages, and believe that you can do better than others in those ways.

Competition is not so terrible. Don’t be afraid of it. And don’t be afraid of those classmates who are better than you. (2) Remember that self-confidence is the first step to success. Believe in yourselves, and you will be successful one day.

1. Are we living in a world full of competition?

2. How can you improve your self-confidence according to the passage? _________________________________________________________________

3. 将(1)处划线部分单词连成一个完整的特殊疑问句。


4. 将(2)处划线处翻译成中文。 _________________________________________________________________

5. What’s the main idea of this passage? _________________________________________________________________


If you do not use your arms and legs for some time, they will become weak. When you start u_____ them again, they slowly become strong again. Everybody knows that. Yet many people do not seem to know that memory works in the s____ way.

When someone says that he has a good memory, he really means that he keeps his m_____ in practice by using it. When someone says that his memory is poor, he really means that he does not give it enough c_____ to become to strong.



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