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5【课件】Unit 5 Welcome to the unit(N)

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Unit 5


Welcome to the unit


action film

horror film

romantic film

science fiction film


war film

Types of films
cartoon action film horror film A. film telling beautiful love story

B. film about exciting or dangerous
events, usually with fights C. film about life in the western

USA, usually with cowboys romantic film
science fiction film western D. film based on imaginative story about the future

E. film using pictures or models instead of real people
F. film that makes people feel scared

Guess what the types of these films are.
《Finding Nemo》 《Saving Private Ryan》 《Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon》 《Gone with the Wind》 《Star Wars》

《The Ring》

A: What do you think about horror films?

B: I think they’re awful. They make me feel very scared.
They have a bad effect on people, especially children. A: What’s your favorite kind of films? B: I like comedy films because they are very funny. What about you? A: I love action films. There’re lots of interesting characters and a clever plot, and they are really exciting.

Who makes a film?





Who makes a film?


Good actors and actresses put their own feelings into their acting. They should listen to the director’s instructions.

Action! Good Take! Stand by! Take Two!

Being a director
Action Good take Stand by Take two No good Cut NG Start Well done Get ready Once more Bad Stop

Action! Good Take! Stand by! Take Two!

Stand by! Take Two!


Good Take!

Who makes a film?
actor/actress director producer cameraman make-up artist scriptwriter lighting manager 演员 导演 制片人 摄像 化妆师

编剧 灯光师

Would you like to be an actress? Yes. I’d love to. What about you? I don’t like acting very much.

I’d rather be a director.

What is it famous for?
Hollywood is famous for its
films and superstars.

Eddie and Hobo are talking about superstars too.
Who is the superstar, Eddie or Hobo? Eddie thinks he will be a tomorrow’s superstar.

Ask some questions
1.What does Eddie think he is?
He thinks he is a superstar.

2.Does Hobo think so?
No, he doesn’t. 3.What is Hobo’s advice ? He wants Eddie to stop daydreaming and he thinks Eddie should be more realistic.

4.Eddie says he is too good for TV. What does he mean? He thinks he should be in Hollywoodinstead of TV.

1. Learn the new words by heart after class. 2. Read the text fluently. 3. Prepare for the next period. 4.Search the Internet for your favourite films and actors/actresses.

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