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Unit 5 It must belong to Carla section B

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Unit 5 It must belong to Carla.

The 3th Period

Heita Junior School Mao Bangxiao

Ⅰ. Teaching Aims and Demands

1. Knowledge Objects

(1) Key Vocabulary

chase, creature

(2) Target Language

Why do you think the man is running?

He could be running for exercise.

No, he’s wearing a suit. He might be running to catch a bus. 2. Ability Objects

(1)Train students’ listening skill.

(2)Train students’ writing skill.

3. Moral Object

The UFO and alien are both unreal. As students, we must work hard to explore the universe in the future.

Ⅱ. Teaching Key Points

1. Listening practice

2. Writing practice

Ⅲ. Teaching Difficult Points

1. Write a sentence about each picture.

2. Write two or three sentences to finish the story.

3. Listen and complete the sentences.

Ⅳ. Teaching Methods

1. Listening method 2. Writing method3.Pairwork

Ⅴ. Teaching Aids

1. A tape recorder

2. A projector

Ⅵ. Teaching Procedures

Step Ⅰ Revision



1. Invite a student to read the thank you message Linda wrote to Anna to the class.

2Get some pairs to read the conversations in Activities 3b and 4.

3. Check answers to the exercises on pages 15~16 of the workbook. StepⅡ Part l

This activity provides writing practice using the target language.

Read the instructions to the class. Read the words in the box and have students repeat several times. Invite different students to explain the meaning of each word in their own words.

Get students to look at the three pictures carefully. Say, You are to use the words from the box to write a sentence about each picture. Point out where to write the sentences. Ask a student to say the sample answer to the class. Get students to complete the activity individually. As students work, walk around the classroom offering language support as needed.

Check the answers on the blackboard.


a. The UFO is landing.

b. The alien is chasing the man.

c. The man is running.

Step Ⅲ 2a

This activity gives students practice understanding and writing the target language in spoken conversation.

Read the instructions to the class. Point to the three pictures in Activity 1. Say, You will hear a conversation about these pictures. As you listen, write a number in the box in the left corner of each picture to show the order of the events.

Point out the sample answer in the box of the third picture. Say, You will hear the man is running first.

Play the recording the first time. Students only listen. Play the recording again. This time students listen and number the pictures.



Check the answers.


The pictures should be numbered in this order:



Man: Hey, look at the man running down the street. I wonder what’s happening.

Woman: He could be running for exercise.

Man: But he’s wearing a suit.

Woman: Well, he might be late for work.

Man: He looks kind of scared.

Woman: Oh, no! What’s that?

Man: Where?

Woman: There’s something in the sky.

Man: It could be a helicopter.

Woman: No, it can’t be a helicopter. It’s too big. It must be a UFO. Man: A UFO? What’s going on?

Woman: Look, now the UFO is landing…

Man: And there’s a strange creature getting out. It must be an alien. Woman: And the alien is chasing the man! I must be dreaming.

Man: Maybe we should call the police.(pause) Hey, wait a minute. What’s that?

Woman: Where?

Man: Over there.

Woman: It’s a woman with a camera.

Man: She could be from the TV news.

Woman: No, look at all those other people. They are actors. Oh! They must be making a movie.

Encourage students to write two or three sentences to finish the story. Answers will vary. Write a sample version on the blackboard. Ask students to use it as a model.



A sample version

Man: That’s right. It must be interesting.

Why not go and see how they are making a movie?

Woman: Good idea!

Step Ⅳ 2b

This activity gives students practice listening to and writing the target language.

Point to the chart with sentence starters

They see … The man says… and The woman says…Say, You are to listen to the same recording again. And complete each sentence.

Point out the sample answers. Say, They see a man running. The man says he could be running for exercise. The woman says he might be late for work. Explain the meaning of the word creature to the students.

Play the recording once or twice, using the Pause button as necessary. Show the answers on the screen by a projector so that students can check the spelling and other details of their answers.

Step Ⅴ 2c

This activity provides oral practice using the target language.

Point out the sample conversation in the box. Invite a pair of students to read it to the class.

SA: Why do you think the man is running?

SB: He could be running for exercise.

SA: No, he’s wearing a suit. He might be running to catch a bus. Write it on the blackboard.

Say, Now work with a partner. Start by reading the conversation in the box with your partner. Then role play conversations using information in Activity 2b.

Get students to work in pairs. As the pairs work together, walk around the classroom listening in on various pairs and offering help needed. Ask several pairs to say their conversations to the class.

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